Don Roberto

Don Roberto

Don Roberto

Before heading for the capital of Mexico I decided to break the trip and spend two days in Puebla. One of the biggest cities in Mexico with 1,5 millions inhabitants and capital of the same named state. For the second time after Mérida I decided to couch surf. I quickly found somebody who could host me for two nights. It was a girl this time who lived together with her family. We had a funny misunderstanding at the beginning. She told me: "Take a bus number 4 from the bus station and go to the university. We´ll meet there". I did what I was told. I then got off the bus and was standing in front of the entrance of the university. I sent her a message "I have arrived". She then goes like "wait for ... read more
The amazing interior of the Dominican church in Puebla
With my hosts in Puebla
Cinqo de mayo in Puebla

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca May 3rd 2011

The bus trip from San Cristobal to Zipolite was a very tiring one. 11 hours on a bumpy road with stops every couple of hours. I didn't sleep at all. In addition there was an idiot on the bus who played mariachi music from his Ipod at 2am and nobody would say anything(!) I felt sad leaving San Cristobal as it was such nice place to spend some time. But I had to move on especially as I booked a flight back from Mexico City to Cancun on 10th of May. Zipolite Zipolite was the first stop on my way. Origanally I planned to stop at Bahias de Huatalco but everyone said that Zipolite or Mazunte is the place to be not Huatulco. While getting off the bus I immediately got struck by the warm, humid ... read more
Puerto Escondido - the hostel
Puerto Escondido
Oaxaca city - Plaza Santo Domingo

The Mayan woman knees down holding some of her handmade crafts. Around her back wrapped in a blanket a child sleeps. She wears a black woolen skirt and and a colorful top with embroidered pattern of her indigenous tribe. She holds up her hands with some necklesses and looks towards me saying something like "It's beautiful, only for 10 pesos". That's a typical picture of streets life in San Cristobal de las Casas. A town in the middle of Chiapas that I embraced so much that instead of staying here two days I ended up staying here for two weeks! This place has got something, something special. Some people say it's the unique atmosphere, a mixture of indigenous culture, arts, tourists, caf'ês and the mexican music. The so called "Santa Semana" week is almost over and ... read more
Streets of San Cristobal
Mayan women in traditional gowns
In Zapatista's village

Before heading for the amazing state of Chiapas I made a short stop over in Campeche, the capital of the same named state. The city doesn't have much to offfer. There is a nice cathedral, some churches and the old town is good walkable (there is not as much traffic as in Mèrida). The houses are usually renovated and colourfully painted. You can also get access to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico whose waters unfortunately don't resemble those of Caribbean Sea. One day, or acutally the half of it, was more than enough time to spend in this town. By the way, I was the only guy in a 13 bed dorm room and there was only another English couple in the entire hostel (!). The trip from Campeche to Palenque was a long ... read more
Campeche city
From Campeche to Palenque
Palenque ruins

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida April 6th 2011

My buddy Alan from couch surfing was late for picking me up from the bus station. But I didn't mind that much as I knew about the "Mexican punctuality". When he came his first words were: "Do you wanna come to a pool party?" "Yeah sure" I responded. Because the party was actually a birthday party of his uncle I could meet some members of his family. Unfortunately the language barrier was to big to have deeper conversation and also because there were no atractive women present I felt sort of bored after a while. The next day was supposed to be more interesting. I ate breakfast at the house of his aunt and then got a ride to downtown Mérida... There are three things that are famous from Mérida: Mayan hats, hammacks and special shirts ... read more
My buddy Alan
Paseo de Montejo
Merida - downtown

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun March 31st 2011

Hello my dear friends! How are you all doing? I'd like to welcome you to my adventure called "From Cancun to Mexico City". For those of you who are not that familiar with the country of Mexico and my doings here I would like to mention that I spent three fantastic months in the world class touristic destination of Cancun. This city is located at the most eastern tip of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, just one hour away from Havana in Cuba and one and half hour from Miami in Florida. It's a great place to live and work. I met here lots of very nice people who made my stay very enjoyable and unforgettable. Especially I would like to thank Bérénice and Julian who helped me a lot at the beginning after my arrival. ... read more

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