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Emma's Peruvian Primatey Blog

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Sidcup September 19th 2011

Good news, everyone! I have resurrected my travel blog so you will all be able to keep up to date with my latest shenanigans. I can't promise entries will be especially frequent but I can promise that if you enjoyed the Peru blog, you'll love this one. Hopefully I won't have to include so many entries relating to parasites and tropical diseases this time! As well as blogging, I will also be tweeting (@emmakwallace) and putting lots of photos onto facebook so that you all turn a suitable shade of green! Last time I really enjoyed reading your comments so please write lots. Even if I can't reply personally to each of you its lovely to know what is happening in real life. For those of you celebrating a birthday before 1st December you should get ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent April 27th 2010

Hello, Yet again I begin with appologising for not updating sooner. I hope you all haven't been sitting on the edge of your seat for this whole time! As you may have already heard, I was diagnosed with typhoid. This was not the news I wanted to hear. The doctor who told me didn't seem to think it was a big deal but that's probably because its so common in Peru. He gave me five more days worth of antibiotics and sent me away. The problems with typhoid is that it can sometimes lead to intestinal damage and even once the symptoms have disappeared the sufferer can still be a carrier who can pass on the disease to others. I really needed more medication than five days of antibiotics so it was decided, for mysake and ... read more

South America » Peru » Madre de Dios » Puerto Maldonado April 12th 2010

Hello everyone, I'm not going to even bothering apologising for being so useless at updating this blog; surely you've all noticed the pattern emerging by now! What I will do is try to write you a nice, long and meaty post to make up for it. Now, where to start...ah, yes. Puerto Maldonado. Last time I wrote I was sitting in a hostel room enjoying the fan and TV with three bot flies growing in my head and feeling somewhat ill. I am currently sitting in a hostel room enjoying the fan and TV with three small lumps on my head where the bot flies had been growing in my head and feeling rather ill. Don't you love how history repeats itself. More on that later. After a few days in PM, Mini and Gideon managed ... read more

South America » Peru March 16th 2010

Hello everyone, I am currently sitting on a comfy bed in a room at Peru Amazonica hostel in Puerto Maldonado, watching TV and enjoying the unlimited electricity and internet. I am also blowing my nose every few minutes, as I’ve developed a cold, and have my hair pinned up in an unusual manner so Karina can apply clear nail varnish to the three bot flies that have made their home in my scalp! Nail varnish suffocates the larva so they can then be squeezed out. I first noticed two small lumps on my head whilst on the Collectivo down to Puerto on Saturday. We have taken this short break from CICRA to collect the caller monkey Mini and Gideon found last time they were here. The time here has also given us all a chance to ... read more

South America » Peru February 26th 2010

Hello all, Sorry for my lack of an update but all I can say is that life got rather intense! Almost as soon as I got back from Puerto I started going out with the rest of the team following FC and scouting for new groups. These days typically start at 4am and end at 9pm with data entry. There is something incredibly satisfying about them, especially when you find a brand new group or follow an existing group in an area they haven't been seen in before. In the past few days our combined efforts have brought the total number of observed tamarins in the area up to 82. Now we just have to catch them all! As so much has happened since my last post I'll just write about a few interesting recent happenings. ... read more

South America » Peru February 17th 2010

On Saturday, for once in quite some time, I had to get up earlier than Karina. Walking down the stairs in the dark with only a few torches to light my way and carrying one of my suitcases was rather tricky. One of the torches I used was a 3 inch long, pink book light that looks a little like a wand, so I felt a little as if I was in a Harry Potter novel, walking down some magical staircase! I got down to the dock I sat on my suitcase whilst being attacked by mosquitoes but I had my two secret weapons with me; deet and permethrin! I don’t think there was a square inch of my body that wasn’t covered in one of the two substances. Only the bravest/stupidest mosquitoes tried to suck ... read more

South America » Peru February 12th 2010

Since I last wrote a blog very little has happened. I’ve been stuck at camp, again, trying to beat this retched kidney infection. I have managed to finish three more trashy romance novels! On the topic of romance…a few weeks ago the women of CICRA heard a rumour that at the beginning of February a group of young, Russian students would be coming to watch birds for a week. This set many a heart a flutter (not mine of course as I am very happy with the young man I’ve got already). Then, last Friday, the Russians arrived but to the horror of the female population they were old and rather overweight! I found it all hilarious, especially has they only seemed to wear camouflage and had HUGE camera lenses. After everyone’s initial disappointment, the Russians ... read more

South America » Peru February 8th 2010

I currently feel like the personification of the phrase 'It never rains but it pours'. I've developed a kidney infection!!! I've started taking antibiotics and Pascual, the chef, has made me a local remedey to help speed up the healing process. Will I ever be able to go into the Jungle without feeling ill?! As I've been at CICRA for one whole month I decided to make some lists. Here they are. Cool animals I have seen (I can‘t put up pictures as the internet is too slow but I suggest you have look at some of the species online as they really are quite cool): Saddleback tamarins (obviously) Emperor tamarins Titi monkeys Capuchins Squirrel monkeys - I call them my Guardian Monkeys as they always seem to turn up when I’m having a bad day ... read more

South America » Peru February 5th 2010

I am the sort of person who has to run up the stairs at home at night so the ‘monsters’ don’t get me. Now picture me wandering around in the Amazon, baiting traps, all alone. At the very time that the logical part of my brain would be incredibly useful, to stop my imagination running riot, it has decided to go on holiday. I can see it now; lying on a beach in the Caribbean, drinking a cocktail from a coconut shell. As you would now expect, my imagination has gone into overdrive so that every sound I hear (including those I’m making myself) are magically transformed into a jaguar stalking me or a herd of peccaries charging towards me. As a result of this I have spent the past few days in a state of ... read more

South America » Peru » Madre de Dios February 4th 2010

Howdy all. I’d like to start this blog with an update on the bamboo spike and my knee. Those of a sensitive nature, look away now! In my last post I mentioned that I managed to spear my knee on a bamboo spike. This was on Sunday 20th January. Yesterday (2nd February) I had a look down at the red spot on my knee caused by the incident and noticed some pus. I squeezed it a little so that the pus oozed out and I then spied a small black thing in the wound. I borrowed some tweezers and set about trying to pull whatever this foreign object was out from my body. After 20 minutes I gave up and asked Alison, one of the researchers, if she wouldn’t mind having a look for me. She ... read more

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