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North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City September 16th 2013

Our day was spent in Old Quebec City. We found parking close to the Citadel but the max time was 2 hours. We walked all of the city and did not find any better parking. So every 2 hours we had to go back to the truck and put money in the meter. Our first stop was breakfast, where we found the most expensive eggs on the planet at a small place called Restaurant d'Omelette. The omelette's were good but not worth $40.00. Next was a tour of the Citadel. It is actually a working army base so you can't just walk around in there yourself. You have to be with a guide. The tour was very informative and there is quite a collection of army artifacts in some of the buildings. It is kept in ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City September 15th 2013

We left home at 6:15 am, grabbed some breakfast at Mcdonald's and headed east. At that time of morning on a Sunday the drive through Toronto was a breeze and we surprised ourselves at how may kms we had gone by the time of our second stop at an Onroute in Odesa. We were greeted with an amazing sunrise on our journey east with horizontally spaced clouds accented by a bright orange hue on their undersides from the rising sun. The highway east of Toronto becomes less hectic and there is actually long stretches of wooded areas. Our new truck is handling the job famously, easily being able to navigate through city streets or down the highway. Our hotel is the Hotel Universale and we were disappointed when we went downstairs to get something to eat ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener September 14th 2013

We've finished our last day of work for 2 weeks and are taking it easy tonight. Tomorrow we'll be cleaning out our new truck and packing it for the drive that starts early sunday morning.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener September 23rd 2011

I got up at 5:40 so I could have a shower before the flight. We rushed down for a quick bite, then back up for our bags, checked out and headed to the airport a short walk away. Check in went smoothly, we waited for about ½ hour in the lounge and we boarded. The trip back was better than the trip here. There seemed to be a little more room and we were a little more rested and could pass the time reading rather than unsuccessfully trying to get sleep like on the night flight. The pilot actually pointed out Greenland as we passed over because he said usually it’s not clear enough to see it. It was a magnificent sight and I tried to take a couple of pics. We left at about 08:40 ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow September 22nd 2011

The morning started with included breakfast at The Landmark Hotel just outside of Dundee. Their dining area consists of a completely glassed in area that gives a view of a miniature onsite hedge maze and the upper portion of a couple of hundred year old building onsite that has no plaque or sign to show its significance. After breakfast we packed up, jumped into the little red car and hit the superhighway to Glasgow Airport. Driving down the Canadian equivalent to the 401, we came up upon a tractor in the slow lane and a right hand turn lane for an adjoining road. All was good until we got right up to the Airport and the British lady in the gps starting bitching at me again for not taking the right road once we were off ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee September 21st 2011

Had our complimentary breakfast in the Kildrummy Castle Hotel. This place is the utmost in opulence. We were served tea and coffee in polished silver pots, and their silverware was actually silver. It is a great place if you have lots of money and like to be pampered. Our trip south towards Dundee was spectacular as expected; peering up from the valley we drove through at hills covered with a patchwork quilt made up of trees, heather, short grass or shrubs occasionally spotted with white dots that were sheep. At about the halfway point we stopped for a geocache and found we were near the entrance to Balmoral Castle. We drove down the road towards the gate and found it closed and manned by a security guard. Signs show that it’s only open at certain times ... read more
Patchwork Landscape

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Strathdon September 20th 2011

Had breakfast this morning in the Dornoch Castle Dining room. The typical Scottish Breakfast consists of Eggs over easy, Haggis, Blood Pudding, Back Bacon, Pork Sausage, Fried Tomatoes, Dried prunes and tea. We just had eggs and back bacon, tea and juice. We would definitely recommend this castle to anyone. The people are very friendly, the town is picturesque, consisting mostly of cottages, and the prices aren’t crazy even though it rates at least 4 stars. Then, it was out to pick up fuel, most expensive so far at L1.46/litre. Some of the road to Kildrummy was highway but the last 25 miles or so was a twisty, bendy narrow road with a 60mph speed limit. Once at the Kildrummy Castle Hotel, we checked in and made dinner reservations. This place is upper crust and we’re ... read more
Kildrummy Castle Hotel
Kildrummy Castle Hotel
Glenbuchat Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ross and Cromarty » Tain September 19th 2011

A little bit more relaxing day today. We didn’t have to be anywhere today, since we’re staying here for 2 nights. We did a geocache in town that consisted of multiple places you had to go to collect information to find the cache. This took us around the immediate vicinity of the Castle Hotel and got us acquainted with the local history. After finding the cache in a local wooded area, we walked around the residential section of town and saw the Golf Course. Engineered by Donald Ross, it’s one of the first around and brought tourism to this little place in the early 1900’s. We went through a small museum in town full of little artifacts from the Norse to the Jacobites, Witch Trials to Priests. Incidentally the castle we’re staying in was the Bishop’s ... read more
Narrow Road to Lighthouse
Lighthouse Tarbat Ness
Coastline Tarbat Ness

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Sutherland » Dornoch September 18th 2011

Today we left the ghetto hotel (Ben Nevis Hotel) in Fort William. We thought we would backtrack a few miles to a small town so we could clean our clothes in a laundrette. Unfortunately, the English lady in the gps led us to a ferry crossing after about 16 kms. I wasn’t interested in crossing a lock on a ferry just for clean clothes so we turned around and continued our journey north to Dornoch castle via Inverness. Driving here is not like Canada. In Canada you can set the cruise, put your feet up, drink your Tim Hortons coffee and relax. Here driving is like a sport. On highways there are no shoulders and the speed limit is 70mph. On secondary roads there are no shoulders, they are very curvy, the lanes are barely wide ... read more
Dornoch Castle Room
Relaxing in Comfort.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Fort William September 17th 2011

There are 2 ways to travel through life, you can drive or be driven. Today we started driving. All week I’ve been sitting on the right side of the bus, watching traffic as if I was driving to get used to the backwardness. Last night we mapped out an escape route from the rental place at Waverly Station making it a series of simple left hand turns to get out to the main road out of town. In conversation with some of our tour group we found that there was an access from a floor in the bowels of the hotel that takes us to within 100 metres of the station. That was great news since we were going to be hauling our luggage which includes Vicki’s monster suitcase which for some reason I’m always carrying. ... read more
Rental Car
Mossy Trees

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