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MISSING August 14th 2007

Our trip to Spain did not start out too well as ryan air delayed our flight by about 2 hours and we didn't get to our hostel until 2am and on top of that the next morning was overcast.We were staying in this nice youth hostel with a good vibe and which was at the top of the famous La Rambla. We went out on a guided tour around Barcelona's gothic city which lasted about 5 mins then it got canceled because of the rain, arr well !!No clouds or rain were going to stop us however Chris and I ventured out into the city of amazing architecture and parks, long sandy beaches, warm days and friendly people under our 5 euro Barcelona umbrella ella ella.... So we walked all the way down this crazy street ... read more
Mercant de la Boqueria
Barcelona City Beach
Bridges and walk ways built with earth and rocks

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 10th 2007

We just got back from Norway and had an amazing time with Emily's old uni volleyball partner (Karoline), her boyfriend (Erik) and their baby (Cecelia). We did lots of hiking and sight seeing. Erik is a ski instructor for the Norwegian junior squad so he told us lots about skiing and took us to this huge ski jump (no snow on it at the moment though) and to a ski museum. He is also a qualified sky diver and scuba diver! On the weekend they took us up to Karoline's aunty's cabin in the mountains. It is sooooooooooo beautiful up there. It is picture perfect with the mountains mirrored on the lakes and fjords. There is still some snow on top of the mountains and glaciers and we played in the snow, building weird snow men, ... read more
Ski museum
Ikea Bike Fun
Angry boy

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London April 1st 2007

Left Bangkok at midnight on Wednesday and got to Frankfurt, Germany at 7am local time after 12-13 hours of flying. Then changed planes and flew to London. My old roommate, Dave met us at the airport and helped us navigate the tube back to his room in Perivale. We set down our bags and headed off to Tesco for a sandwich. Man it is soooooooo cold here, so cold it hurts!! After that we jumped on the tube and headed into central London. We saw: Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, Westiminstery Abbey, the London Eye, chased squirrels in the park and took crazy photos including one with a bobby outside the palace!! It is so surreal walking out of the tube and down Oxford street, where we could could see, double decker buses, red phone boxes, ... read more
Royal Guard
Big Ben

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand March 20th 2007

AO NANG: It has been a while since we were there now so this will be quick. This was Chris's favourite place. Stayed at the Baylay Guest House which was pretty nice and had great staff. Ao Nang is like the beach part of Krabi. It is the gateway to the Phi Phi Islands and heaps of others. The first day we spend exploring the shops and bars. On the second day we did a 4 island tour where we stopped at 4 islands and went snorkeling, sea kayaking, swimming, sunbaking. It was an awesome day and became brown little monkeys! The next day we went to Phi Phi island. I wanted to go to Phi Phi Ley, which is where they filmed the beach movie so we got this boat over. It went to Phi ... read more
Island fun

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai March 16th 2007

We got the air conditioned overnight train to Chaing Mai. Chris made friends with the locals and got pissed on about 5L of heinken! Clickety Clack Lak Lak was our waitress and MaiFriend was the carraige supervisor. We had to fight this herd of thai ladies who were part of a group of about 10 and only bought 6 tickets and wanted us to share our seat and give one to them! Crazy ladies. At Chaing Mai we stayed at the Family Tribal Trek guest house. We had our own bathroom and a fan...good times. Your own bathroom in Thailand is a good time....a REAL good time :) We spent most of our time walking around and getting lost. It was really hot and smokey up there. There had been heaps of fires and alot of ... read more
Pleased to meet you
Elephant riding
Bamboo Rafting

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 14th 2007

Well after a few tearful goodbyes we have finally started our journey to conquer the world. First stop: Bangkok, the city of tuk tuk and ping pong shows!! (You want sex? Sex dvd? hahaha) Landed at about 9.30 local time (12.30 aus time) bartered a taxi to take us to our accomodation. A cute little bed and breakfast called Tuptim. And that is exactly what we got: 1 bed and 1 breakfast! But it had air good. After settling into our room we chained our bags to the bed and went for a beer and contemplated whether we had made the right decision. The answer was yes. Next day we had planned to walk around the local area...we got 10 meters then was bailed up by a tuk tuk poacher. Who quickly wisked us away ... read more

Oceania » Australia March 13th 2007

Home Sweet Home We packed our things together and sold everything we owned...and left for the journey of a life time! ...all together now...ahhhhhhhhhh! Here are just a few snaps shots of our life in Oz - Live it - Love it!... read more
Party on Billfish
Chris on his moto
Bungy Jumping

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki March 8th 2002

Land of the rising sun My mother and her side of the family is from Nagasaki. She has taken me there a number times since I was born. Japan is an amazing country. So different, crazy, peaceful, beautiful and tragic all rolled into one. I love it!... read more

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