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21st November 2005

nanna crushin'
so, Harry Potter eh? I gotta say when Harry got in the bath I said "Hell-oooooo!" pretty loud and freaked out the kid sitting next to me. Has he been working out? And the Weasley twins, heck yes they've grown up, I get Fred and Em D gets George. With all these young man crushes maybe I should go try to pick up at the high schools... nah, I'll just stick with the 20 year olds and not go to jail. love ya, but all you're getting from me for your bday is well wishes! I really enjoyed that hint in your post tho, well done!
21st November 2005

True friendship
Em dawg... with the eyes of the tiger... You gotta know that you've found a true friend when you know the bitch is stealing behind your back just by looking at her. Happy early birthday, enjoy the big 21... I know it just made me feel old. Miss and love you like I would my right arm! (If it went to the other side of the world...)
17th November 2005

seeing pictures of you warms the bowels of my heart (isn't that a great line? it was in one of the films I watched in class this semester and I was looking for a place to use it) also butterflies scare me so being chased by them would probably make me pee my pants Lost is on tonight... eeeeee! also I just got my hair cut and dyed but unfortunately I can't show you cuz you're on some other planet known as fun right now while I am on a planet known as schoolwork PS Lindsay's mom's comments are by far the funniest things I've ever read, gotta love the overseas mom worry!
14th November 2005

Thank you for the pictures FINALLY!!!!! Looks like fun, as usual. JEALOUSSSSSSS
13th November 2005

You Look HOT
Hey Baby (That's Canadian for "you're my woman" in case you forgot.) Anyway, you look really beautiful in that picture of you and the butterfly. If you get the chance to upload more pictures then please give the world a full view of your new hair. As always I'm lovin' the stories and while I've always fancied (that's English slang for "wanted to" *isn't this spelling out of words that you know getting annoying?) traveling with you but these entries make me also want to hop on a cammel with Lindsay and see where it takes us. I LOVE YOU! Keep on having fun.
13th November 2005

did anyone see a Princess??
Oh Em, quite a "project" you have taken on! Was that you draggin my daughter across some gawd forsaken jungle to see a what???? I couldn't even get her to take the garbage out with pluggin her nose! Love the pictures!! Keep them comin! Love Lindsay's mom PS - you put on that freaken life jacket next time too!!!
13th November 2005

my Emily
you're my sun-shi-ee-ine on a cloudy day, what can make meeeeeeee feeeel this way? my girl, my girl, talkin' bout my-eye-eye gur-ur-url
11th November 2005

A Good way to Wake
What a morning treat! I could barely sleep last night awaiting this most recent log. I thought about getting up and just checking it but I thought to myself, "Self, wait because it'll make your day". And in fact it has. I will now have a very good day and even the dull buzz of the librariums (Morgan code for Libary, HEY!) will seem better because there are no rats. I still love you even when you have stench. I don't say that to just anyone.
11th November 2005

Best laugh I've had in months!
Emily...you're VA cousin here...and fellow world rambler (tho it's been 40 years (yikes!) since I started my hair-raising jaunts). Am reading your blogs with great joy and enjoyment. Laughing and laughing. You might think about comedy writing ... or perhaps auditioning for Survivor??? And as my Dad (your Great Uncle John) would say to you: "HAVE FUN!" I'd say you're having no problem in that department!
9th November 2005

Shave your head and I'll cry
Emily, I know not if you are checking your e-mail so please mention in the next entry whether you do or not. As for this blog well let me tell you I've been peeing myself just a touch and laughing loud enough that my neighbor probably hates me even more than this morning at 9AM when I was singing Britney Spears at the top of my lungs. Oh to be gay and living alone. I miss you.
9th November 2005

First of all...Aubrey...don't encourage her to do such things! Secondly..sounds like you're having a blast. Make sure you tell Lindsay that I'm disappointed in her for wetting the bed. I love reading your blog! I check it almost everyday (wow, I don't have a life!). Anyways, keep havin fun, and I'll be waiting here for more updates!
8th November 2005

Emily, I think you should shave your head. It would be very Natalie Portman of you. DO IT!
7th November 2005

Dirty Dancing:Malaysian Nights
starring Emily Kydd
7th November 2005

Dirty Dancing: Malaysian Nights
oh Emily and her subtle ways... here's a comment: BITE ME! buahahahahaha kydd-ing, loves ya
5th November 2005

I think I'm changing colour here, and I'm not leaning towards your kayak shoes, more like a shrub anyways, your amazing race sounds amazing your hair sounds hot
From Blog: Broken Clock
4th November 2005

I'm so jealous!
Wow, I can't wait to go travelling! It sounds like you're having a great time. This whole blog concept is pretty amazing...I'm enjoying it. Talk to you soon.
From Blog: Proust!!!!!
4th November 2005

are you surprised I've figured out this blog thingy? I am! Your trip sound amazing! Miss you tons, Langley's Langley.... I went to Melaka, so beautiful!!! Talk to you soon. As time passes hopefully something worth writing will happen in LangleY! I could write you letters like my grandparents wrote me... I did the laundry today, and spent hours raking leaves, and I plan to make a roast for dinner....
From Blog: Proust!!!!!
3rd November 2005

Can I just say Lindsay is brilliant in not holding the head of a snake? Emily on the other hand... Love you both!
From Blog: Proust!!!!!
1st November 2005

Pretty but not so graceful
Oh - Emily - do you know the project you have taken on. . . . ahhh (big sigh!!!). Smart, passionate, determined, somewhat opinionated and definately the poster child for grace and poise! That's my daugher. Lucky thing she has not broken something yet!! Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Guess I'm just like your parents - want to quit my job and travel too! Keep the blogs coming - they are great. Neat to read both perspectives on the same day. WE get a pretty good picture of your day that way. Be safe, see lots, meet and greet like true Canadians! Do us proud girl!! give my girl a big wet sloppy kiss and tell her that her momma loves her. (won't linds be ticked that I commented on your blog and not hers!) Lynda (mom to the Manko)
From Blog: Danke
31st October 2005

oh the excitement
it sounds like you're having a great time buddy! oh my good you're having a better time then me! well no i don't believe you can claim that you dressd up as a pirate and then made out with an ex.... no don't even try and top that. i'm supremely jealous of you as i sit here in rainy england writing essays. oh to shed the shackles of academia. love you lots and be safe!
From Blog: Proust!!!!!
29th October 2005

sounds fun!
Ok, so if my last comment is blank, I hit enter by accident. Sounds like you're having an awesome time! I like reading your messages so i can live vicariously through you instead of facing reality of a day-to-day bank job, hahaha! Keep up your good times!
From Blog: Danke
29th October 2005

what's up
hey emily what's up? i'm glad your having fun! well next time i'll write more ok have fun! don't do what i wont do! jist kidding have fun see you later bye
27th October 2005

Lucky and not so lucky
The upgrade was definitely fortuitous and it appears that you appreciated it muchly. The next segment where Lindz puked through the tube...well that didn't sound as fortuitous; but I am sure that you are back in the saddle and heading for good times. Thanks for the updates and keep spreading your charm and Canadian good will to all you meet.

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