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30th November 2012

Olivia letter
Reading that made me laugh and cry.
7th June 2012

Better late than never
It looks like your Montenegro adventure took place over two years ago. Why did you wait until now to publish? Good stuff but, frankly, you are all over the map with your writing, both literally and figuratively. The anecdotes are interesting but the thread tying them together is loose. I would have preferred to read a longer, more in-depth piece about one of your visits. For instance, your visit to the American Corner would have made a nice centerpiece to an article about U.S. propaganda in Europe. I guess I am looking at it from a journalistic and thematic point of view and this is more personal journal writing. Feel free to disregard what I just wrote.
7th June 2012

Hi David! Yes, the blog is a personal travelblog, and not intended as a news journal. I've more or less continuously updated it (every couple of months) whenever I have some time to write, edit, refine, delete and get all the videos and images up at the same time. I have four more installments from this trip, and several others to get to when I can.
14th November 2011

a little jealous over here
i like your blog purtzer : )
6th October 2011

Badolato houses
We bought in the village a few years ago, and they are welcoming kind people. the weather fantastic, food wonderful. We are regulars at La Botte, the food is local home made and good. a little harsh on the description - medical condition I think- Beds are a matter of taste and what you are used to. harder in the south! Best thing we ever did to buy a second home there, and it is a home, the realty place is Costa de angli. they speak english german as well as italian, a bit of french too.
8th June 2011

brennan,,where the fuck are you,, come back to the US and give me a call.. you should be home for my wedding,,
28th January 2011

Great Writing!
Hi, Brennan! Just stopping in to say, "Hello!" How goes the new job? I'll bet you're loving it. Thanks for including me on your blogs. I get to live vicariously through your great writing and photos. Good work! Hey, what's this I hear about Dennis Kucinich? Suing over olive pits? Please say it isn't so! Thanks again for keeping me in the loop. Please stay in touch. Craig
2nd December 2010

This one's my favorite (so far)
. . .mostly because impromptu living room concerts are some my favorite memories, too. I think "Nice socks, dork" is my favorite photo caption yet, though.
27th November 2010

Hilarious article, beautiful flowers & it sounds like you are due to get a new watch......
26th November 2010

What an inspiring kitchen, thanks for tuning in on that and for sharing it with the rest of the world.
25th November 2010

LMFAO! Vespa in the snow, what a way to go, reminds me of some scene's from "Dumb & Dumber."
10th September 2010

A great story
You did a great job telling your story with the pictures and video. I hope to visit Italy and try to find out where my grandfather was from. So far I know Caraffa, but not which one. I am more eager now to visit than ever. Thank you
10th May 2010

bernardo sei matto. affettuosamente maurizio e maria da roma Ps .In a certain way I am gelouse of your experince. some time I wish to be a bit yonger and start such a life. ciao m+m from roma
2nd May 2010

bottles out the window
don't forget you're in italy brennan, it's not so intuitive not to throw bottles out the window... :D
19th April 2010

Grand Harbor
Grand Harbor looks creepily like Izmir Harbor (in the Aegean Region of TR)...
8th April 2010

Home alone
I refer my comments on this categorization technique to the 1990 film staring Macaulay Caulkin.
6th April 2010

Sorry but :D :D :D
Irrepresible urge: Would you please explain the system of categorization used here... "Because A) the snow was terrible, 2) I hate driving in big cities if I don’t have to, and D) because Lyon has a great transportation system" ROFL My first real smiles of the day are all thanks to your blog :D (it's 15.08 right now)
26th March 2010

Your experiences of self are so inspiring. I am happy that the people places and things are creating an impact on the man that you are becoming.This in itself with attract the mate you are destined to be with for a lifetime.Molokai is always in the back of my mind and how closer to the truth in myself I was there.I wish I had embraced my fear of the things I thought I was living without and drew closer the things I was living with. Keep me posted my friend......
11th March 2010

My friend you are very blessed
Brennan your keeping me spiritually alive with these stories of life love and travels.I feel like the kid in the never Ending Story that locks himself in the closet to read the next chapter and I am so living thru you. Your writing is such a gift as is your humor which I understand so well.I admire your fierce determination to reach you destinations through hell and high water and read between the lines when language is just a barrier.When you get settled somewhere I would love to meet you there and catch up on your tales of life.I'm so very proud of you.
9th March 2010

I do sometimes feel lonely (I'm a scorpio, so I'm known for selfish reclusion at times!), but I guess I distract myself by making new friends nearly EVERY DAY. It's not a formula that non-travelers can emmulate very well, so I'm pretty lucky to live this way.
2nd March 2010

Thank you for saying such nice things Paul. I'm just living life and "putting it on wax" as they say in the music biz. I have great admiration for you as well. Let's just turn this thing into a big lovefest and I'll tell you how much I love the deep imagination in your paintings and in the music you write. I am blessed to know you in my life. I do very much hope to see you again!

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