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North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 10th 2020

Monday was Aly’s turn for guzzolene powered fun. This morning we would be taking dune buggies out into the desert. Our shuttle was jammed pack with a group of young girls whose prowess operating off road vehicles and overall attitudes would make their guide’s day I’m sure. Not judging (okay yes I am) but I was glad we we’re assigned a separate group. There weren’t much too these buggies. A steel tube frame with 2 plastic seats, an engine, and a steering wheel. Aly drove for most of the trip, only dumping sand all over us once as she smashed through a dune (which was still awesome). It was fun but I felt like I was in a martini shaker most the day, wondering what effect it was having on the breakfast I’d eaten. I took ... read more
Bellagio Fountains at Spago

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 9th 2020

Today was the day. I would get to drive something which was a culmination of over 50 years of automotive engineering and progress. And no, it was not the Corolla we rented. We were headed out to “Exotics Racing” out near the Las Vegas Speedway where I would be driving not a Lamborghini, not a Ferrari, not even a Mercedes. I would be driving a Ford. This wasn’t just any Ford. When we arrived I could see it sitting amongst a row of Huracans and Avenators; a red Mustang GT500. Since being resurrected in 2007, the GT500 has been Ford’s top Mustang trim and up until this year the philosophy has been just add more horsepower. First 500, then 540, then 660 as the model years went on. 2020 was no different. The snarling 5.2L V8 ... read more
Aly and the Aventador
Getting Ready to Take Off
Happy customer

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 8th 2020

I’ll fully admit, Aly and I aren’t really the Vegas types. We are both secretly in our late 60’s and are always commenting about all the “hooglians” faffing about. But we were excited to be on another trip together and making snide comments about the public behind their backs is a sort of hobby of ours. And in Vegas it is very easy to make snide comments about people. Actually most of the people in the casinos during the day really don’t look like they’re having all that great of a time. My theory is people come there because its one of the last places they aren’t oppressed by “the man” and can smoke indoors to their lung’s contentment. After getting lost at the City Centre hotel/restort complex and checking Caesars Palace and the Bellagio, we ... read more
Donnie and Marie
Definitely not a copy right infringement

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 7th 2020

I managed to convince Aly that I need to leave this country every year in February; because by that point of winter I’m usually ready to renounce my Canadian citizenship and move somewhere less slushy. Being the raucous party animals that we are, we picked Las Vegas. As some of you know, airports, airlines, and the overall being on a plane experience is challenging for me and initially amusing but over time irritating for those around me. According to Aly I become quite cross and sarcastic or “airporty” as we’ve decided to call it. For this post you may be relieved to know that there will be practically no airporty-ness. We arrived a little early and there were no lines for baggage, security, or customs, Figuring we were on vacation, we downed an entire bottle of ... read more
The Man Spread
Our hotel room

North America » Canada » Alberta » Grande Cache June 20th 2019

June 19th. Nearly the first day of summer. For many the first day of summer conjures up memories of hot days spent at the lake or long evenings in front of a camp fire. Since it was a Wednesday and I made the mistake of growing up, I was working. Not that it mattered though. The weather was decidedly un-summer-like, with single digit temperatures and torrential rain. One would be hard pressed to do much of anything outside except for drown. I had just left Edmonton on my way to Grande Cache and the sky was telling me to “get stuffed” as it pummelled the hood of my truck with rain. I was so glad I invested in some rain pants. Early 20’s Tyler would have thought rain gear is for squares and he was too ... read more
The Swinger
The Sulphur Gates
Highway 40

North America » Canada » Alberta » Grande Prairie March 20th 2018

Hello friends! Even though I just got back from New Zealand, I’m already off on another life journey to an exotic location, beautiful Grande Prairie, Alberta! And work is paying for it, hooray! Now, there are flights to Grand Prairie from Calgary, but to truly get the full experience you need to drive. Only then can you appreciate what this province is all about. And what better vehicle to take than the quintessential Alberta highway king, a Ford F-150. Mine is a quad cab, 2.7L Ecoboost in stunning government fleet white with grey cloth interior. His name is Hank. Hank and I left Calgary heading north on the Queen Elizabeth Highway or QE2. I’m sure ol’ Lizzy was flattered to have such a road named after her. It’s not like it goes through the mountains or ... read more
Irrelevant Photo
Another irrelevant photo
Sacred Ground

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch March 13th 2018

In the morning some folks were a little worse for wear after the previous evening’s “last hurrah!” and also from the ever persistent “Top Deck Super AIDS” cold. I for one deny the notion that my own sickliness is a result of spending half an hour in an ice bar with no jacket and jumping in a glacial lake. Our day included some scenic stops at Lake Tekapo and the Church of the Good Shepard; a shrine to the working dogs of New Zealand. Here I was suckered into paying a dollar for a public toilet, though I could take solace in the fact it was a damn nice public toilet. My standards for public washrooms are usually “I hope the last person flushed and the graffiti is tasteful”, but this one had automatic doors, a ... read more
Ice Bar
Another picturesque day
Ready for the plunge

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Pukaki March 11th 2018

It was another long drive back from Milford Sound. I bounced around in the back of the bus, slowly getting some writing done. I’ve sat here pretty much every day, for no particular reason. It’s not like there were assigned seats. The back seats were rough riding and often uncomfortably warm. They didn’t recline and you were always the last person off the bus. But you could say hi to people coming back to charge their phone and you could watch who was asleep and about to fall out of their chair on the next bend. These seats were charming in their own way. Though Mike might disagree as I’ve just accidently elbowed him in the ribs for the 3rdtime. There were a bunch of options for dinner, most of them busy, expensive or both. We ... read more
Arrowtown bike ride
Lake Ohau

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Milford Sound March 11th 2018

In the morning my voice was a bit raspy from the usual exuberance I exhibit while drinking, but I was otherwise fine. Nothing like the night after Wellington. A large part of our group were going jet-boating today on the Shotover River. The experience was excellent. Helen and I grabbed the front seats of the boat. We flew up and down the river, coming within a metre of the canyons walls and boulders sitting mid-stream. Just the kind of reckless fun I enjoy. My luscious head of hair, which I spend several seconds preparing every morning, was completely “ruined” from the spray rising from all the 360 degree turns. I had to jokingly apologize to Charlene sitting behind me, as my big, smiling head hid her from view of the on board camera. She wasn’t buying ... read more
American Gothic
Ice cream on the shore
Fjordland National Park

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown March 9th 2018

Neither Mike nor I had activities planned for the morning so we had a much needed sleep in. Dave on the other hand just HAD to get up and have some amazing life experiences on the glacier. We’ve learned that like most in their late teens, he’s not much of morning person. “Good morning Dave!” we’d say. “Mrrhrrhrrhrr” Dave would reply, sounding like Sideshow Bob after stepping on a rake. While he was up on the glacier, I finished writing my last entry on the pub balcony. Mike and I were then joined by Helen, Georgie, Izzy, and Lara for morning coffee and a walk down the glow worm path. The safety conga line was not necessary this time; it was a perfect day outside. The sky was completely clear and the mountain air was warm ... read more
Standing above oblivion
Queenstown Hill
Canyon Swing

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