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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson March 20th 2011

We finally made it. Words really cannot describe how excited we are to be here. Its crazy though because the culture really isn’t much different than back home, but its just great to be somewhere new. Our fight over was unreal. We give Air New Zealand a five star plus. It was so comfortable. The flight was long but I can sleep anywhere, so that was exactly what I did. After three flights we finally arrived in Nelson on the South Island. We’ve been so gitty ever since. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing you’re embarking on a wonderful adventure together. More, feeling so confident with our decision to leave all the familiarity for the complete unknown. We soon realized that it’s not so different. Being able to speak English in a foreign country is ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison March 3rd 2011

Last night we stayed at “AmercInn” hotel. It had a hot tub and a pool and a big king size bed =). The breakfast in the morning was pretty much 100% sugar. I was disgusted and Patrick was in heaven. The scenery on our drive has been quite amazing. My favourite part has been Wisconsin with rolling hills and beautiful, small farms. As we were driving towards Madison, we kept seeing signs for all these different indoor water parks. My curiosity got the best of me and ‘suggested’ that we get gas. As we pulled off the interstate, Patrick and I were awestruck! Some of the biggest indoor water slides...ever. One had this crazy outdoor/indoor cyclone thing. When we stopped for gas I inquired as to where the hell we were. The lady told me that ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis March 2nd 2011

Last night we slept over at Robert’s house in Portage La Prairie. It’s an airforce town and it very, very small. Poor Robert has had to live there for 2 years! It was so great to finally get some sleep as were driving for 15 hours. In the morning, Robert gave us an wonderful tour of his work. He flies helicopters for the military and it’s pretty cool. I realized just how difficult it has been for Robert to get to where he is. It’s not easy. I realized how lucky he is to be flying these helicopters as many people who actually work on the air crafts just really want to fly and only a small select few get the opportunity to be a pilot. The hangers where the aircrafts are held are impeccability clean. ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary March 1st 2011

Today we left Calgary with a 5:00am alarm. With the last few chores done and a few things to do to shut up the home we were house sitting we were off. I was quite anxious about whether our car could pull our trailer. It’s packed full; a small 4’x8’ trailer but it is moving rather smoothly. Conversation in the car is a bit limited. I’m not sure why. Sometime I wonder if it’s because my mind is in other places? Perhaps I just don’t feel like talking right now. Shit, I’m always talking. I sometimes need a break. Perhaps there is there nothing new to talk about? Whatever, there is everything new to talk about. We are listening to David Suski’s “The Bottom Line”. Very interesting. I love DS! He just went into the food ... read more

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