Evan Fowler

Evan Fowler

Evan Fowler

I'm in Ghana! I'm taking classes and living at the University of Ghana in Legon. I'll be here all semester!

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon February 15th 2011

I'm starting to settle in here, and in a warped sort of way it seems as if I've been living in Legon a very long time. I can get anywhere on campus with no problem, have pretty much figured out Accra's public transportation system, and have created a more balanced diet for myself after finding a conveniently located vegetable stand. I don't get heat rash every day anymore and I have an appetite in the middle of the day even when it is super hot. Human bodies are amazingly adaptable. Classes have started, but they haven't really gotten serious yet. My favorite by far is my African Dance class, which is so much fun. The TAs in that class know who I am even though I am one of like 60 white kids in the class. ... read more
Our Kitchen
The Beach
Reality TV!

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon January 26th 2011

As soon as I stepped off of the plane, my hair grew a halo of frizz. It was hot, humid, and dusty. I was tired, and had just been on a seven hour flight with about 3 hours of turbulence that brought me dangerously close to puking all over the place. But I didn't so it was all good. The airport was all decorated for Christmas, which was bizarre because it was so warm and smelled so much like Africa (cooking oil, dust, and other, less distinct odors) and so little like evergreens or cookies. We picked up all of our stuff from baggage claims, and then we met our program leaders, who helped us load into a van to set off towards our hotel. At this point I was past being tired and was simply ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 13th 2010

The last week of my trip was wonderful. They threw a goodbye lunch for me at work, and then the family I'm staying with also had a lunch for me on Sunday right before I left. I was, of course, sad to go, but knew that I would be happy to see everyone at home. I left for the airport with the entire family with me. They all came to see me off, and it was Jane and Michelle's first times to see the airport. Saying goodbye to everyone was hard, and I gave everyone hugs, which may not have been culturally appropriate, but seemed necessary to me. I then went through security, etc, and called my mom before I boarded the plane. Later, on the plane from the Netherlands to Detriot, I was sitting by ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 6th 2010

So. It has been quite a while since I've blogged and I apologize for that. But I am not too apologetic, because when I'm not blogging I am generally in the midst of enjoying Uganda. I'm not going to say that I never had internet while I was traveling around, but I didn't necessarily want to spend any time on a computer. So I didn't. But now, at the office, I have three reports to write, and so obviously this is the best time to update. Two weekends ago, Blythe, who is another intern at ACODE, and I went to Jinja (the second-biggest city in Uganda, situated right on the Nile) for a day of whitewater rafting and sightseeing. This was a change from my general approach to Uganda which had been less pursuit of tourist ... read more
It was Strenuous
The waterfall
Fort Portal Sunrise

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe June 22nd 2010

This week has been wonderful, but crazily busy. The World Cup, of course, is in full swing, and so that is exciting. Every time an African team plays you can hear the sound of the vuvuzelas from TVs and radios. Sometimes, people are spilling out of tiny shops that have tvs and I can't imagine that all of them can see well enough to tell what is going on. I went to see the first match, which was between South Africa and Mexico, at a bar. There was a funny Ethiopian who sat next to me, and as he got drunker and drunker he got more and more excited until he was jumping up and down by himself when South Africa shot wide. He realized after about 20 seconds of celebration that the goal hadn't counted ... read more
Muzungu! Take our picture!
Typical Kampala Street
Martin and Patrick

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala June 10th 2010

So, not too much to report on this week, mostly because from Sunday to Wednesday I was laid up with a stomach bug (food poisoning?) (can you call it Montezuma's revenge if you are in Africa?) It really wasn't that bad, but I lost a bunch of weight over a short time span (a more defined jawline is a positive development of this occurrence,) and am still working up to the same level of robust activity that I am used to. So during that time span, I became very well acquainted with Nollywood films. What are Nollywood films? They are terribly dramatic love stories that play out very much like American soaps, and involve a lot of crying--crying from happiness, sadness, anger, or any other strong emotion. Almost all of them revolve around similar plot lines ... read more
The rooster next-door
The view from our roof
The tiny outdoor kitchen

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala June 1st 2010

I'm sorry I haven't been diligent with my blogging--work is busy and, to be honest, I just don't think about it often. Thanks to my wonderful parents, I was reminded that it is something that I should actually keep up-to-date. I have been editing a lot of papers for work; some for a Parliamentary Symposium on Oil in Uganda, which I will get to attend in June, and some focusing on the best ways to distribute oil wealth. I now know (almost) everyone at work by name, and the majority of us eat lunch together every day. Speaking of eating... The food here is good, but monotonous. Basically every meal consists of starch and a meat (or beans for me.) Sometimes there are also greens--like kale, but slightly different. The starch could be matoke, which is ... read more
Michelle and Me
Muzungu in Jeans

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala May 24th 2010

So, I arrived in Entebbe at the airport on Friday night, and since my plane touched down, I have had a great time. Saturday and Sunday, I got to know my host family, which is wonderful, and I was shown around Kampala. I am living with Lillian and Stonia who are about 30 years old, and have a one-year-old daughter named Michelle. I work with Lillian at Advocates Colition for Development and Environment (ACODE) and so my travel to and from work is easy--I just ride with her. Michelle is getting used to having me around, and we are bonding over our awkward dancing skills and our ability to make funny faces at each other. I am also living with Jane, who takes care of Michelle, and is 17, and Martin, who is a relative of ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala May 10th 2010

This is the venue through which I hope to keep in contact with people in the US and Europe. If you subscribe to the blog, you should get an e-mail when I update it, or you can just check it every once in a while. If you do subscribe, make sure that the e-mails don't get trapped in your spam folder--when I tried it out, they got stuck in mine. I'll try to keep this updated at least twice a week, but I can't make any firm promises... ... read more

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