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8th June 2010

Make Money and Travel
I just thought of a way for you to work and travel in Europe. Get a contract to write a travel guide for young adults. Use your blog as a resume. I am serious!
26th April 2010

Stage One sounds wonderful.
Love to see you back blogging. Now add some photos. Miss you, but am so proud of your inititive on planning your trip. Love you so much, Mom
7th March 2010

Ireland Trip
Hi! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I've been incredibly busy, but I hope my help is not too late. When I went on this trip we traveled mostly by bus. There was a bus from Cork straight to Ennis, the town in Clare in which we stayed. I would definitely recommend Ennis. I've found that in the West of Ireland, it is much easier to take buses because so many of the towns are small and do not have train stations. There might be a train from Cork to somewhere like Shannon or Limerick, but if you want to see smaller towns like Ennis, you most likely will need a bus. Check out Bus Eireann ( for bus timetables. Hope this helps!
9th February 2010

Cliffs of Moher
Hi! I'm planning a trip to Ireland and was trying to search out trips between Cork and Clare, and I came across this blog entry. How did you travel from Cork to Clare? Bus? Train? I would appreciate any info you can share! Thanks! Becca
4th October 2009

You need to think about writing as part of your career. You are really good at bringing everything alive. Perhaps you and Sam should write a script about your adventures. Julia Roberts is starring in a movie written by a woman who did the very same thing, "Eat, Pray, Love". You should ready this book and go for it.
From Blog: Arrival at Uni
13th September 2009

Erin, It sounds so exciting! It's crazy hearing you describe London and being able to remember all the places you're seeing. The cruise sounds like a hoot. I hope you and your parents enjoy Edinburg and Dublin! Keep the blogs coming! Amanda
10th September 2009

You are Special
This was so beautiful! You have a huge heart

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