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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence October 16th 2008

We've decided that Florence is the most beautiful city we have seen so far. The cobble stone streets, side walk cafes, markets, amazing architure, river, bridges and gardens all combine to make this city, one of a kind. We checked into our hostel, which after a mission to find, was really nice. Our hostel manager lady Christina was really helpful. We first went out on our own, itching to explore the markets down the road. Chris got a belt with a big Independed logo belt buckel. Emily got some lamb skin gloves for winter. Florence is quite small and were were at the Duomo, with the famous red dome in no time. This building is HUGE, and so beautiful. We were going to go up it but we were in shorts, and they weren't allowed. So ... read more
Original Bridge

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome October 14th 2008

After only a few hours sleep and some frantic packing we made it to stansted airport where we flew good old ryanair to Rome (Ciampino). Our hostel was just around the corner from the main train station 'Termini'. Great location...shit hostel!! Eventhough I had emailed a week before telling them we wanted to cancel the last night there, when we got there they said they didn't receive it and made us pay for the night we were not going to be there! 'We get hundreds of emails, I can't read them all', he said...of course you do you're a hostel! I think it is the only place in the world that won't let you change your booking he was going to charge us more for 2 nights then if we just kept our original 3 ... read more
Trevi fountain
Trevi Fountain
Vatican City

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos June 26th 2008

Mynokos was a great place to end our holiday. Although our first impression was not so good. The cabins we stayed at at Paradise beach was not really a cabin but a permanent tent- consisting of 4 walls, 1 window, 1 door and 2 little beds. Compared to a beach hut it was awful but compared to camping in a tent it was great! It was quite hot and stuff inside but everyone spent all their time outside. The beach is really nice, there are bars with DJs playing fucky tunes, cocktails, water sports etc. It was the beginning of the season so it wasn't that hot and it wasn't crowded. You had to hire beach umbrellas or sun beds for like 5eur/hour so we went to the shop up the road and bought these 2 ... read more
Blue and White everywhere
Paradise Beach

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 23rd 2008

"It has been said that the sunsets in Santorini are the best in the world. From the Caldera breathtaking views of the volcano & neighbouring islands. From the east, miles of dark sandy or pebbled beaches. Everywhere one sees small domed churches and remnants of days gone by." Santorini is all it is cranked up to be. Beautiful beaches, majestic cliffs, intriguing ruins. After 8 hours on the Blue Star Naxos ferry (£93.6) we arrived at the port at the bottom of the caldera. We grabbed our bags and headed to a travel agent to find some accommodation, after deciding that was too hard we walked back out and straight into the Hostel Anna van. The guy jumped out and convinced us to come with him and look at his rooms. So we got in the ... read more
Typical greek building
The Red Beach
Ancient City

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 22nd 2008

We landed in Anthens coming from Cairo on 21 may 2008 and it's Chris's birthday! Aegean Air - Cairo to Athens Flight A3931, £198.73, 14:55 - 16:55 Accommodation at Zorbas, 2 nights, £50 We spent a day walking around the Acropolis looking at the Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus (amphitheater), Odeon of Herodes Atticus etc. Up on top of the hill overlooking the city of Athens is the Parthenon, which is amazing even though it was under construction. One of my favourite parts was the Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus where these beautifully carved women are holding the building up with their heads. Next to the Parthenon is the Sanctuary of Pandion which has similar columns but is smaller. The columns are so awesome and have slightly shifted in time, so that you can see that they were ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo May 20th 2008

Pyramids, Papyrus and People We got an overnight bus from Dahab to Cairo, leaving at 11pm and arriving in the dusty, horn honking city of Cairo at about 7am. We got a cab to Lialy Hostel where we had previously booked accommodation. As soon as we got out, a respectable looking man with good English started to chat to us. He said he was a mature student and would like to show us around Cairo seeing things as a local would. We went upstairs to drop off our bags then headed out, blind faith, with this man! He took us across the street (an amazing feat...crossing the roads is the same as a game of Frogger, but with your eyes closed!) and took us on the public bus towards the pyramids. We stopped in at a ... read more
Camel fun
Pyramids of Giza
Crusing the Nile

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab May 18th 2008

Open Water Dive Course, Dahab EasyJet - London Gatwick to Sharm El Sheikh. 13:55 - 21:10. £209.46 Accommodation 7 nights and dive course - Penguin Divers - £389.54 Arrived in Sharm el Sheik on Tuesday 13th 9.15pm, after waiting for quite a while for our luggage to turn up we found our driver with a cute little 'Emily' sign and headed off to Dahab. Another English guy, Dom was also staying at Penguin Divers and came in the taxi with us. The landscape is amazing, so dry and barren with huge sandy mountains on all sides. Then you get to Dahab and it is this amazing little town all built around the water front with mountains of big pillows, rugs and palm trees swaying in the wind. Everyone is relaxed and super friendly, sitting around reading, ... read more
Blub blub blub

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton March 25th 2008

We had a really nice Easter full of fatty food, sleep, snow and snuggles! Thursday night was spent on the couch with our flatties eating pizza. Then on Friday we spent the day walking around Borough Markets and had lamb souvlaki for lunch. Then came home and made a fresh loaf of bread then dinner and spent some more time on the couch, keeping an eye out for the promised snow. Woke up early Saturday morning to HAIL!!! Not quite what we wanted but still fun! Chris even filmed getting pelted in the head by the little balls! Then we went to the movies at the O2 and saw the Bank Job! A great film if any of you are thinking of going, and while you're watching it remember that we're been to most of the ... read more
St Paul's
Giant Burgers

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City January 3rd 2008

THE SILLY SEASON ! You know how when you do your Christmas shopping and there is just people everywhere trying to get the latest Jamie Oliver Cook Book, Victoria Beckham perfume and pick up some mistletoe for the archway in the hall. Well what an experience doing this in London were there is a population of 7 1/2 Million people and 2/3 on public transport. If you want to feel like a tin sardine this is the time of the year to do it, people with more shopping then what they now what to do with, all trying to fit into a train! This time of year is crazy but so much fun. Oxford street is just a sea of people when they block off the street so people can do there gift shopping without ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Belfast November 12th 2007

Atter getting the bus form the airport into the city we checked into our hostel room. We'd booked a twin room because it was cheaper and normally you can just push the beds together, but these ones were super skinny and bolted to the floor! So we made a little cubby house under them. We went for a walk past the Queens University and through the Botanic gardens then did some shopping for supplies for our road trip. We looked for the famous political graffiti and banner around the place but only found one. It just so happened that our trip to Norther Ireland coincided with the Belfast World Rally special stage. So our first night in Belfast was spend watching cars racing around the castle. Very exciting stuff! And VERY cold. The next morning we ... read more
Belfast city
World Rally Special Stage

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