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North America » United States » Massachusetts » Auburn October 9th 2012

Hey everyone! I must apologize again for the delay again in updating this. The more family we saw, the harder it was to drag ourselves away to work on this! So, we last left you off in New Orleans, the night before we left. One of Kim and Brian’s friends came over to make us dinner. We had the most amazing meal, Pakistani and all vegan, and mostly things we haven’t tried before. It was so fantastic, both Ang and I thought we might become vegan afterwards, just because it was so good. It was a wonderful evening filled with great food and even better conversation. The next morning we were up reasonably early to say goodbye to Kim and Brian, and leave New Orleans behind for Florida. It was very sad saying goodbye; it had ... read more
Fantastic Dinner
Ocala Stud!
Geocaching with family

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans September 30th 2012

Hey ya'll! Sorry again for the delay, but we've been a bit lazy lately :) So we left Glenwood Springs and headed to Aspen & the Rocky Mountains. We drove straight into Aspen, where both Ang and I decided we could live. Such a quaint little village, obviously a bit yuppy, but very beautiful and quite cool. If we only had a million plus to spend on a house, we would have been set. The trees were at their peak there, with all of the aspens a gorgeous deep yellow, which stood out among all the pines.This is also the place where Stevie Nicks was inspired to write the song "Landslide", so of coure we had to listen to it. We also listened to John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" and a few others, to set the ... read more
Snow in Aspen
Sand Creek

North America » United States » Colorado » Glenwood Springs September 25th 2012

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in between the last blog entry and this. We were going to update after leaving Vegas, but figured we didn't have enough to make it a decent blog entry. So, when we last left you off, we were making the drive to Vegas. We made it there easily within the 5 hours we expected. We booked a room at the Tropicana before we left our motel that morning, looking at the best deals we could find. I wanted to stay on the Strip, since we wanted to make sure we could walk to wherever we decided to go. We got to Vegas at about 4pm and checked in. We spent some time in our room getting ready, then left to try to find a decent dinner. We stopped at a ... read more
Vegas 2
Zion 1
Zion 2

North America » United States » California » Bakersfield September 20th 2012

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in blogging, we had some internet issues we couldn't resolve. It looks as though we left you all off close to Salt Lake City. We left our motel that day and drove to the Great Salt Lake where we found a place to park and walked down to the water. The place was quite smelly. It smelled like dead ocean, which I guess it basically is. There were lots of dead seagulls embedded in the sand, and salt residue in crystalline formations everywhere. It was pretty strange. Ang walked around in the water for awhile, while I avoided smelling like the place as much as possible. We took some pictures and continued on our way. We drove through Salt Lake City but didn't see much worthy of note. We continued ... read more
Fisherman's Wharf
Pacific Coast Highway

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden September 16th 2012

Hey All! We're back! And back with full cell coverage! Welcome to Utah everyone! We left our ghetto campground nestled between the highway and the parking garage two days ago and ventured into western Wyoming. We went through some of the most drastic scenery yet, passing along mountain byways with cliffs on one side and green mountains and rivers to the other. This was pretty tough on the car, the smell of burning breaks became a normal smell outside of the crisp mountain air. We stopped along the highway at a pull off, along one of the most steep cliffs we'd seen so far, in order to give the car a break and get some fresh air. While taking some photos, we heard the sound of voices above. We looked straight up and saw some climbers ... read more
Old Faithful
GRand Prismatic Spring
Paint Pots

North America » United States » Wyoming » Gillette September 13th 2012

We're back! So the night before last we stayed at a KOA in the Black Hills. THis was our first KOA and I loved it. It had everything you could ask for including a restaurant, waterslide, rental cars, fully loaded bathrooms and anything else you can imagine. Basically home away from home in a tent. Ang, of course, thought it was way too much. I was quite happy there. It was our coldest night out; I think temperatures dipped into the 20's. A hot shower was quite nice after that. We left pretty early and went to our first stop, the Crazy Horse Memorial, which was only about 10 miles away. This was probably the most important, historical, and most enjoyable stop on our trip so far. To give you an accurate description, I've attached the ... read more
Us at Crazy Horse
Tunnel at Custer
Custer feet photo

Hello from the Black Hills! We have finally made it to South Dakota, one of the places we looked forward to seeing most. We left out motel room pretty early yesterday, trying to get a jump on the road. We finally stayed at a motel that offered breakfast so I got to have toast and yogurt instead of the oatmeal I've eaten every day on the road. The drive brought us through southern Minnesota, from the woods to the plains. It was really different watching the scenery change, especially since I've never seen the Great Plains before. Just at the border we saw a giant field of windmills (?). They stretched on for miles in every direction and I felt like Don Quixote driving through them. We continued through and the border to South Dakota soon ... read more
Battle Creek, SD campground

North America » United States » Minnesota » Bemidji September 10th 2012

Hey Everyone! We're back in the States! Best thing about it is finally being able to use our cellphones again. Not so much for Ang. So where did we leave you off? It was Sault Ste Marie. So our travels brought us fron Ste Marie to Thunder Bay the day before yesterday. We left pretty early, and drove around the northern side of Lake Superior. This was probably one of the most pretty drives I've ever done. There were lakes and valleys on both sides of the highway at every turn. There were plenty of people on the road,and plenty of lake cottages, but you would come across a town only about once every 100 miles. It's a pretty secluded place, expecially if you veer off the lakes at all. We probably did about 9 hours ... read more
Kakabeka Falls 2
Kakabeka Falls 3

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sault Ste Marie September 7th 2012

Hello All! So we've made it to Sault Ste Marie! We are right in between Lake Huron and Lake Superior in Ontario. We've spent most of the past two days in the car and have seen a lot of Ontario, which is gorgeous. Lots of lakes and farmland. We've passed through tons of cute little towns. Yesterday morning we left Montreal and had no problems finding our way out of the city. Hit a little traffic, but nothing big. We made our way to the main highway that goes west (Route 17). We'll be on this road through Thunder Bay. So, on the road outside of Montreal, probably the most exciting thing that happened along our route came about. We were driving along, and I was looking at the map when Ang started yelling and freaking ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal September 6th 2012

Good Morning Everyone! We are in the process of getting ready to leave Montreal to begin our Canada Camping expedition. It's a bit sad to leave. This city is absolutely beautiful. We spend the day walking around the city yesterday and getting to know it a little better. We saw some very old churches and lots of stores and ate at some pretty nice restaurants. The people of Montreal are quite good looking. There appears to be no obesity here , and everyone dresses stylishly. Everyone we've met has been very friendly and switch from French to English without issue. Which is pretty interesting, as seeing what happened a block from our hotel the first night we were here. So neither one of us did any research into Canadian politics, especially Quebec politics, before we got ... read more

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