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18th February 2011

so good to see you!
HI EVAN! I hope it's ok that I am in on your blogs. I love to hear your stories and live through your adventures, as I am too chicken to travel abroad myself (LOL). Take care of yourself and I look forward to your next blog. Sounds like you are having an excellent experience. Way to go! and by the way, I would LOVE guac night! One of my favs!
From Blog: Settling In
18th February 2011

Evan, glad to hear things are going so well...I think your adventure is both admirable and courageous... Its so cool to be around cultures..you are blessed by your own willingness to study abroad, I for one am impressed. Funny thing is i don't think you are and that makes it all even more amazing..I could hear your voice in your blog while I read it ..I dont know what that means except you are a very genuine person...Hope the girls warm up to ya ..I have a feeling they will..thanks for the inspiration ..do not feel obligated to respond..u rock peace Bob Eiden
From Blog: Settling In
16th February 2011

Wonderful report!
Evan,-- Another wonderful report of your experiences in Ghana. Thank you for all of the great information. I am so glad you are having another great interesting time in Africa. Kyle (my youngest son) and some of his friends came to Louisville last weekend. We had dinner with your Grandmother, your Mother, Dad, Aunt Lauran and Uncle John. It was great fun! Of course there was some conversation about your travels. My best to you always--Lots of thanks and love. Carol
From Blog: Settling In
8th February 2011

Hello, Sounds like an amazing place. I looked up pictures of the beach you mentioned, it looks beautiful. I'm so glad you're keeping a blog, it's great to be able to follow your trip. Anyhow, enjoy your time there and keep us posted! thanks, David George
1st February 2011

thinking of you!
Hi Evan! It's so fun to read your blog and think about you there. I'm really looking forward to hearing EVERYTHING in person sometime after you're home. In the mean time - soak up the moments, the learning, the relationships, and all the new sensory experiences. I love you and miss you! Aunt Laurinda
31st January 2011

I'm jealous...I can access your blog but not mine, what?? Anyway, glad you seem to have settled in well and I'm sure you're happy to be back in the Africas...if not, let's talk. I've been drinking mango nectar every other day or so...so we're actually in the same place. Love and hugs as always!
31st January 2011

I'm jealous...I can access your blog but not mine, what?? Anyway, glad you seem to have settled in well and I'm sure you're happy to be back in the Africas...if not, let's talk. I've been drinking mango nectar every other day or so...so we're actually in the same place. Love and hugs as always!
31st January 2011

Report number one!
Thank you, thank you Miss Evan, I am delighted to read your first report for this semester in Africa. As always it is very interesting and cleverly composed. I am going to copy your letter for your Aunt Jackie and my Mother. She enjoyed your letters last year--just like all of us. I know you will have an exciting and interesting Spring. I am already looking forward to your report when you return to Louisville. Love you, Carol
22nd January 2011

I'm looking forward to all your messages
Greetings Evan, Another great year of messages from you in Africa. Wonderful, wonderful! I enjoyed every letter you sent last year and this year will be as good or better. I know you will send many interesting reports of your experiences. Thank you and I send big hugs for your future mail. Lots of love for your wonderful semester. Cousin Carol
29th September 2010

Very interesting experience for a young American
Dear Evan, your blog is presented very interesting reading of your 7 week stay in uganda. I am touched by your narration (of course and your sense of humour). Your exposure to an african setting is a very valuable opportunity that has equipped you for a work assignment in a developing country. congratulations!
8th July 2010

Hey girl hey
So, it seems you're doing well, especially if you're having enough fun not to be on the computer always...rafting sounds awesome and I'll see you soonish!!
7th July 2010

thanks for the pics and play by play
Have a safe trip home!
5th July 2010

Sorry I am late with a message.
Colin and I returned from Ireland yesterday the 4th of July (my excuse for a late recognition). Thank you again for another interesting and well written report from your stay in Africa. I have enjoyed everything you have written.
15th June 2010

my gecko
Evan, you picture of the gecko is exactly like the one I swept out of our house last summer. He was really in a hurry running down my hallway. I helped him out with a broom. Am so glad to see he arrived at his destination safely. and could console you during your illness.
12th June 2010

World Cup
Sorry to hear about your food poisoning episode. Sounds like you attended a very interesting meeting. Who can say they have met a Nobel Prize winner? Go TEAM USA! Safe travels!
11th June 2010

Thanks, Evan, for the blog. It is beautifully written. We are glad you are better. And thanks for the explanation about Nollywood: that is new to me.
10th June 2010

Hugs to Kampala!
Evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! I'm glad you're feeling better...being queasy is no good even in your own home, let alone in a very hospitable but still not yours home across the globe. I think the gecko is beautiful, and I love your sentences...reminds me of Arabic. "My father is a translator for the UN." "I feel lonely because I have no friends." "My parents are always busy." Thanks for updating!
10th June 2010

You will need to check you suitcase well before coming home!
10th June 2010

Another report. Thank you.
Evan, the report is, as usual, interesting and delightful. I was sorry to hear about your illness. I am glad that you have regained your good health. I am giving my Mother copies of these reports. She loves them. She is keeping them for my brotherr and sister-in-law to read when they come to Louisville. Thank you for all the lovely writing. Cousin Carol, who loves your emails.
8th June 2010

Evan 's Trip
Evan, I have really enjoyed your detailed stories about Kampala and your new friends. Such a wonderful experience for you and we are anxious to hear all about it when you are home. It is comforting to know everything is going well for you. Love, Aunt Margaret
4th June 2010

WOW! What an experience!
Hi Evan, What a great experience for you and all of the people who meet you. Looking forward to future blogs. Enjoy and be safe!
3rd June 2010

Reply our your trip
Hey Evan, I am a friend of your moms and we are viewing your trip from afar. It looks wonderful and daring at the same time. Please keep us informed
3rd June 2010
The whole family

The Whole Family
What a happy looking family. Am so glad to know they are including you in their family activities.
2nd June 2010

Evan, you look beautiful in your wedding dress! (Not your wedding dress....but...you get it.) Thanks for updating!
1st June 2010
The whole family

Thanks, again.
It's Tuesday morning here and I have checked the computer berfore going to the gym. The report is wonderful. I'll send more this afternoon. Again, thank you for all the information. It is great to read of your adventures.

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