Emilia Laetitia Gerritsen

Emilia Laetitia

Emilia Laetitia Gerritsen

This winter semester I am going on an exchange to Waterloo, Ontario. Once that is done I will do a roadtrip through Canada.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 26th 2011

The last week, again, was kind of crazy. I arrived in Kelowna at night after 8 hours of Greyhound. The Samesun was bright yellow and welcoming as always. Only one thing was missing.. the people! I figured they were probably out and about as always so I installed myself first. Dorm room 208 this time. Definitely the tinniest room I've ever slept in. It was maybe about 2 by 6 meters and there were three bunk beds and lockers in there. If you imagine luggage of six people on top of that, you can imagine how little walking space the room had. In the end, it doesn't really matter. You never spend any time in your room, downstairs is so much place to relax. Plus, sometimes your roommates are sleeping and you can't turn the lights ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park July 20th 2011

It is Wednesday the 20th and tomorrow I have my follow up with the hand surgeon in Kelowna. That’s why I am sitting in the greyhound since 2:35pm with more than four hours to go. The trip is about 8 hours in total, with stops at pretty much every town along the way. I’ve charged my laptop and phone so I have enough to keep myself busy with for that time. I must say I am really getting used to the long travel distances. Before I came here any trip longer than two hours already felt long. Now anything between two and eight hours is quite standard. Here at least you have the fortune you can stare at the beautiful scenery the whole way. I’ll try to give you a slight description of how inmensely scenic ... read more
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North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff July 11th 2011

Oh yeah.. I have made it into the Rockies!! What a trip it has been. I had found a rideshare from Burnaby to Kelowna for 15 bucks. It took about 4 hrs and I was driving! Loved it. I stayed at the Samesun hostel for almost three weeks. The first week flew by because the hostel was filled with awesome people and the weather was finally sunny and hot. The second week I bought a longboard (long skateboard) and broke my thumb at two places. A few days afterwards I got to go to surgery, this was on Monday the 27th of June. The third week started off like a blur because of the painkillers. The night after my surgery the icing started to fade out slowly and I was in for a treat. I thought, ... read more
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There is so much to do around here that I don’t have the time to sit behind my computer and write for an hour. I was expecting a lot of free time during my travels but the opposite has been true. So far there have always been people around or I have been doing something outdoors. Once I did finish my entry, the internet in the hostel was so bad that I couldn't even upload pictures. Now that I'm away from the hostel, I have more time to write and functioning internet. I am visiting my friend Alex and we're both messing around on the computer, like a typical Sunday afternoon. I am currently not in Vancouver anymore. I took a ferry to Vancouver Island and arrived at the capital of British Columbia called Victoria. Last ... read more

I am currently enjoying the wonderful sun on the balcony in Vancouver. Somehow I have ended up in an amazing house with some of the nicest people I’ve met. The last few weeks flew by and I really have to start writing about it. Otherwise I’ll have a book left to write at the end (There is a small time delay in my entry cause this was already two weeks ago, there is another one coming after this one). I will tell you more about my time in Seattle. You know that I had ‘planned’ to stay there for a weekend. Well, I left Seattle on Sunday night so that means that I have been there for about two and a half weeks. Which is absurd, it went by so quickly! Really strange if I think ... read more
Campsite in the rainforest

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » U-District April 25th 2011

I think it is time to inform you all of my adventures so far. Last week was I had my final exam on Tuesday, which went alright but not great. It were all essay questions and you had to provide thorough prove of your understanding of all the course material. After all my time spent on school my motivation to study hard for this exam was basically non-existent but I was able to write six pages so I am pretty sure I passed the course. The final exams also only account for about 25 to 40 percent of your grade so I'm not worried. Most of my roommates left on Sunday evening so it was pretty quiet in unit 10. After my exam I started packing and realized how much stuff I still had to carry ... read more
Crazy advertisement sign
The neighbours' house
View from the balcony

North America » Canada » Ontario » Waterloo April 5th 2011

Wow, it was such an amazing day today (Saturday)! We went to the biggest maple syrup festival in the world, in the small town of Elmira. First we were brought to Elmira with the usual yellow school bus. They use those busses for a lot of trips and this was already the third time I went on one. There isn’t a lot of room for your legs but that would be expected from a little children’s bus. When we arrived at Elmira we had to walk down a street to get to the main festival street. In that street were a yard sale and a horse and carriage coming down the street. The houses all had a front porch and big trees in front of them. Oh and of course most of them had the Canadian ... read more
Me and Metz
Yard sale
Old school

North America » Canada » Ontario » Waterloo March 31st 2011

As the end of the semester is getting near, we all started looking back at our time at the University of Waterloo. All the work we did, thing we learned, the people we’ve met, the parties we had, the trips, the fun, and how fast it all seemed to go! I still feel that I just arrived here but in the meantime almost three months have gone by. Looking back to all of this I really feel blessed that I was able to come here. I have noticed so many cultural differences between Europe and North America, it really is amazing. The biggest difference is how open people are around here. I think the simple fact that they have so much more space around here makes them less frustrated when they meet people. It is also ... read more
building a nest in the library window
back for more leaves
Campus in spring

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 20th 2011

I am currently sitting in the car heading to Montreal together with four crazy British lads. Google maps told me we are going to drive 644 km and it will take about 7h20. We rented the car this morning, a Dodge Viper which soaks up fuel like a leaking sponge. But hey, we are finally roadtripping and I am stoked! The plan is to go to Montreal today (Saturday the 19th) and stay until Monday. Then we go on to Mont-Tremblant to do some snowboarding for three days. As the lift pass is ridiculously pricy I am glad we are spending some time in Montreal as well. Will still be an expensive trip, but definitely not as expensive as it would have been if I had gone through with my original plan. I wanted to go ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Clifton January 20th 2011

(passing by freeway exit: Netherby road, Stevensville) At last, I have found the time to write some more about my Canadian adventures. The excitement I had felt last week from going to New York was quickly shattered when my bus got cancelled. I had spent a couple of hours to get to Toronto with the Greyhound bus. Once I got there I still had two hours to walk around and get some food before I had to go on the Megabus to NY. I entered the first Starbucks I could find because I know that they always have free Wifi (wireless internet). There I ordered a nice hot choco, had a little chat with the people that work there, who were really friendly, and plugged my laptop in the life-support. (Duty free way to Buffalo U.S.A.) ... read more

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