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Europe May 13th 2011

Highlands and Lowlands Since our last blog we have made our way up into Scotland. We stayed three nights at Moretonhall Park Camping ground, about 5 miles out of Edinburgh but close to a good bus service and with a pub on site! Edinburgh is an imposing and impressive city. You cannot help but be awed by the granite buildings that surround you as well as the castle perched on the hill and the history behind it. We spent two days wandering the city, some of that time searching for a post office, and trying to stay out of the wind and the sideways rain showers that periodically went with it! Needless to say, we had our raincoats on more often than not. After Edinburgh we headed up towards Stirling, with a brief little detour around ... read more
Loch Lomond

Europe May 8th 2011

Well here we are back in the UK. Apparently they have been having a bit of a drought so the great weather has been here as well, although not nearly as warm! We left sunny France, and the resort like camping ground we had been staying at just out of Soissons, and headed for Calais and the ferry. We had a good rest there and spent a day just lounging beside the pool which was great. It Makes me ponder the difference between travelling and a holiday. I guess you have to define what these terms mean to you, but to me travelling means exploring new places and experincing new things, and a holiday means kicking back and relaxing and doing as little as possible. The challenge for us has been to combine the two, and ... read more
Hadrians Wall

Europe May 3rd 2011

Changing Plans Those of you who knew of our travels, knew that the itinerary was reasonably loose but did include going over to Prague and up to Berlin before we then headed back to the UK for the last three weeks in the van. If you have been reading these blogs then you know that we haven't made it anywhere near the Czech republic and are in fact moving the the other direction. The reason is this; we are pussy's! We discovered in Austria that our GPS does not cover eastern Europe of which Prague is part, and in talking to some fellow travellers, he from Switzerland, she from South Africa, who have extensively visited many places in Europe in their camper van, Prague is definitely worth a visit but you need to know where you ... read more
The end of the Romantic Rd
Luzerne, Switzerland
The Lion Carving

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Lindau April 26th 2011

STILL in Bavaria We are enjoying Germany so much we just can't seem to leave! After staying three nights in the campingplatz in Dinkelsbuhl, seeing yet more walled medieval towns, including Rothenburg ob der Tauber which was pretty amazing. While we were there, we managed, by loitering on the town hall steps while they screened of the town square, to watch a Bavarian folk dancing group do their thing on Easter Sunday. Needless to say we didn't have to pay the euros you were supposed to to get in! The procession into the square, along with the dancers, the bavarian band and a few dignitaries, also included a large sheep draped in greenery. We didn't manage to stay around long enough to see what the significance of that was! Easter is a pretty big celebration and ... read more
The Romantic Road, Bavaria, Germany
The Romantic Rd
The Romantic Rd

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich April 22nd 2011

Happy Easter! It is Good Friday here in Bavaria. We have had an eventful time since our last blog which has involved getting to know the locals and forming new friendships here in Germany. We left Innsbruck and headed to Salzburg. As we left the camping ground in Innsbruck, we were told that we should have a sticker for the highway, one that you have to purchase from gas stations to drive on the motorways. It seems though that they can only check it if you happen to stop at a rest station or gas station on the side of the autobahn, and as we had a full tank of gas, and Salzburg wasn't to far away we just ignored that warning and sped down the highway as fast as the tin man could go....which isn't ... read more
Salzburg, Austria

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck April 16th 2011

Ciao Italia For the last two weeks we have thoroughly enjoyed the warmth, the chaos, the sights, the food and the wine of Italy. Three days in Rome, three days in Venice, two days in Florence and one day and night each in Pisa, Verona and San Remo, has only whetted our appetites for more. Venice is an awesome city and it's nice to be able to wander on foot without the hazards of cars, bites and scooters. The problem with Venice is that you can't help but get lost in its labyrinth of streets, alleyways, bridges and canals. At least you know that when you hit a larger expanse of water that you have reached the other side of that particular area! After hearing nothing but Italian, Dutch and German for the last few weeks, ... read more

Europe » Italy April 11th 2011

Just had to add this before some new experience takes it's place which it has already! But! The best selling item in Rome at the moment is....The 2012 Priests Calendar! First spotted in a store near the Vatican, they are everywhere! 12 months of looking at a handsome, wholesome young man, the kind of sone every catholic mother dreams of! ( I apologize to any Catholics I may be offending but It gave me a good laugh) but the best was yet to come! Further along during our meanderings in Rome we passed a hairdressers and there in the window, were yet more pictures of handsome, wholesome, young Priests that you could point to and say," I want my hair to look just like his!" ( actually, my hair actually DOES look like his, apart from ... read more

Europe April 11th 2011

Ways to make a living in Europe. During our travels in the last 5 weeks, we have come across four different ways in which the young or old or desperate enough entrepreneur, can make a living, although I am unsure how lucrative these endeavours would be. However, there seem to be a large number of individuals involved in these occupations so there must be some gain. The ways to make a living are as follows: Begging. For this job you need to be a gypsy or have some terrible affliction...if you have both or can fake both you're on to a winner. Most will have a cup which they shake in front of you and a picture of some children. Supposedly if you give them some money it will go to them. Yeah right! We have ... read more

Europe » Italy April 10th 2011

Our last night in Rome at the camping ground and another spaceship van pulls in next to us. It's the first one we've seen since we left the UK and there's another kiwi couple over here at the start of their big OE. We head over for a chat and find out they are from Northland, been living at Ruakaka for the last 3 years, she's been teaching a Tikipunga high and he's been paua farming at Ruakaka, then the connection gets even closer! Turns out she's from Ruawai, all their stuff is stored at her parents place there and Sue Butcher, she knows your family really well and you taught her at Kindergarten. Her name is Bronwyn Henderson. She said 'hendy' and that her dad and Stuart were in the fire brigade team together. I ... read more

Europe » Italy April 8th 2011

To Rome!!!!!!!! what started yesterday as a cruisy day, with an easy drive to Pisa and heading down the coast became a mission impossible when it comes to finding camping grounds that are actually open! The roads were good, we were finding places exactly where they said they would be and the weather was once again gorgeous, but we just couldnt find a place to park up for the night. Finally after the 4th camping ground turned us away, we bit the bullet and headed the last 160kms to Rome, where at least we knew there would be a camping ground up and operational, but whether we would get there in time to book in a reception or be parked outside the gate for the night was the challenge. Things were going great until the last ... read more

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