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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini September 1st 2010

Pulling into Santorini by boat is a spectacular sight. With the white-painted towns built into the dramatic and steep brown cliffs, it evoked memories of the Cinque Terre. The old port is right at the bottom of one of these cliffs and Kyriaki tells us that there are only three ways to get to the town of Fira at the top - by cable car, by foot, or by donkey. We all take the easiest option first time around as we headed up for Kyriaki's tour of Fira. The view at the top is absolutely stunning. Originally a volcano, it erupted some 3600 years ago in what is one of the biggest volcano eruptions ever recorded. The eruption caused the volcano to sink into the sea, leaving only the crescent-shaped island of Santorini. The cliff-top view ... read more
Greek Dome
Red Beach

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Iraklia August 30th 2010

As Del woke him up, Gkee looked at his watch. It was 4.30am - there was still another hour-and-a-half til they were meant to all get up - what was Del playing at? He of all people would never wake up this early - they all needed as much sleep as they could. This was when he realised that Del and Sags had actually just got back from wherever they were partying. An hour and a half later, Gkee had real trouble getting the other two up. "Yeah, I'm awake" mumbled Sags, before immediately settling back into a snore. Del, who he'd managed to coax out of bed, then had a go. "I'm coming" grumbled Sags. Waiting outside the dorm door for Sags, Gkee and Del cracked up as soon as Sags emerged. "What? Have I ... read more
Church Bell
Streets Of Naxos Town #1

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 28th 2010

Thank God it was a short flight. Damn babies and toddlers. It was a hot flight too - like Icarus's wings, the on-board air conditioning wasn't quite strong enough when in close proximity to the blazing Greek sun. And now that I think about it, I think clapping on landing may in fact be an Orthodox tradition rather than an Eastern European one - although you could in fact say that Greece far enough east (two time zones to be exact) to be considered part of Eastern Europe. Anyway... I have always regarded Athens as a must-see - the history and importance of what is here is just too significant to miss. Many who have been here have said that it's a dirty, grimy city, not a place you would want to spend too much time ... read more
View From The Acropolis
Theatre of Dionysus
Temple Of Hephaestus

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania August 26th 2010

It was another scenic bus ride from Rethymno to Chania, again following the northern coast of Crete and providing some awesome cliff-side views. Other observations included mountain goats and miniature Orthodox churches that appear on the roadside. Common sense would tell you that they are memorials for people who have perished on those very spots on the road, but I'm not so sure. They have them in people's houses as well, almost as a substitute for going to an actual church. Standing outside Chania's rather chaotic bus station, I look at my map attempting to establish my location and a route to my accommodation. The Greek Cyrillic on the street signs and the Roman alphabet on my printed Google map don't help, so I resort to asking a local woman where I am on the map. ... read more
Best Beach Ever?
Sea Wall
What A View

Europe » Greece » Crete » Rethymno August 22nd 2010

I wasn't originally planning on covering Rethymno on a separate blog entry, but the place was so beautiful and I had taken so many photos, that it most definitely warranted one. The bus ride along the northern coast of Crete was a scenic one, as the bus snaked along the rocky cliffs that towered over the aquamarine sea. Rethymno's bus station is almost right on the water and the building is far too small for the number of people waiting to catch a bus, as tourists and locals alike spilled out onto the tarmac. The staff there were also some of the most unhelpful I have ever encountered. I had arrived at about 1pm but I knew that the reception at the hostel wasn't open until 5pm so I needed somewhere to dump my bags while ... read more
A Bastion
Venetian Harbour
Old Arched Entrance

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion August 21st 2010

Just over a week after arriving back from Sarajevo, I was off again to start an exciting two-week odyssey through Greece. The nature of living in London means that short weekend breaks are the name of the game - but as the places you can go for a short breaks start to decrease, and as thoughts of heading out on long trips start to increase, I find myself leaning towards more and more "extended" holidays. And so the trend has started in Crete. Following my usual rush to the airport (not helped by unplanned train cancellations - the fact I actually made it was a miracle) I arrived at the gate only to find out that easyJet were having trouble "locating their crew". One of the more amusing delays for a flight - not that I ... read more
From Inside The Venetian Fortress
Agios Minas Cathedral
Venetian Port

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 12th 2010

Crossing the border into Bosnia & Herzegovina, I observed that the flags flying were not Bosnian ones, but ones closely resembling the old flag of the former Yugoslavia. A read-up on the country revealed the true meaning of those flags. Bosnia & Herzegovina is still essentially, a country divided. And no, the two entities making up the country are not in fact Bosnia, and Herzegovina. At the end of the Bosnian War in 90s, it was agreed that Bosnia & Herzegovina would be split into two parts; the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina (the Muslims and Croat portion in the south and west including Sarajevo) and the Republika Srpska (the Serb portion in the north and the east). We were obviously passing through the Serb section. Despite the division, Bosnia & Herzegovina is still one country, ... read more
University of Sarajevo
Bullet Holes
Parliament Building

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade August 8th 2010

Once again, it was touch and go as to whether I would even make the flight. I missed the transit bus by seconds from the train station to Luton Airport, was then forced to withdraw cash at the cost of £1.65 to pay for the next transit bus, where I got stuck in the middle of a huge load of people and luggage meaning I was the last person to exit the bus. Ran through the airport, paid for a priority pass to get through security quickly, only to get pulled over and asked to provide a sample of my toothpaste (why do they do this to people with priority passes when such people are obviously in a huge hurry?). For heaven's sake. All that to find out my flight has been delayed by three hours. ... read more
Belgrade Nightlife
Rose Church
Shelled Building

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius May 31st 2010

On the flight over to Vilnius, I got chatting to the pretty, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Lithuanian girl sitting next to me. My subtle flirting with her was in vain unfortunately as her command of English meant she never really grasped the subtleties behind the words I was saying. Either that, or I'm just a really crap flirt. My attempt was not in vain however - during our conversation about what I was getting up to in Vilnius, she recommended catching a train to see a fantastical island castle on a lake I had never heard of just outside of Vilnius. It was apparently the most beautiful castle in Lithuania and much more impressive than the Gediminas Castle we were planning to see in Vilnius. When the plane landed in Vilnius, the most curious event took place when ... read more
Approaching The Castle
St Teresa's Church
Lunch By The Lake

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton January 24th 2010

American road signage sucks. "What road do we want again? It's the I-95 right?", I ask my sister. "No, we want the New Jersey Turnpike", she replies. "Hang on, is the I-95 and the New Jersey Turnpike the same thing? That's what that sign is implying..." We don't find out however, as you only see the sign literally two seconds after turning a tight corner and we miss the turnoff. As a result, we end up taking a tour of the industrial wasteland that is the backroads of Newark. "Hey look, there's a sign pointing us back to the Turnpike", spots my sister. We stop in traffic, as shifty characters in puffa-jackets cross the road. "Errrr...where do we go now", I ask as the signs run out and we end up at a car scrap yard ... read more
Spring Lake
Firestone Library
Ocean Grove

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