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After taking the Anchor Brewery Tour earlier in the day and the BART back to the Powell station, I continued my walk past the Transamerica building on the way to Coit Tower, and found a locals route of stairs from the East side of Telegraph Hill up to the tower. So, I took some photos on my walk there, as well as from the observation deck at the top of the Coit Tower. During my walk, I saw a small flock (maybe a dozen individuals) of the Parrots of Telegraph Hill fly by. They are big talkers, making quite a racket in flight.... read more
Continue up the stairs
Another nice view
On site now

This morning I hopped on BART at the North Berkeley station, took it to the 16th and Mission stop, then walked several blocks to meet with my Anchor Brewing Tour at 11am. They recommend that you attempt to make your reservation for the tour three to six weeks in advance, as it is a very popular (and free!) tour. I tried to get a reservation for this week about two weeks ago to no avail. Then, I tried again about a week later and there must have been a cancellation or something, but they got me in! I am SO glad I could participate in that tour, it was a great time for me, and I discovered an Anchor beer that just kicks ass. That beer that I discovered today is called Old Foghorn, and is ... read more
Understated Entrance
City View
Gotta love those vintage prices

After playing the Jack Fleming 9 hole course at Harding Park two days prior, I decided I would just try to walk on the Championship course today and see if I could play a round. I had no trouble getting on the course it turned out. I had a lucky birdie on one and nine, had a few solid pars, but basically limped in at the end of the round. It is quite the test this golf course. If you are in the area and have time for golf, and like challenging golf courses, this one you need to try. The 2009 President's Cup is to be played at Harding Park. It will be interesting to see how those guys play the course. It is clearly a difficult test. I shot around 80 that day, was ... read more
Fairway on 18
First Tee
First tee - for the pros

North America » United States » California » Marin March 29th 2009

Today I decided to summit the area known as the birthplace of Mountain Biking and take some photos. It was a bluebird day by San Francisco Bay area standards, and the photo opportunities were breathtaking. Just awesome views any direction you looked. I started out on the West side of the area at the top of Mt. Tam, then worked my way over to the East side.... read more
Park Entrance
Narrowing In
Stinson Beach

After playing the nine hole Jack Fleming course at Harding Park, I went looking for the entrance to The Olympic Club to see if I could buy a golf cap. As luck would have it, I did find the entrance, no one was looking, but I was wearing jeans. Luckily the guys in the pro shop turned their head for a brief moment while I bought the cap, then I got out of there as quickly as I could. I guess it helped that I ended up there in the late afternoon on a Saturday, a time when members are typically not found around the grounds much.... read more
Paraglider and Pacific
Paraglider and Pacific
Late Afternoon February San Francisco Sun

I was over at the Albany Bulb in the East Bay prior to this and noticed how clear the Twin Peaks area was. So, I drove back into the city, took a left on Market, drove past Castro street, then up Portola and then eventually Twin Peaks to get to the top to bring you these very windblown pictures. I was able to hold the camera steady enough for these, but it was very windy and chilly on top of each of the peaks, as it often must be. I have only been here twice, once about five years prior, and yep, it was windy then too.... read more
Now up on top

Lands End is one of my favorite places to visit for fantastic views. Today I went back so that I could take the coastal trail from the Lincoln Park golf course area around to the West and South all the way to the Cliff House, overlooking the Pacific and Ocean Beach.... read more
A bit more to go
Nice little observation deck
North side of observation deck

It was a fairly clear day so I decided to go back to Lands End and walk the coastal trail from the Lincoln Park golf course area, through the very affluent Sea-Cliff neighborhood where Robin Williams lives, then onto Baker Beach. I got a little bit lost in the Sea-Cliff neighborhood on the way to Baker Beach, as did a couple of Au Paires from France. One of them was from Toulouse and said I absolutely must visit there at some point. I think they were quite happy with their assignment in the Bay area, as a friend of theirs ended up somewhere in Texas and they were thinking they got a much b... read more
Eastern Entrance
Looking East toward Baker Beach

North America » United States » California » Marin March 7th 2009

On this Saturday I made the drive up highway 1 from the Muir Woods area through Stinson Beach on the way up to Point Reyes to see what I could of the Gray Whale migration. It was a great weather day, lots of sun, wind was mild, visibility was great (you could see the Farallon islands quite clearly), and thus kind of a fun day to stare into the Pacific. That day there were some 88 individual Gray Whales spotted heading North, but only a handful of them came close to the lighthouse while I was there. Of course, the majority of them were females with a calf, and thus they weren't breaching or anything nearly that exciting. I saw a lot of spouts when they surfaced to breath, but that wasn't worth hanging around for. ... read more
Drake's Beach
10 Mile Beach
Looking South into the Pacific

North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 28th 2009

After visiting Ano Nuevo earlier in the day, I decided to stop by the Lincoln Park Golf Course area on my way back North to see if I might want to play that golf course at some point. Here are a few photos from my brief time up that way.... read more
Legion of Honor and Fountain
California Palace of the Legion of Honor
Faberge Exhibit

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