Caroline Alfredson


Caroline Alfredson

It's 2009 already. In 2008 we started another journey to "The Med". We started in May 2008 and in November ended up in Malta. We will be in the Med for a few years and "Dawnbreaker's" story will hopefully keep my relatives and friends interested enough so you will follow our progress most of the time. Love Caroline

Europe » Malta » Malta January 14th 2009

Dear Friends and Relatives, I know it's been sometime since my last Travelblog and hopefully I will get up todate before Lars and I start again at the end of March. Firstly, if I missed anyone with Christmas and New Year wishes, I apologies. I forgot my address book on the boat when we left in November and didn't have any addresses at all, so, SORRY and hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. At the moment we are in Malta with our eldest son Peter and Anna his wife to-be. On our arrival we found that the gang-plank that Lars had worked on for over a week was in pieces because of some Very Large ship that had been moored beside us and it squashed our gang-plank and damaged the back of our ... read more

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio October 27th 2008

Saturday 11th October Departure Villefranche/France to Calvi /Corsica: 6.25am It’s an early start as we have a long way to go. It’s not that calm today but Chris and Jo were still asleep when we left the harbour. We put the main sail up around 9am. It’s choppy and we need to calm the boat a bit. Poor Jo ends up feeling sick but she doesn’t know if it’s sea-sickness or something else but it knocks her out for the whole trip. Chris is sick a couple of times but he is still on his feet. Arrival Calvi - Corsica: 19.55pm It was dark when we arrived in Calvi. We checked out the harbour but didn’t take the chance on taking one of the berths in the harbour. It turned out OK staying out in the ... read more
Calvi harbour
Jo and Lars waiting for Chris and myself.
Chris, Jo and myself looking around the market.

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio October 19th 2008

Dear relative and friends, Hopefully I will try and finish our 2008 trip in the next couple of weeks, hope you enjoy our travels. Sorry it has taken so long. Sunday 19th October Port de Plaisance - Ajaccio Tino Rossi Our friends Jo and Chris have left us and we decide that it's better to continue our journey as fast as possible, as we have heard that storms are on their way and in November we are to pick up a couple of friends in Rome. On the East side of Corsica there are very few harbours or bays to shelter in and we don't want to be caught out in a storm, especially me. I'm not a fan of hard weather. Arrival in Ancien Port de Chiavari. We didn't get very far but we are ... read more
Natual Art
A hand in rock.
The church and plaque.

5th - 10th October We arrived back to Port Napoléon on 5th October. We had some work to do before leaving and continuing our sail. Tuesday 7th October Finally we departed Port Napoléon and sailed to Pointe du Bon Renaud. On the way Lars saw a submarine just going into Marseille. The weather has turned chilly at nights but has been warmer in the days. Our journey so far: Pointe du Bon Renaud Port de Mandelieu - La Napoule In Port de Mandelieu - La Napoule we were very fortunate in visiting with a lovely couple Per and Louise. It was Louise’s Birthday which is why they were in France at this time. Per came to the harbour to collect us and we had a lovely evening with friends. Louise and Per had made a lovely ... read more
The Ritzzy hotels for the beautful people
Black as carbon

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Marseille October 5th 2008

Dear family and friends, If anyone is interested in our Med. trip so far (from 22nd May to 31sy August) check out, our Home Page, and go into Forum + photo’s or Blog. It’s all there so far. Before we went home Lars and I visited Avignon and had a lovely days visiting the sights on one of those trains that go around the town. We took some lovely photo’s that we would like to share with you. ... read more
The streets of Avignon
The Cathedral of Avignon

Europe » Gibraltar » Gibraltar August 18th 2008

To all relatives and friends, I sent to all who are in my address book for my Travel blog an e-mail with information concerning the lockdown of the Travel blog because from now we have a Home Page "". Only half have acknowledge receipt of my e-mail but I hope that everyone will start reading it. If there any problems just let me know via an e-mail to either myself or Lars. Good Luck with reading the new page Lots of love Caroline... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Lisbon June 26th 2008

26th June Thursday - 18.30pm Arrival in Lisbon - Portugal - Doca de Alcântera Harbour Trip: 269 nmiles Log: 19797 After checking in with the Harbour Master and filling in all the forms required there wasn’t much of the day left. It’s hot and sticky with no wind at all in the harbour. Everyone is tired after sailing in shifts most of the night so all that’s left of today is a good shower and an even better meal. It seems that over the past 10 years alot of the larger harbours have expanded, not just in Europe but also in England. Also, mostly all of what was either Docks or Fishing Fleet harbours have now been converted into extreamly lovely apartment buildings with restaurants and shops. The Harbours themselves have expanded to take even more ... read more
A very famous explorer from Portugal called Vasca da Gama
From the Castle over the Bay is the huge statue of Jesus

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Falmouth June 20th 2008

20th June Friday Falmouth - Ensenade de Muros/Northern Spain Departure 10.20am We are finally departing England and beginning our trip over to Spain. My first crossing over The Bay of Biscay. I’ve been told several times that the sea can be very rough or very calm which would be a blessing for me. Lars says it may take 3 - 4 days crossing we will just have to see. When we left our mooring we called the Floating Barge in the Harbour but they were fully booked until 15.00pm so we motored over to the other filling station. We were not leaving this time until we had filled up both tanks with Diesel. We filled up on the starboard tank (the one that ran out crossing to England), it took 836 litres, that filling station is ... read more
Muros fish farm in the background
Uno and Peter
Does anyone know what this is used for!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Falmouth June 12th 2008

12th June Thursday Cowes (Isle of Wight) - Portland Harbour/Castle Cove Departure 7.50am Cloudly and misty this morning at 5.30am when I was awake. I had hoped that it would be clear when we left Cowes but it started raining instead. We had to let the Ferry “ Red Funnel” from Southamton through first then we could leave. Sails up at 8.25am. We had all the sails up, it seems ages since we had all the sails up. We are doing 9-11 kts which isn’t bad. Still cloudy but the sun is trying. The sun came out at 9am. Winds have died down as we approach the main land. 11.25am approx, a boat came zooming towards us and asked us to change course to 240 degrees as we were going through a Naval Exercise Range. We ... read more
Salcombe - Cornwall
The beautiful houses and gardens in Salcombe
Land's End

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton June 9th 2008

Monday 9th June Ramsgate - Brighton Departure Ramsgate 5.20 am Leaving Ramsgate on a lovely day. The winds are very mild so we used the engine which Lars doesn’t like. We passed “The White Cliffs of Dover” at 7.05am and had to slow down for all the Ferries. We put up the sails after Dover 7.30am. We’re doing 7,5 knots. Arrival Brighton 16.45pm. On entering Brighton Harbour we went to the Filling Station first. We had to wait for a long time. We have a very comfortable mooring, close to the Marine Office. It’s a very nice Marina with lots of facilities, clean and very well looked after. The area around the Marina is full of restaurants and shops. Azdas wasn’t very far. Lars was looking at some jeans and I went a little crazy buying ... read more
The famous Yacht Club in Cowes "The guns used for races"
The Royal Yacht Squardron

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