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North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas December 12th 2006

This is turning out to be a trip of contrasts. After a week in the busy Apple and a few days in the more sofisticated DC, we've now spent a week in Vegas, with a couple of days on the road to see Grand Canyon and Death Valley (we'll write about this in separate posts). Vegas is a bit of a disappointment. We thought is was going to be even more surreal than what it actually is. The Strip, or Las Vegas Boulevard as it's actually called, is littered with flashy casinos/hotels (to get to the front desk you have to get through a maze of gaming opportunities - do they want you to go bust before you even check in?), and every 3-4 blocks there's a deserted plot of land or a building site. Our ... read more
The Sahara
A room with a view...

Day two of our road trip took us through more desert and along more straight roads. We were fairly close to Area 51, but decided to skip it. Almost at Death Valley we took a little detour into the ghost town of Rhyolite. The town was built in 1906, after gold was found in 1904. 10,000 people lived here at one time. By 1910 everyone was gone, as there wasn't really that much gold. If this isn't the Wild West nothing is! By the time we got to Death Valley we were pretty good at just sitting in the car with the cuise control on and just letting it run along the straight roads by itself. However, the roads in Death Valley are considerably more crooked. Death Valley isn't actually that dead, with loads of vegetation ... read more
Shop front

It's nice to get out of Vegas for a while. So, we rented a car and drove east. First to the Hoover Dam on the Nevada/Arizona border. It was completed in 1935 (we think) with the purpose of regulating the Colorado River. Must say its a very impressive sight, which is hard to capture on camera, without being in a chopper. Been there, done that, so we're moving towards our real goal for the day. On the way we stopped at a cafe, where we had to leave our guns in the car. Yeah right. No way! A few hours later, after what we think must be one of the longest straight roads in the world (around 50km), we finally got to GC. The morning had been sunny, but by lunch a blizzard hit the area. ... read more
No drinks...
No guns...
Impossible to capture...

Saturday morning was the end of our stay in NY, and we moved on to Washington DC. Our friend Beth (who we met while surfing in Fuerteventura last year) picked us up at the airport and drove us to her apartment, where we stayed during the visit. Brilliant place, and really close to everywhere in DC we wanted to go. Then Beth took us to the Sculpture Garden where a fountain had been made into an ice skating rink, and we, and Beth and her sister Angela and friend Maria, tried to not fall over on the ice. Not easy! After that we took the scenic route round DC by car, and saw a few beautiful monuments. The whole city is beautiful actually, and apparently it was designed by the same architect as designed Paris back ... read more
Ice skating
Lincoln by night
House of Sweden

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 1st 2006

There's a roach in my bathroom what am I gonna do... (Swedish below) Having been stuck on the plane for 90 extra minutes (something to do with bad weather at Heathrow, surprise surprise - we're used to the British definition of bad weather though...), we were quite tired when we arrived, but couldn't sleep very well, especially as it turned out we were living next door to a building site! Not a big problem really, as we're not here to sleep all day... First people we meet (at breakfast): 2 Danes and a Norwegian bloke. Please, we're on holiday, don't want to speak Swedish!!! One of the 2 showers on our floor had a nice little cockroach, but it vanished after the first day, someone must have killed the poor thing... Shopping the first day, H ... read more
Nascar star?
Staircase to...

Europe » Sweden » S√∂dermanland » Nyk√∂ping November 21st 2006

5 days to go and all we seem to do it run around buying more or less useful (-less?) things. So, much more fun to figure out how this blog works For the trip, we'll do this in both English and Swedish as granny Alice refuses to learn a new language at 87, quite understandably really... Next stop: New York - via dear old Blighty - on Sunday... /H... read more

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