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Middle East » Turkey October 6th 2012

Wednesday, Oct. 3, back in Istanbul again Conditions in Turkey Turkey is a much more modern country than we expected. The Old City of Istanbul is truly ancient and oriental, with super-crowded big bazaars and markets. Very interesting and colorful, but outside of the old part, Istanbul looks like any big world city, maybe with worse traffic. Its location on the Bosporus is breathtaking. Outside the city we were always on big highways like freeways in America. Tremendous amount of construction always visible near cities; lots of earth-moving equipment. Caterpillar is making a fortune in Turkey. Economic growth was 8% last year, much greater than anything in Europe or America, and they are distinctly having second thoughts about joining the European Union. The collapse next door in Greece gives them shivers of schadenfreude. Huge tracts of ... read more

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