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Europe December 6th 2010

The 4th of November saw us on the Gatwick Express Train heading to the airport for our flight to Helsinki. Having had a railway strike the day before and the whole of London at a stand still, we were very fortunate that it was all system go for us to make our 3pm flight. We had booked our flight to Helsinki thinking that we would make our way to St Petersburg from there but, with the Russian Visa proving way too difficult to organise without joining a tour group, we decided to give it a miss. Maybe another time. We arrived in Helsinki, and as we have found everywhere, things just seem to work. We were on a bus to the city within 20 mins of landing. So much more organised than anything we have Australia. ... read more
Coastal Defence Suomenlinna

Europe » United Kingdom November 3rd 2010

Well the journey continues and this time bringing us to the UK. For me a home coming, and for Dean at times flashes of the New Zealand beauty. We have really enjoyed our time here. We decided on buying a car and managed to pick up a great little Citroen for £500. We had also decided before arriving that we would like to camp, so my cousin Tina very kindly loaned us a tent and air mattress, so with the car loaded up we set off on our UK adventure. After nearly six weeks on the road and having done 3600 miles, we have seen, and have been to, some of the most beautiful places. You could spent so much time here just wandering around, there is so much to see and do. Who knows one ... read more
The buggars wouldn't let us in!
We have so many photos of Big Ben

Asia » Laos August 24th 2010

Laos....well what can we say, we had heard lots of stories about what a beautiful place it was, and how it was a favourite South East Asian country for many, and, after visiting it, we would agree, it truly is a wonderful place. The people are lovely, the scenery beautiful and the fruit shakes something else. The border crossing from Cambodia was one of the easier so far, we didn't even have to carry our bags across, and this time we only got hit for $2.00 extra for the stamp. Pretty cheap really as we had heard that you could be strung for a lot more. No, it is not corruption, we like to think that the officials work on commission! Just over the border we hopped onto a long boat to Don Det, an Island ... read more
Don Det
Don Det
This monkey cared for the kitten

Asia » Cambodia July 29th 2010

We have seen and done so much since our last blog, it's hard to know where to start. Cambodia was a nice surprise for us. Unfortunately the people there are still some of the poorest in the world, but they still manage the biggest smiles. The country seems to be a place of many contrasts, from the magnificent Temples of Angkor to the poor victims of the many land mines set throughout the countries war times. We saw some amazing things, and also some very sad things whilst there. There are so many NGOs working right across the country in all areas of Public Health, Education, Construction, Sanitation and Infrastructure and everywhere you can see the benefit of their great work. The World Bank are also pumping lots of money into Cambodia tying to improve the ... read more
The photos of some of the victims at S21
Skulls at S21

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep July 8th 2010

Well another month has passed, and we now find ourselves in Cambodia. We had originally thought that we would stay another three months Teaching in Vietnam but the old itchy feet were taking hold again, so we decided to hit the road. We really did enjoy our time in Nha Trang, the Teaching was a challenge at times, but also very rewarding. Towards the end I started teaching children 4-12 years old and it was good fun but took lots of energy. We really tried to get involved with the local kids whilst there and had several outings with them. One Sunday we spent the afternoon with a lot of Environmental students cleaning up a local beach, which earned us some very strange looks from the locals, between us we managed to fill about 3 dozen ... read more
We did our bit, clean up the beach. Nha Trang
Sun set Nha Trang.
We enjoyed a nice BBQ at the waterfall, with students.

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang May 8th 2010

Hello from sunny Nha Trang. Well we have now been away from home for 3 months, and enjoying every minute of it. We are now thinking of extending our Visa here until early Sept before heading for Cambodia and Laos, then down through Thailand and into Malaysia for a flight to London in Oct. I have now started work at the same school as Dean and between us are doing about 20 hours a week teaching. This week we haven't managed to be there at the same time much, but are working on that. The students are great fun and we are beginning to see the fruits of our labour. Being a Teacher here is a real treat for us, and it seems everywhere we go we hear "Hello Teacher". We caught up with a student ... read more
A quiet moment
One of the many types of vehicles here
Our little villa by the sea Doclet

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang April 20th 2010

Same Same but Different.... that's how to describe our life here in Nha Trang Central Coast Vietnam. Perfect one day and just as perfect the next. This is such a pretty place and we are so pleased that we decided to leave Hanoi behind. Nha Trang is on the South China Sea and is surrounded on three sides by mountains that go right to the sea. There are several small Islands off the coast, one big one that protects Nha Trang from big seas, and another slightly smaller Island called Vinpearl. Vinpearl has been developed by the Russians, and has a Resort, its own beach and the best Water Park, Amusement Arcade, rides and Aquarium. Vinpearl is linked to the mainland by a 3 klms long cable car which is at the southern end of the ... read more
Cham Tower Nha Trang
On the road to Long Beach Nha Trang
Long Beach

Asia » Vietnam March 20th 2010

Why is it, that when you go away and than return you notice things that that you never saw before? Like that not many Vietnamese wear glasses or have grey hair! Funny that. After being in China for a month, Vietnam now seems like the very well liked but poor country cousin of its' neighbour China. It seems to happen right at the border, the rubbish, dust and the no need to be anything in any great hurry attitude. Maybe that's why we like it here. We have now been back in the noise Vietnam for two weeks, and it is has a real familiar feel to it. Not that we are any closer to understanding any of the language, or how anything works here, but we both feel very comfortable. Our first couple of days ... read more
Lots and lots of babies
The Flower H'Mong
Dear old sole Black H'Mong ( watch your wallet!)

Asia » China March 7th 2010

Well another week has passed, and we have but more miles under our belts. After leaving Lijang our journey took us through some more beautiful countryside, where as the previous leg we had travelled over mountains this time we headed through the valleys. The countryside was very pretty with the fields all laid out with Canola, broadbeans and wheat. Everything here is so tidy, even the fields!!! The farmers seem to work very hard with little or no mechanicial help, just the occassional water buffalo. The roads and lanes still continue to be lined with the most beautiful trees, some just breaking into bloom. We arrived in the old town of Dali early afternoon and stayed at a great hostel run by a guy from Melbourne. We were very spoilt, our own room with ensuite all ... read more
Local kids of Dali
At the top, Green Mountain

Asia » China February 25th 2010

Hello from the beautiful Old Town of Lijiang in the Province of Yunnan, South West China. Since our last entry we have travelled long and hard. Our last day in Xian was spend riding a Tandem Bicycle around the top of the City Wall, little did we know when we signed on the dotted line that the wall was in fact 14 klms long. Luckily Dean was in front and in total control, (I think the memory of me alone on a bike in Holland still haunts him!). The wall was decorated for the New Year and looked rather lovely with all the Red lanterns. Each gate North , South, East and West is still as it was when built in 1370. The ride was really good fun, but I must admit that by the time ... read more
The South Gate Xian
All aboard the Orient Express
What a cutie!! Thumb sucker

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