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Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay February 28th 2011

Even though the karaoke had finished we still didn't get a good nights sleep. Just after we got in there was a power cut and the entire hotel was plunged into darkness - this was quite unfortunate for me as I was in the bathroom at the time! At some point during the night the electricity came back on and with this so did everyone's lights, televisions and anything else they had forgotten to switch off. Pete's sleep was also disrupted due to his window being in the stairwell. This meant that when all the staff were awake - which was very early - all he could hear was them shouting at each other. As soon as we were all up we packed our bags and went in search of a new hotel. Just a short ... read more
A walk on the beach

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay February 27th 2011

We were up early to catch our bus to Halong bay. The drive took us through many towns and villages all looking a little tired and warn down, but each busy with people and buzzing with mopeds. After a while the bus pulled over and we were ushered off, we were not told why, or what would happen next, so we all stood on the roadside with our bags looking a little lost. It took some time for us to realise that we had been dropped at another bus station. It was just an open front shop with a lady sat behind a desk with a telephone so it was a little difficult to tell. After a 45 minute wait another bus turned up and the driver waved us on. We were driven down a very ... read more
Spooky Mist
More Mist

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi February 26th 2011

When the alarm went off we were still so tired , but I guess staying up till midnight watching a film didn't help. Still no reply from the hotel - would anyone be there to pick us up? The taxi ride to the airport was interesting, only because I couldn't stop looking at the driver - when your driver is struggling to keep his eyes open it doesn't exactly fill you with confidence! We all had seats miles away from each other on the plane. It didn't matter too much as we all dozed on the way. As we walked into arrivals we breathed a sigh of relief when we saw a sign with Andy’s name on it. The taxi ride to the airport was an eye opener. We would have preferred the taxi driver who ... read more
Thats Squid!
Moped park

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 24th 2011

At 10.20am we heard a knock at the door. There was Pete looking all fresh faced and wide awake - we could have done with an extra few hours but got up to join him for breakfast. Pete had been looking forward to his breakfast of fruit and yogurt which he remembered from his last trip, but as his breakfast was placed in front of him last nights late night caught up with him and he couldn't face eating a thing. After a long walk through shopping areas selling everything from jumpers to guns Pete felt the overwhelming urge for a nap. Was this last nights late night or was this the jet lag kicking in? In the evening we caught a taxi to the city and met a friend of Pete’s at the red sky ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 22nd 2011

After a couple of days spent not too far away from our hotel (I’m pleased we upgraded and got our own bathroom) I was now ready to venture further. We walked through the grounds of the university on our way to the grand palace. Many people were studying through their lunch breaks including a couple of young monks who looked rather strange in their traditional basic dress sitting in front of the latest state of the art laptop. I was under the impression that monks should only have the bare minimum of possessions and live a basic life, but at the market stalls on the other side of the university we saw monks shopping for antiques and a computer mouse. We were told that to get into the palace arms should be covered to the elbow ... read more
Palace 2
Palace 3
Palace Guards

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 18th 2011

After breakfast I made I quick dash to a local stall to buy some trousers. As I child I had always wanted a pair of trousers like MC Hammer and now at 30 I was the proud owner of a pair. We wanted to visit some temples, but on our way to the first one we found out that it was a very important Buddhist day. Now we wondered if we would be allowed into any of the temples. When we arrived at Wat Thepthidaram we were relieved to find that there were no restrictions for visitors. Its a very impressive temple covering many floors. each floor also has different levels. There are many corridors to walk around and at each end of every corridor is a statue of Buddha. At the top we went outside ... read more
Wat Thepthidaram
Wat Thepthidaram 2
Wat Thepthidaram 3

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 16th 2011

I wasn't expecting Andy to be feeling his best when he woke up that morning. What did wake up was a broken man. We went for breakfast and I watched him struggle through his eggs on toast. His eyes looked like someone had punched him. I didn't want to loose the whole day just because Andy had a hangover so I dragged him to some markets - well it serves him right! A while later we were in search of a pancake stall. Apparently this was the one thing that would make him feel better. Normally you can't move 100 meters without finding a pancake stall, but it was just typical that this day there were none. After 45 minutes wandering we finally found one. Andy took one look and said "I don't think a can" ... read more
Dinner at a street stall

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 15th 2011

We couldn't go too far the following day as we needed to be back at the embassy to pick up our visas. After spending some time around the local markets we caught a much cheaper metered taxi to the embassy. The visa was a lot quicker to pick up than to arrange and we were soon staring at the very impressive looking stamp in our passports. We had been told that sourcing our malaria tablets while in Bangkok would not be a problem. Since arriving we had been to many places, but couldn't find it anywhere. At a pharmacy near the embassy we were advised to visit the hospital. The pharmacist gave us directions and looked relieved when we left taking off her surgical mask as we closed the door. The receptionist at the hospital told ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 13th 2011

Stepping off the plane the first thing that hits you is the intense heat. We had spent a long time in the humidity of Queensland which helped, but the last week or so in Victoria had been chilly and we had started to get used to it. After checking into our hotel we wasted no time in showering and setting off to check out our surroundings. We didn't get far because just down the road we found a street vendor selling pad Thai for 40bht (80p). Cooked while you wait with a choice of unknown spice mixes and frightening looking chillies for you to add yourself it tasted amazing. A little further down the road we found a bar which consisted of a small stall on wheels with tables and chairs in the busy main road. ... read more
Special sauce for sausages
Pineapple with sausage and egg??

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 8th 2011

When we arrived at Gem and Kieran’s Hilda was cleaned and ready to be picked up. The money had not cleared yet so we were pleased when she fitted in their secure underground car park. We spent the afternoon trying to sort through our stuff, throwing away what wasn't needed and trying (and failing) to fit the rest in our rucksacks - this would take many attempts! In the evening we went to Bryony and James' for dinner and some of Bryony's rather strong cocktails - we were not used to such luxury. The remainder of our time in Melbourne was spent re-packing our bags, going for dinner and drinks down Ackland street, visiting great city rooftop bars such as Madame Brussels with its tennis theme, Astroturf flooring and staff dressed in tennis outfits and spending ... read more
dropping Hilda off
Signing her over
walking away

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