a trip by Deanna Bailey
From: July 6th 2012
Until: July 13th 2012

Now where do I start! Prague is a magical place, it’s a beautiful city. There are many things to do there by looking at the old town, where there is the old village hall clock tower, where this tower lets you look at the view, and you can get to see the famous Charles Bridge which was constructed in 1357. Or you can walk to the Petrin Tower of Prague where it is in the middle of a lovely green park, with carriage rides, and is perfect for a lovely picnic. You can either be fit and walk up the stairs or get the lift up. It gives amazing views and has the most amazing view. As you may see from some of the photos. Prague is an ideal location to strike a deal in the local markets where you can purchase a beer for £1.00, which my dad and I did not complain. They also have Duff beer (from the Simpsons) this is so cool, my sister and I were in heaven when we seen the Duff beer and was obsessed with taking photos every time we seen Duff beer. With beer being cheap the restaurants are cheap the average meal for a drink and steak is £4.00 which is incredible for a delicious meal. Prague is definitely known for its night life, with some amazing clubs. There are many strip clubs as well. This is okay for the men! My dad was quite happy to see these clubs at night but luckily enough he behaved consider my mum was there! My sister found it amusing to take the mick out of the pole in the club window in the morning when we walked past the club. There are many shops to go shopping so if you wanted a break from touring around have a day relaxing doing shopping in their shopping centre. Then for lunch why not, have a pub lunch costing a £4.00 with a beer! Unfortunately we did not visit the famous museum due to it was under improvements but if you do go, I’ve have been told it’s a fascinating place and if you get the opportunity go and have a look! I would love to go to Prague at Christmas as I have heard that it is even more magical, with all the Christmas lights and Christmas trees, Christmas carols and their markets with their Market real meat that is scrumptious. The thing I must say that is bad about Prague is the people there are very blunt such as market people f they think you cannot afford something from their stool they will move you on to the next one and be very rude to you, but you cannot let this negative point get the city down as it’s just a lovely place! We’ve already planned our trip to here next year.
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