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Europe » Italy July 15th 2013

Como Driving to the center of Como, I see the parked milk truck that passed me forty minutes ago. Turning onto the Lungo Lario Trieste main waterfront street, the traffic gets really busy. Near the roundabout I see rows of Ducatis, BMWs, Hondas, Suzuki racing motorcycles parked like the Deutsche Bahn railway table. Across the street at the Golosita corner outdoor café, the riders are congregating and enjoying the beautiful sunny day. The red, yellow, green, blue, and orange riders’ customs and helmets add to the already colorful ambience of this town. This street is filled with many aromatic Italian restaurants. Hundreds of people are having lunch with their families, friends, and lovers. Seafood is the specialty. The daily catches from the Lake Como are the highlights of the menus around town. Driving this wide S5 ... read more

Europe » Italy July 15th 2013

Drive to Como Town After a few hours of relaxation at Bellagio, I set the navigation system to Como, one of the biggest towns on the lake. I decline the navigation system recommendation to take the ferry route. So, I follow the street sign to Como till the navigation system picks to Como. This road hugs the coastline all the way to Como. One time at another town, the navigation system recommended me to take a short cut due to traffic conditions. A smart and very exciting feature I thought at first until I found out that my car would not fit on the road it recommended. Imagine how narrow the street was when an my Audi S5 could not fit. On each side of the road were two rows of two stories houses. There was ... read more

Europe » Italy July 15th 2013

Disembarking at Bellagio, I quickly find a parking spot. At 9 am, the restaurant hostesses, waiters, and waitresses are setting up outdoor tables and chairs on Italian gardens, terraces and promenades. The morning sun is finally able to break through the thinning clouds. At the top of the mountains, fresh snows deposited last night give the bright white auras. Colorful flower beds and hanged flower pots are everywhere adorning stores, hotels, and restaurants. The city cobblestone roads add the already historical ambiance of the Italian architectures. Almost all structures here have the privilege to witness humanity since the Roman’s time. Were they able to talk to me, I would be having a time travel journey on top of my driving vacation. It would be like listening to bed time stories from my grandparent the other twenty ... read more

Europe » Italy July 15th 2013

It's never been more excited than road trip with driving and tracking new road street with Audi. In spring 2008, I trusted my skill to drive my spring driving vacation from Ingolstadt, Germany to Como, Italy. I met a few friends in Germany. Spent a quality time with friends talking, sharing, laughing, and had a great dinner. After dinner, I settled into the S5 cockpit. One of the road trip tips by driving is choosing the right car to take you safe and comfort for a long way driving. I started my engine and went forward, ready to enjoy the road to Lake Como, Italy. Autobahn (A96) toward Austria The full moon brightened the rolling hills of the Bavaria along A96 towards the Austrian border. The clouds were abundant but thin and very high. It reflected ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu May 21st 2013

The sun getting brighter and brighter! Hanauma Bay Volcanic eruption is always violent and its destructive forces must not ever be underestimated. However, what comes after the devastation is another story. And at Hanauma Bay which was formed by a series of volcanic activities, ocean life is thriving. Over 400 colorful and shapely species inhibit the bay. The expansive coral formations that provide food and protection from the ocean waves can easily be seen through the clear emerald water. Everyone comes here to snorkel and swim with many schools for colorful fishes and green sea turtles, and to look for starfish and other small creatures on the ocean floors. Snorkeling here reminded me of The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau Documentary. We unloaded our snorkeling gears, picnic basket, and enjoyed the sunshine! img= read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki May 21st 2013

Many people romanticize a vacation destination after seeing Rick Steves' Europe on PBS. I, on the other hand, dreamed about driving in Hawaii since I watched Jack Lord playing Lieutenant Steve McGarrett in the original Hawaii Five-O in the 70's. Back then, Steve was driving stately black Mercury Marquis and Mercury Park Lane. This dream was forgotten for a while as I got busy with elementary school, high school, college, first job, and so on. Fast forward to the 21st century, the remake of Hawaii Five-O brought my dream back from the medial temporal lobe of my brain. The Wakiki Beach After checking into Hilton Wakiki Beach Hotel in the morning, we didn't waste time to get started with our paradise living. Given Savannah climate with the average temperature in mid-eighty degrees Fahrenheit, W... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich February 8th 2013

In my car, the Audi Navigation Plus showed the Traffic Monitoring Control system. I was surprised to hear the navigation system warning me about traffic congestion near downtown Zurich. It directed me to an alternative, less crowded route. While I was in Zurich I heard on the radio that a snowstorm was expected later that night in the Black Forest area. This was the quattro weather that I was hoping to experience. Quickly I planned my route to go to Baden-Baden from Zurich via Freudenstadt. Since I wanted to have a winter driving experience, I made sure that my route would go through the meandering Black Forest roads. The roads all the way to Baden-Baden were covered with snow and sleet. The outside temperature fluctuated between -3 to +1.5 Celsius. I was so glad that I ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg February 8th 2013

After a fascinating tour, it wasn't long before I programmed the Navigation from my car and routed me from lngolstadt to Regensburg via the Altmuehtal Nature Park. For this segment I avoided the Autobahn since I was interested in seeing the winter beauty of the countryside and enjoying my driving vacation. I went through Kosching, Bettbrunn, Almanstein and Kelheim and ended up in Regensburg, my destination for that day. It was not the quickest route, but it gave me the chance to enjoy the view and tested my skill drive in winter. After several hours of driving, I arrived at the ornate and historic Maximilian Hotel which opened in 1891. After an excellent four-course dinner at the hotel, I retired for the night, eagerly looking forward to the next day's drive. The next morning I plotted ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ingolstadt February 8th 2013

Here we are in February and the snow is coming down. For those who like travel with car and driving a long way of journey, Here is one of my experiences driving in snow a few years ago. So, I went to Switzerland and planned my track, picked the place and rented a great car. Therefore, I chose to rent Audi RS4 that suitable driving in the winter. My route covered central and Southwest Germany, Austria, and Swizterland. There is no better place to experience driving in the winter through the Altmuehltal Nature Park, the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest, and of course the German, Austria, and Swiss Authobahn. I was able to realize of my childhood dream: driving in the snow with a great car. The program starts with an exciting exploration Ingolstadt, Germany. After ... read more
Just  outside Altm hltal Nature Park
Winter Wonderland

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville January 17th 2013

As my train leaves the station, I can't help reflecting on my driving vacation. After days driving in Andalusian, I feel refreshed and satisfied. It was a great way to finish my one month stay in Spain providing the frosting to my fulfilling time in Madrid and Barcelona. I met many kind and fun loving travelers and residents, drivers and non-drivers, during my last 30 days. Memories I will treasure greatly, friends I will keep in touch. I have not learned much in life, but I know one think about myself. When I drive through exciting, exhi... read more
Guide in Andalusia
Goodbye Spain

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