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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok May 21st 2015

Jetstar started a direct route from Cairns to Denpasar and we jumped straight on the launching sale price, of less than $500 for both of us return!! We left Cairns on Chris's birthday Thursday 21st of May at 11.30am and landed in Denpasar at 1.30am local time. I has prebooked us accommodation at the Royal Eighteen because it has a spa and a roof-top infinity pool! Walking out of the airport, you feel the warm, damp air on your face and you smell that smell that lets you know you're in Asia and makes you smile. Getting out of the airport is always fun. There is a counter that has taxi guys lounging all over it. They were trying to charge people $35 dollars (their dollars is always in US dollars) to get into town, which ... read more
Black Penny
Black Penny plunge pool
Food market

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune April 26th 2015

This trip to India, was not like any other trip I have ever done for two reasons. One, I was not with Chris, and two, it was for work. To get to Pune, I flew Cairns to Brisbane, Brisbane to Singapore, Singapore to Mumbai, then a 3 hour drive from Mumbai to Pune. Most of the flights was with Singapore Airlines which was pretty comfy and I love airplane food! I love the little compartments and little drink cups. I also really like Singapore Airport. It's the prettiest and most fun airport I've been in, but this time my stop over was only 1 hr. I think from door to door my trip was about 25 hours ... needless to say ... it was a long trip. Pune is 560m above sea level so it's not ... read more
View from hotel
Shandi Wada
Interesting construction techniques

Asia » Japan » Tokyo February 24th 2015

Tokyo The plane Vanilla Air left a little late again, then they land out on the tarmac so you have to get a bus over to the terminal. My bag took ages to come out and all this snow balled into us being quite late for our dinner reservation. We remember to get cash out at the airport as we had spent everything already at Niseko. We got the Skyliner to Nippori station, then the Yamanote line over to Shibuya where our Air BnB apartment is. We got here nearly an hour after I had predicted, but it seemed ok as the guy was still changing the towels and stuff. The room is pretty decent, it has a little kitchen, a separate bathroom, a double bed in a large room and a balcony. It is just ... read more
Gonpachi restaurant
Shibuya crossing
Crazy cityscape

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Niseko February 18th 2015

Hokkaido - Sapporo and Niseko We flew from Cairns into Tokyo on the Jetstar Dreamliner which was pretty comfortable as we had a spare seat between us. Landing in Narita we got on the Skyliner which costs about $25 each and goes into Nippon then Ueno station. Our ryokan was only a 10 minute walk from the Ueno station, but it was a very cold walk, as Tokyo had a cold snap that day and was at about 3 degrees. Luckily we had come prepared and had extra jackets, beanie and scarves in our carry on. My sister, Celia, met us at the ryokan that was a nice big Japanese room with our own bathroom. The stairs were so steep it feels like you're going to fall backwards with your luggage. It was in a really ... read more
Kareoke king
Plum blossoms

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas October 25th 2012

Flying back into the states was pretty horrible. We lined up at immigration for over 2 & a half hours. They were so unorganised and under staff (there were about 60 desks but only 3 people working), that our queue would hardly move, because the later it got, the more people had to be moved to the front to get their connecting flights and there were so many people with wheelchairs that also kept going to the front. After eventually getting through, we took the shuttle to the car hire centre and decided to hire from Avis again. We drove to Dallas, without much of a plan, except to get a drink and eat because we had left our hotel at 3am in the morning and didn't get through the airport until nearly lunch time. We ... read more
Dallas overpasses
Fort worth

North America » Mexico » Yucatán October 16th 2012

Pureto Morelos We left the hotel at 7am and our flight was at 10.10am to Dallas/Fort Worth. The flight was pretty uneventful. The seats on American Airlines are pretty uncomfortable and it's funny because all the air hostess are quite old, ours are all pretty young.We didn't have long until our connecting flight to Cancun so we scoffed down some McDonalds and reboarded. Turns out the plane was delayed 50 minutes because this couple that checked in didn't board, so we had to wait for them to find their bags and take them off, then they turned up and we had to wait for them to find their bags again and load them! Getting from the Cancun airport to Puerto Morelos was pretty simple. We walked pasted all the touts and taxi people to the ADO ... read more
Baby turtles
Playa del Carmen

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles October 13th 2012

Venice Beach and Santa Monica After a bit of a sleep in and breakfast we caught the bus to Venice Beach. The bus system here is pretty horrible, but cheap. We finally got there and walk up and down the water front. It was a nice sunny day, the beach is really wide and people play volleyball, there is a skate park, mini tennis and the famous Muscle Gym where huge guys work out in front of everyone. There a so many buskers and people making and selling all sorts of things along the pathway. There was one guy walking up and down the beach with a big tolley PA system selling his own 'reggae for children CDs with incy wincy spider and stuff'. We bought a CD as a present and had a chat with ... read more
Beverly Hills
Santa Monica - End of Route 66

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 9th 2012

San Francisco I didn't sleep that well and was up at 6.30 to have a nice hot shower and wash my hair. We helped Jane cook scrambled eggs with spinach and goats cheese for breakfast..yum! First we checked out these 6 Victorian houses. San Fran was developed during the gold rush then they had an earthquake and all the gas pipes burst and pretty much the whole city burnt down except for these 6 hourses that were above the flames. Then we went to Summer of Love area, Haight and Ashbury St, where free love was flowing in the sixties and where Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia lived. Now it is full of beggers, poor musicians, people with dogs and secondhand/vintage shops. We all got a piece of pizza in this little shop that has signed ... read more
Seals at Pier 39
6 original Victorian houses
Morro Bay

Bishop to Yosemite We left Bishop and headed for Yosemite through the steep Tigoa pass. This road is only open for a few months a year because of the snow. Jane check the weather and it was forecasted for -2degrees so after much debate the group opted to pay extra to stay in a hostel rather than brave the weather in a tent. We had a picnic by a gorgeous lake, Tenaya lake, with amazing views of the Rocky Mountains, tall evergreens and clear blue skies.There are bears and mountain lions here. I hope we see a bear. We did a little hike down to see the giant secoyia trees. There was a hollow fallen one that I wanted to climb through, but Chris wouldn't let me because of the rat virus that is going around ... read more

North America » United States » California » Death Valley October 6th 2012

Death Valley/Bishop First day of the tour we met the group and found out we were actually joining a group that had already been touring for a week and we were joining for the second week. The leader's name is Jane and she's from New York amd really into organic food. We stopped at a super market and got sleeping bags from Walmart. Then on to Death Valley, where it was hot and dry. It was so nice to walk around outside in the sun and heat and not sweat. First stop was Z point where you could see all the coloured layers in the rocky mountains. Greens, blues, reds yellows from all the different layers of minerals. It was beautiful. After that we went to Badwater which was like a big dried salt lake. It ... read more
Death Valley

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