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12th September 2007

Very Funny !
Simply hilarious...couldn't stop laughing !...cheers !
10th September 2007

Oh, fun
I've gotta say that your Manila adventure sounds like a good time spoiled! Sorry that it was shit... Kind of makes me jealous that I'm sitting here in sunny (I know, amazing) London with the clock slowly ticking and absolute boredom well and truly set in. And to think I was angry this morning being delayed a good ten minutes on the tube! Anyway, Palawan sound niiiiice!
8th August 2007

It just shows how people experience/perceive places differently. Maybe it depends on if you are travelling from south to north or north to south. Possibly the time of year also affects people's experiences/perceptions too? Our friends travelled in Vietnam about 1 month before us in the opposite direction and they perceived things differently too!
8th August 2007

Less friendly and more scam as you move down south?
This is absolutely opposite to what I've experiened.
16th July 2007

Same same thoughts but same
Hi Guyz, Really enjoying your blogs and writing style. Couldn't agree with you more about what has happened to Patong. Amazing how much a place can change for the worse in such a short space of time! I decided I would not be returning to Thailand again after my last visit at the end of 2006. After seeing your blogs on South America I may just give that a wishes DanB.
10th July 2007

I stumbled upon your travel log accidentally, is quite interesting. This is a good way to know what is our foreign guests think of Malaysia. Welcome back anytime. email:
19th June 2007

Thai food
Oh man, sitting here in London, seeing that pic of Donna chowing down on delicious Thai food is making me jealous and hungry!!!
13th June 2007

Could not agree more!
Yep my feelings exactly... we spent only 4 hours on Phi Phi on our way from Phuket to Lanta and were glad that was all... It was overrun by rude tourists, there were speed boats lined up on the only decent bit of beach we could find and it was beyond dirty! The rubbish everywhere cannot be still blamed on the Tsunami... really sad!
13th June 2007

Hi guys, just been reading your travelblogs and loving them. I just got back in January and already planning the next trip. So funny about Poipet.. as awful as it was I was determined to not pay more than $20US even though my partner wanted to do the payoff... I stuck to my guns and 20 min later we were let through! They tried their hardest though! :-) Cambodia really tore at my heart strings. The people were so beautiful and genuine, much nice than the Thais in my opinion! Loving your blogs - Reet xx
9th April 2007

it's unfortunate that you had a bad experience, but i really enjoyed reading your travelblog. you described the chaotic trip with great humor. IF you decide to go again, you might not want to use Mr. DIS-Information again. I think he was the cause of your misfortune. by the way, great photos!
1st April 2007

Khon Kaen is a very nice place!
Yes, Khon Kaen is a very nice place! I spent a week there back in January and thought the same. Nice your writing!
24th February 2007

do i know you?
Hey, i'm sure i have a cousin who looks and talks like you.. how is that big world? sounds like a mental experience. good on you both, have you met any interesting characters on your journey, must be crammed with them. i have travelled to scotland, which is full of all the good things on life, such as rain, oh and whind (a more powerful version of wind), and cold, and they still sell bulls in guineas (not guinea bulls, like big guinea pigs, but the actual currency.) and islands full of beer, oceans full of whsiky, and the loch ness monster has apparently been resighted again after a 40 year absence. maybe he had moved over there but all the phillopine tourism has scared him back to here. keep travelling and growing, look forward to a beer when you're back, agent x lee
20th February 2007

hi... jst read ur blog, well... there are a lot of nice places here in PI... too bad bohol is not as good as what it was before... you could have visited bantayan or moalboal in cebu...
18th February 2007

Bush Babies
AHHHHHH how cute is that little bush baby!!
11th December 2006

I would love to see one extra pic - that of the stamp put in your passport for every border you cross. Nice read. Is it just me or is Neils smile broader in those picture wherever he stands near/around wine/wineries...Thank goodness for steadyshot!
6th November 2006

Yeah...a smile! Great to read you're still enjoying the journey. Not so much about Neils significant contribution to the iguazu flow rate. Keep it up (no pun intended!). Rico.
2nd November 2006

I'm Free too
Hi Donna and Neil, following on in your food theme and in honour of my own freedom, we had a lovely steak and wine meal ourselves here on 31st October, not quite BA, more bought in Waitrose!.... Well Donna another official escapee! It feels great! Keep the Blogs coming, great to hear how you are doing. Take care. Jan ;-) xx
25th October 2006

It looks like you're getting the place warmed up nicely for me. I'll be down that way in another week. Love the photos!
23rd October 2006

Machu pichu
Word of the wise, be careful when hiking the trail of machu pichu, locals like to watch for lone hikers then take an alternate route up to prepare to rob them. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog, sounds like a great trip so far. ttfn
From Blog: It´s a grower!
13th October 2006

Hi Donna, Neil what a great trip so far, dad likes the photos to (on the beach) we can't wait for the next installment. Thomas and Blainexx
From Blog: It´s a grower!
12th October 2006

You are one hundred percent right about Rio's feel changing with the weather. There are few places I would rather be than in Rio on a bright Sunny day... but rainy cloudy days the magic just isn't there.
From Blog: It´s a grower!
9th October 2006

Looks Like You're Having a Great Time
Fun to watch and read. Wish we were there ! Good job blogging. We'll be checking in on you from time to time. Aunt Audrey says hello. Mike and Beth
From Blog: It´s a grower!
29th August 2006

Anyone chosing to stay here rather than going on a one year travel should have his head examined... so Hoff I go again (remember to remove all metal items first)! See you at the leaving party! Magno.
21st August 2006

Packing has come a long way...
Nice to see you're actually using boxes for packing...It is true that you learn by you're mistakes...Remember Nottingham to Reading? Crockery did not pack well in bin bags!

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