North America » United States » Oregon » Gold Beach May 9th 2017

Weather-wise, I had been spoiled on this trip. After so many clear, cloudless nights, I was in the habit of leaving my rain fly crumpled up next to my tent. Some nights, it didn't even make it out of the trunk. I liked being able to see the stars while laying in my sleeping bag. I woke up about 6:30 with my wool blanket pulled up over my head, the usual for most mornings. Right away, something felt off. Normally I would lie there until my brain fully kicked into gear, but on this morning, something told me I needed to get up. I pulled the blanket back, and a couple of small drops hit my face. It was raining! I was up and out of the tent in a flash. Without the rain fly in ... read more
Wreck of the Cottoneva

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay March 7th 2017

After the best night of sleep in two weeks, I was reluctant to get out of bed. Instead, I brought my laptop in with me and started working on what would eventually become a blog post. I was finally drawn out of my warm nest by the smell of coffee. In the kitchen, my hosts had put together a large breakfast that even included homemade bread. They hadn't advertised an included breakfast so I was pleasantly surprised. I joined another guest at the kitchen table and talked with the hosts while stuffing myself and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. Eventually I had to extract myself from the conversation as I had too much to do before checkout time. I worked on laundry, cleaned up my camera lenses, organized the car, and planned the rest of the ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay October 10th 2016

I Woke up with the sun and started breakfast. After the events of the previous night, I made no effort to minimize my noise while cooking. Fueled up with bacon and eggs, I took some extra time to organize my gear as it was put in the car. I didn't expect to need it that night. I left the park to work on my first task of the day. I had made it my mission to photograph the lighthouses along the coast and I knew that Cape Arago was home to one. Unlike the last couple, this one was not open to the public. It wasn't even easily viewable. The only way to get a glimpse of it was to try to find a vantage point along the Cape Arago Highway. I drove along slowly, helped ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay July 24th 2016

After a nice night of sleep, I got up and drank coffee while watching two birds play in the bushes near my tent, I tried to focus on them and not think about the great unknown that lay in front of me. I had spent several weeks before my trip looking through tourist guides and internet forums, cataloging potential places to stay and things to see, starting with the northern-most section and working south. I had planned through Honeyman Park, and then simply run out of time. The entirety of my plan for the rest of Oregon was "head south". Before I did that though, I needed to head north. Rather than head for the next town, I backtracked to Florence under a misting rain. The first task of the day, as with so many mornings ... read more
Foggy Bridge
Sidewalk Statues
My Kitchen

North America » United States » Oregon » Florence June 17th 2016

I woke up thinking about my wish list for the day. First item was returning to Yaquina Head. My access pass from the day before was still valid and I felt like I hadn't fully explored it yet. Once done, I had several other items in Newport and the surrounding area. I hurried through my breakfast and headed back to Yaquina Head. I started by hiking a short but steep trail to the top of the quarry. Despite the morning clouds, I could see north and south for several miles. I went back to the bottom and took a few more pics of the lighthouse before noticing a set of steps going down the cliff side towards the ocean. According to the signs, at the bottom was a set of tide pools that were part of ... read more
Field Trip in Progress
Can I Get a Ride?
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

North America » United States » Oregon » Newport June 11th 2016

The first town I hit was Lincoln City, and I soured on it quickly. The traffic, likely fed by the nearby casino, was terrible. After being spoiled by several days of quiet, scenic back roads, I just wanted to escape this busy stretch of 101. Lincoln City went on the list of "towns to explore on the trip back" list. Eventually I made it through the city and the lovely coast scenery returned. I made a couple of unplanned stops for pictures, and then arrived in Depoe Bay around lunch time. This town fit my mood much better. The west side of the street was all parking, making it easy to stop for pictures and a meal, which was populated by little restaurants and touristy stores. After the rich meals I had eaten over the last ... read more
World's Smallest
Yaquina Head Lighthouse

MISSING May 10th 2016

I took my time driving down the 131, enjoying the scenery. The sun was out and I could see for miles in every direction. I arrived in Pacific City around noon and stopped in the large parking lot bordering a brewery and a large beach. Even though I was hungry, I felt compelled to explore the beach first. There was allot to see. In addition to people laying on beach towels, there were about a dozen trucks parked on the sand. It turns out that people use this part of the beach to launch dory boats, as they have been since 1926. The north side of the beach was bordered by a mountain of sand, which is the start of Cape Kiwanda Natural Area. Just offshore is Haystack Rock. It's an impressive sight. I decided that ... read more
Dory Coming In
Frosty Beverage
Cape Kiwanda

It was a short drive to Tillamook. It was early enough in the day that I avoided the crowds heading to the coast from the city. The search for breakfast was harder than expected as the first several restaurants along the main drag were closed for the day or even the week. Apparently the main tourist season hadn't fully begun yet. One of my goals for this trip was to stick to small, local restaurants when eating out. In desperation I pulled up to the IHOP. After a hot breakfast and way too much coffee, I headed to Fred Meyers for supplies and to make some calls. I had a feeling I wouldn't have cell coverage at the campsite, which would turn out to be true for much of the coast. After finding space in my ... read more
Raccoon Prints
Netarts Bay

North America » United States » Oregon May 7th 2016

After a stressful morning of hauling boxes to storage, packing the car (twice), laundry, and cleaning, I finally hit the road about 3pm. Thanks to the late start, I was in traffic until I passed Hillsboro. Finally, the buildings started to thin out and it began to feel like a real road trip. I arrived at Stub Stewart State Park and went about filling out the registration slip. I had reserved aspot in advance. With that done, I began to organize my gear. The campground I selected is a hike-in campground, which means you park in the main parking lot and then walk the last 1/4 mile to your spot. The person that arrived right after I did seemed surprised by this. Luckily for him, the park supplies carts to make hauling your gear easier. I ... read more
My Spot
First Day's Breakfast

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