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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney November 1st 2011

Today was a very epic day. I am still jetlagged and because of that I woke up at 6am today. After checking some things online I tried to get back to sleep but gave up and cooked myself some good breakfast and got ready for the Sydney Bridge Climb. My time slot for the climb was 10am and so I left at 9am to give myself a 10 minute extra buffer for making it to the site by walking. (35 minute walk) When I reached the desk I couldn't help but think how Legen (wait for it) Dary this would be. But I quickly remembered that even though I love to do crazy things and love the adrenaline rushes I am also surprisingly scared of heights. (I'm not sure many people know that) So I knew ... read more
Sydney Harbor Bridge
Opera House at Night
more of the opera house

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Bondi Beach October 31st 2011

I planned for a day at the beach today. With everyone working I was off on my own again today. I woke up this morning grabbed a few apples and walked out the door. Of course I brushed my teeth, bathed, clothed myself and dropped the extra weight before heading out the door. Again another beautiful day in Australia as I walked to the train station. I forgot to mention that being in Sydney almost feels like being in China. The first thing I noticed when I got out of the plane was a lot of Chinese people. And walking around Sydney's CBD (atul I defined this in a previous blog entry, ref. Sydney Day 1 blog entry), it is filled with Chinese people. So I wonder sometimes if I came to Sydney for vacation or ... read more
The walk
Message in A Bottle
Giant Screws

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darling Harbour October 30th 2011

The flight in was good. Technically I drank and watched movies for 2 days straight since I crossed the international dateline. Lets just say I think I did some good damage to their Bacardi stash. My first day in Sydney was very interesting to say the least. First I found out that verizon wireless phones (at least mine) is not compatible with SIM cards. So I had to use the payphone to try and call contacts in Sydney. After several dollars I was finally able to determine where to meet and headed off to the train station. The walk home from the station was a little tough considering it was like 80 degrees outside. I can't complain about the weather but it is a little tougher when you have to carry your suitcase up and down ... read more
On the Harbor
Sydney Opera House from the Ferry
Aboriginal People

North America » United States » California » Fremont » Niles October 28th 2011

A business trip ends and a vacation begins. The excitement hasn't set in yet, only because I have half a day to do so many things! This morning wasn't the most exciting either due to what I thought would be a plane ticket fiasco. On my ticket there was a disclaimer saying that I would have to collect my bags from baggage claim between connecting flights. So it seemed as if I would fly to LA (domestic) and then have to get out collect my bags from baggage claim and re-check in for an international flight to Sydney within 2 hours!!! (I had never seen that disclaimer before, so it struck me as very odd) Thank goodness though, I was able to contact the airlines and they said they can check the bags all the way ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fremont July 6th 2010

Hey all. Thanks for reading my travel blog. I have now safely reached back home to America. Although with some hassel. My flight back home was longer this time since i didn't stop in Dubai for a week. If you know me, you know that i can't sit still for more than 10 minutes and I have to be shaking my leg or moving in some way. So the 10 hour flight and 15 hour flight soon after was definitely a challenge for me. This time I didn't have my friend Galen to play drinking games with so I filled my time watching movies and drinking wine. At the Dubai airport inbetween flights I juggled and played soccer by myself in the terminal using my mini skill soccerball. After checking into the gate I had to ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Camps Bay June 30th 2010

The end is nearing and it definitely feels like it. Being the last few days of my vacation I’ve begun partying harder in the nights (if that is possible) but taking more relaxing days. Surprisingly, I woke up today at 10:30, only 4.5 hours after sleeping after a much intense night of partying. I grubbed on some yogurt and oats and then 12 of us headed down to play a little 6 v. 6 soccer. Everyone was stoked to play some soccer and we had a good intense game of 6 v 6 on little goals for about 90minutes. After sweating off the nights beers, some of us got smoothies, while I went and picked up some souvenirs for home. Then most of the guys went back home while Danny and I moved to the beach ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Camps Bay June 29th 2010

Today I woke up and it was raining outside. Not just raining but torrential downpours. So we stayed at home for most of the day playing bananagrams and other games before the first game. We watched the first game at home and then took a cab to the stadium for the Portugal vs. Spain game. I was extremely disappointed by the way that the Portuguese played, but was very impressed with David Villa’s playing. I had category 1 tickets at the middle level, but since I was sitting alone second half I moved to the bottom level to right where David Villa slid to celebrate his goal. I might have been on TV again since there was a camera pointing at us and the cameraman was telling us to celebrate, which of course I did quite ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town June 28th 2010

Today we had to drive back to Cape Town from Jeffrey’s Bay. I fell asleep for parts of the drive. We stopped at the same place in Mossel Bay that we ate at last time since the food was so good and the restaurant was right on the beach. The two cars were separated as the Bufana Bufana car (guys) and then the couples car. The Bufanas hit 5 in the Toyota. After Mossel Bay we picked up a couple six packs and all of us (except for the driver) played some drinking games on the way home. We drank every time we passed a heard of animals (cows, sheep, ostriches, birds), every time our driver overtook another car (which he did very often since he was driving pretty fast), and every time we passed people ... read more

Today we drove to Addo Elephant National Park about 1 hour north of Port Elizabeth, which was about an hour and a half from Jeffreys bay where we were staying. We did a 2 hour game drive which was really awesome. We saw Elephants, Black-backed Fox, Kudu, Elans, Black Rhinocerous, and ostriches. We even saw the full Ostrich mating ritual from the attention getting all the way through the entire act, which lasted about 2 minutes haha. I had found out that we could record on the TV at Jeffreys Bay and so I recorded the World Cup games and after the game drive we all headed back home to watch the games and bbq! We couldn’t go to the bar to watch the games because of someone’s actions at the bar last night haha. Since ... read more
Elephant and Lauren and I

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay June 26th 2010

Today was a pretty awesome day for most of the day. I woke up excited for the HIGHEST BUNGY JUMP IN THE WORLD! We left the hostel at 8 am in order to get to our 10:30 reservations at Bloukrans Bridge which was about 2 hours away. However, with Hal’s driving we reached relatively quickly. The Bungy Jumping was AMAZING!!!!! Definitely worth every penny and I am so glad I did it. I can now say that I’ve bungy jumped the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. Ask me for more details when I get home. With some more crazy fast driving from Hal we made it in time for our round of 16 game (Uruguay vs. South Korea) despite the problems we had at the Bungy jump site. My seat was pretty far up, ... read more
World's Highest
Gettin Ready

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