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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Rothbury July 14th 2010

In the morning we saw that our chosen site was popular with hikers and cyclists. Even though we were not kitted out to the high standards of our fellow campers, who looked set to explore the Antarctic, we decided to don our boots and explore our local surroundings. We found a sign pointing to the riverside walk and set out to walk till we found a bridge then walk back along the other bank. We walked a good few miles. This took us longer than expected due to us having to stop and check out every fishing area, each one better than the last. As the fishing spots got better so did the size of fish which Andy was sure he would catch. The walk eventually took us away from the riverside and into a forest. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Rothbury July 13th 2010

Well we were on the move again. For out next destination we chose Northumberland and this time we decided on a slightly more basic campsite. We booked on to a site in Bellingham which is on a working farm with free roaming chickens, noisy sheep - which served as a good alarm clock - and a newly born calf (bless). If we had realised the weather we were about to encounter we would probably have picked somewhere a little less open to the elements. We had a look around the village and found everything we needed. Shops, banks and three pubs all within a short walk. After a days travelling something quick was what we needed for dinner. we bought some jacket potatoes and a bottle of wine and headed back home. This was not to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds July 11th 2010

On Sunday mum and dad went home. We packed up the caravan as Andy had planned a birthday surprise. As we waved goodbye to a wet and windy Hull i was informed that after our night away i would be much more cultured. On arrival at our hotel i found a book that was full of all the things we could do. We decided that maybe the dangerous entertainment in Leeds might be too much for us and that we would rather relax for the evening. In the morning we were woken by music coming from outside. On inspection we found the local sandwich van which plays batman music announce its arrival. It went like this .. dina dina dina dina, dina dina dina dina BAP VAN! According to the van they are fighting hunger on ... read more

Well, after some nailbiting we discovered that we need not have worried.. Roger the Rover delivered us to Hull with no problems. We had booked ourselves into Burton Constable which is a campsite set in the grounds of a stately home, in Pete's words after looking on google maps, 'an oasis in a sea of whale bits'. We parked on the side of the lake with views of Burton Constable Hall. If it wasn't for the sea of northerners that would decend upon us later that day you would never have known we were in Hull! We decided to leave the fishing till later in the week when it was quieter and after sitting in the sun for a while we were not dissapointed. The catch of the day was an awsome sight which we affectionatly ... read more

We had to buy a tow car today. It HAD to be today. After scouring the autotrader, ebay and every corner of the internet it became clear that we had a choice of just two cars. The first of these was a BMW525 in Thetford. The owner had to sell it by the weekend and the car looked good for the money. We messaged him yesterday and offered to view and collect asap. He didn’t bother messaging us back so obviously wasn’t that desperate. This left the second car, which by chance was only 15 miles from us. We went to view and found it wasn’t in bad condition, drove ok and had a long MOT. The deal was done and we drove away in a Rover. Of all the cars you could tow a caravan ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Rutland » Oakham June 29th 2010

Cycled to look at a folly at Clipsham. It is an avenue of over 150 yew trees some of which are over 200 years old. Emma wasn’t overly impressed but then maybe expectations were placed too high. As an avenue of ancient yew trees it is impressive but it is not Disneyland.... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Rutland » Oakham June 28th 2010

We have been back at Greetham for a week now but have to leave Friday as they have no space for us over the weekend. The Impreza will not tow the caravan as even the new exhaust will not provide enough ground clearance. This means we must buy a new tow car by Thursday and there is literally nothing about. Nice to be back in The Plough which is our favourite pub so far. This could be influenced by the fact that in the absence of a decent sized tall glass for spritzers, the landlord serves Emma’s in a handled pint mug.... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Rutland » Oakham June 27th 2010

Came across these dice on a country road. This probably sums up most peoples feelings about our world cup performance.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Rutland » Oakham June 26th 2010

We planned to cycle Rutand water today, but the travel injections we had yesterday made us feel awfu, so we decided to scale down our rather ambitious ideas. After some deliberation we decided that a cycle tour of the local pubs with Pete was a far better idea. First stop was the Sun Inn in Cottesmore, then on to the Black bull in Market Overton and lastly to the Blue cow in South Witham, a pub with decor which can only be politely described as retro and which ,without a doubt, wins the title for strangest water feature. After arriving back at the caravan Andy chucked some bison burgers on the BBQ and we got a reasonably early night in preparation for the big England match the next day.... We were soon to discover that we ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham June 22nd 2010

After deciding that the Impreza would tow the caravan without any bother there were just two modifications required - An exhaust that would give more than 2 inches of ground clearance and a tow bar. We already had a tow bar that just needed fitting so that meant a trip to Nottingham to pick up an exhaust that would do the job. By chance Daryl needed to visit IKEA to check out some furniture so off we went to kill two birds with one stone. I know it’s wrong but I never get bored of looking at strangely named Swedish home products. (I am secretly looking forward to going to IKEA in Melbourne to get bits to kit out the campervan, even though I know they will have exactly the same stuff as over here, but ... read more

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