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10th October 2011

Hey Chris, maybe I didn't get to you on time, but here are my suggestions! I think you sound like the type of person who would love Valparaiso, and the city will love you! Definitely go to La Sebastiana, it is a must-see. Also, there is an empanada/vegetarian cafe downtown near the Mercurio building that is awesome, I think the name is related to magicians? It is advertised all over the place. And you cannot miss el museo a cielo abierto, even if it involves hiking through shady neighborhoods. The best experience, hands down. Drink a terremoto for me, if you are still down there!
26th July 2011

I'm headed to Valpo, would love suggestions
Hey, My name is Chris, I'm currently living in Austin, Texas and am headed to spend 3 weeks in South America. I've heard great things about Valpo that are consistent with your description (mainly, the intangibles are what make it great). If you have any "must-see's" around town, I'd love some bullet points! Obviously, criteria for what is a must-see can differ from person to person, but I generally enjoy adventuring, riding my bike around wandering, exploring a laid back night life scene and definitely want to experience the local fare. Thanks in advance and great pictures! -Chris
21st January 2011
I don't know if this is part of the Museo

Siiii.....this picture is part of the Museum..his author is Nemesio AntĂșnez, Cerro Bellavista. best regards Patricia http://destinobellavista.blogspot.com
22nd October 2010

Los Mineros
I am aware of what an international interest the miners are. They have been invited to several countries, several are negotiating the rights to their story, and there is already talk of a Chilean film, but I don't doubt there will be several. I could not write a blog last week without mentioning them, because every radio and television station, every newspaper, and every Chilean was all about the miners. It has been very emotional, and it has been exciting to be this close to the events.
22nd October 2010

Thoroughly enjoy reading your reports from the Andes to the beach, the celebrations, the cakes, the friends, and...school. Was surprised by your description of the trapped miners, as though the event had been little noted by the outside world. By now you must realize that people all over the planet (myself included) were caught up in the rescue, especially the last days! A friend just e-mailed me a list of all of the specialized tools, expertise, and technology that the U.S. sent down to expedite the rescue. It included the NASA-designed (and provided) capsule, itself. We rejoiced with the Chileans when the first and last miners reached the surface. And we will be watching documentaries and hero stories, and reading scientific journal articles for months to come. And, since you were nearby, some of us thought of you many, many times. Hope your viral visitor never returns. Love, G.Jean
13th October 2010

Comprehensive coverage!
Details about food, climate, architecture,pets, people,and diseases are fascinating. So important to capture the quotidian notes along with the list of places visited and facts acquiried. They will keep your visit alive in your memory. It is ever thus with the affective /cognitive connections. Stay well! Love, G.J.
From Blog: La Frontera
13th October 2010

Splendid! Courageous!
Referring here, my dear Liz to the splendors of Chilean food you have captured on film, and to your bold ventures in eating same! Congratulations and love, G.Jean,

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