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11th November 2014
Presenting Ron Weasely....Isn’t he cute?!

Happy Birthday!
Best wishes for a birthday celebration with lots of Kyrg dancing, so you can show off your skills! Sounds as if your travel arrangements are akin to ours in Peru and Bolivia, except that here, some of those "taxis" rob and beat (or worse) their passengers--these regular occurrences scream from front pages of newspapers. And look at the fine example of knitting behind Ron Weasley--can't you buy sweaters in this same attractive style--why would you need a care package? Best wishes as you bundle up like a bear for winter and then sweat like a pig on the marshutkas. Cheers!
4th October 2014

The joys of Talas
I loved the video of the sheep walking along with your vehicle. Makes you want to have a lamb chop. Ha! What an experience you are having. keep the blogs coming.
From Blog: TALAS!!!!!!!!!
2nd October 2014
Kid with no pants, and boy was he happy about it!

I love photos that capture life moments like this. I thought I should make some crack about a lot of men not wanting to wear their pants but decided to pass on it. Ha ha Happy travels.
2nd October 2014

Rest Area???
OK, I have to ask this: Did you go into that rest station? What was it like in there?
From Blog: TALAS!!!!!!!!!
28th September 2014

The death sentence!
It's not only those in Kyrg that are certain a small breeze is sure to kill, it's everyone not from the US or norhtern Europe. I've roasted all over southern Europe, north Africa and Latin America for these same reasons--no windows open in the dorm for 10, nor on the mini-bus for 12 stuffed with 25. Good for you for insisting on that breathable slit of window air! Incidentally, I'd be sitting on concrete and forgoing the socks all the time--keep cool and a warn pesky men that I don't want to bear their ten children.
28th September 2014

Road trip
Hi Em, so nice to hear from you
17th September 2014
Relaxing in the aircon of an english pub? Really?

Good blog
Good blog...seems like a nice place to visit.
From Blog: Osh Osh Baby!!!!
15th September 2014

Good blog! Brought back fun memories!
Don't miss the valley of Suusamyr on your way from M41 to Chayek! beautiful place to hike, cycle, camp...
From Blog: Osh Osh Baby!!!!
14th September 2014
Ak Burra River

A slice of perfection
Well, I must say that I'm completely enamored with Osh--especially fountains that shoot water and the riveresque pools--much more upscale than the places I've been staying in drought-ridden Peru and Bolivia. Plus, you're taking off for some sightseeing. No offense, but this place sounds heavenly, so why do they need Peace Corps workers? I can show you some real hovels (and beautiful sites) down here. Please advise!
From Blog: Osh Osh Baby!!!!
13th September 2014
The bread, oh the bread

Ah, the joys of bread. Now we are talking.
From Blog: Osh Osh Baby!!!!
13th September 2014

Peace Corps
Not joining the Peace Corp when I was young is one of those regrets I will have to live with. Sounds like a fantastic place. I think I would love the food diversity. Laughed when I read you could out run the bus. We are beer snobs we were completely understand your feelings on the beer. We have a sign in our house that says life is too short to drink bad beer. Maybe when your time is up you can stop by Belgium or Germany for some decent beer. Please keep these blogs coming as we want to know every detail of Peace Corp life in Kyrgyzstan.
From Blog: Osh Osh Baby!!!!
11th August 2014

Emily, you are a truly amazing individual! What a cool life you live!!
29th July 2014

What a brilliant way to celebrate 100 blogs! Love the idea and loved your post :)
28th July 2014

The Big 100 Congratulations!
Love your writing style and enjoying your adventure. We are right there with you. So many places so little time!
28th July 2014

Honoured to be a constant part of your journey!
A bit like a book I've always wanted to read (yet cannot find!), you go out and do things like a heroin I can actually relate to. You take chances, go out into the world and let the journey be your adventure, let the mundane simplicity of everyday things be source of your comfort. Honduras was in 2009... yeah, that long ago! I'm honoured to be part of your 100th blog entry and still in your exciting life. :) I'll always be looking forward to a day when we meet again... and hopefully we wont need to massacre ants before we sleep! xoxo
28th July 2014

Well, would you look at that!
What a delightfully little nostalgia ditty! I had a dream about you the night before you posted this - must have been channeling you from afar. Keep on, keepin' on, my love!
28th July 2014

I thought you would enjoy this blast from the past, and look, a picture of you even got top spot! Lucky! Love youuuuuu
28th July 2014

Many P's
Plentiful...Places...People...Playing...Piscos...Peace Corps...Posted 100 times...Phantastic! Congratulations on a wonderful 10 years. Gotta say you sound as if there's a lot more you want to pack in...keep enjoying the ride.
28th July 2014

Thanks Dave, you’re right, I do have a few trips already brewing! And I hope for much more of all of those P’s!!! Cheers!
28th July 2014

Challenge accepted. Here I go...99 more. p.s. so far so good!
28th July 2014

With for an itty bitty bit
Emily… you and your blogs are a total treat to all who read. I was so lucky to spend a few hours with you eating waffles and touring the monuments of DC before your most current PC adventure. You are a soul sister, adventurer par none. I solute you … and praise every sentimental moment in the above written blog. You are my hero!!!!
28th July 2014

Congratulations on your 100th blog...
and you are humorous! And sentimental as well. You have had an amazing life of travel thus far. I look forward to congratulating you on your 200th blog, and will read everyone in between. I must say you are the first Canadian I ever heard of being in the U.S. Peace Corps.
28th July 2014

The Fake American
Hi Bob, thanks for your encouragement! And yes, the Canadian in the PC thing is odd. My mother was born and raised in the states and then moved to Canada to marry my Dad and then have dual citizenship’ed children!
27th July 2014

The Blue Bible
I'm glad it was accurate because that is not always what we find. Your next two years are bound to be an experience of a lifetime and we love each chapter. Great waterfall. We've always found that the scary looking taxi drivers drive better. Eagerly awaiting your next blog.

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