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Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 16th 2010

Awake and it not a good start, leg is worse and it took ages to pull on my sock. Go outside and it very low cloud; in fact I couldn't see the top of Agii Deka where I was to walk. Pack waterproofs and bags in case it rains and go for breakfast ( i tried yoghurt and honey but it was not to my liking). Chris arrives as I'm to have a lift from Benitses up to Trail in Stavros; he is concerned about my foot and says I shouldn't walk; I speak with Anna who has much better English and tell her I must and it's been ok so far especially on the uphills....she says the descent today is rather steep in places. I just say I will go slow and be ok but ... read more
Conglomerate Limestone in Olive groves
Air Navigation System on Agii Deka 2
Monastry top Agii Deka 2

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 15th 2010

I wake early and the first thing I notice on getting out of bed is the pain in my right leg as I walk to the bathroom. Typical the climbing starts today. Oh well no pain no gain was my training motto so it will have to apply to the walk; I will not be taking a lift unless forced to by the weather. As I leave Paramonas at 8am the climbing begins, the village is on the slopes of Mt Ag Mattheos and I have to skirt it but go over the coastal ridge. The footpath is steep in places and also narrow but there is no feeling in the foot as I ascend and before I know it I have reached the ridge. There is a great view back to the West coast and ... read more
Above Paramonas looking to Glyffada
Nice view, not sure village name
Still a way to climb!

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 14th 2010

And after a night of next to no sleep.............why? Well behind the appartments at Santa Barbara is a stream and it is full of frogs. Any from sun down to sun up they do more than croak; they screem, it sounded more like a maternity unit than the frog corus. Usual breakfast at 8:30 whilst watching local fishermen pull imn their nets. Other workers are putting out the sunbeds and a digger is movign sand to open up a river outlet further along the beach. All is quiet but the sun is up as I leave at 9am. Its a walk along the beach to Ag Georgios (South); simple I hear you say. Well lets just say the beach is a lovely soft sand and it stays that way even at the waters edge. Every step ... read more
Over rocks to Ag Georgios (S)
Ag Georgios  (S) Beach
Church at Ag Georgios (S)

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 11th 2010

After an early breakfast I set off at 8am ( a lady had walked past with a donkey while I was eating), feed the village cats, wave to the boys I met last night as they pass in car on way to school and exit the village into olive groves with pens of chickens, ducks, turkeys. Old may says 'kalimera' (good morning). Asks if I go to Kavos and I say no Lefkimmi. He points me in other direction and sure enough when I backtrack I soon pick up yellow markers again. He saved me a long detour. Lovely walk over undulating tracks, paths firstly through olive groves and later more open heath type land. Saw a Corfu Trail sign that had been used for shooting practice.....which way do I go now...guessed the right path. A ... read more
Olive Grove
Target Practice
Champions League Having a Laugh

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 10th 2010

I have now added some phots from Day 1 and Day 2... read more
Beer 2

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 10th 2010

"Corfu is all Venetian green and spoiled by the sun.Its richness enervates. Its valleys are painted out boldly in heavy brush-strokes of yellow and red. The Judas trees line the dusty roads in terrific purple explosions. Everywhere you go you can lie down on grass - Lawrence Durrell" Ok so we are about to find out if these words of some 65 years ago are true today. Usual continential brekfast of eggs, meat, cheese, bread. Also cereal, yogurt, jam, honey available. I had tea and orange juice. At 8:45 I'm met by Chris (Anna's husband) from Aperghi Travel. He will drive me to the start in Kavos. He is also the luggage mover each day behind the scenes so my bag will go to tonights stop, where he will pick up the luggage of those the ... read more
Arkoudillas Monestry
Arkoudillas Beach
View Spartera to Lefkimmi

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 9th 2010

Easyjet arrive at 10:45 local time and on clearing customs I'm met by Anna of Aperghi Travel. She takes me to my hotel Konstantinoupolis. Here I book in and deposit my case as my room will not be ready till 12:00. Anna runs through some papers with me and hands me some revised instructions for day 6 as the route previously used through the Ropa Valley has been ashphelted (sp). She advises what time Chris will pick me up tomorrow to start the Trail. Its time to go about Town. The Konstantinoupolis is situated near the old port opposite the Spilia (this used to be a parking area but is now an area being reconstructed with the aid of an EU grant). For those familiar with Corfu Town it is easier to say teh Hotel is ... read more
Roman Baths Paleopolis
Basilica at Paleopolis
Mon Repos

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 8th 2010

Hi everyone and thanks for following so far. Thanks to Ian for updating you when his original Amsted allowed; he seemed jealous of the Amstels only and whilst he mentioned Mythos he overlooked the Royal Ionion beer (both draught and now Real Ale (thats what they call it - both bitter and pale ale) in large bottles; excellent stuff and highly recommended if you are visitig Corfu. Wait til he sees the pictures; shame they not in 3D. Well I arrived home safely yeaterday via good ole Easyjet (very comfy and again arrive at Gatwick early). It was a glorious sunny day in Corfu (my flight left at 11:25) and I wished I was staying for a relaxing holiday but no such luck............where is the volcanic ash when you really need it!! From tomorrow I will ... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 5th 2010

Ok, the final blog from me (Than god i can hear from far and wide), as you may or may not know, i gave dave a smallish(ish) Shrek to take with him o this journey,it stands about 1ft tall, and he has had it attached to his backpack for the vast majority of the trek, it is Daves suggestion that it is auctioned along with various photos of little shrek with dave in many parts of corfu, of course all proceedings to the Corfu Donkey Rescue Centre, he suggests a donation of £100 will probably secure it, but lets see how the auction goes...... if you would like to make a bid, send me your bid along with your email address and the winner will be contacted and thats whe we will arrange delivery etc. Ian. ... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 5th 2010

Dave has decided today is the day! he will go for it to a finish,as he is unsure what the weather holds for the following day. Woke to a swollen eyelid, so its only half open, not sure whether its a bite from those flies he encountered yesterday, or the mozzie spray got in it. no chemists here, so must walk. He made it to Perithia through the clouds, clearing to sun now. Then just one climb and downhill, he estimates 3 and a half hours from here......... Almiros beach ahead, and it will be flat all the way to the finish! the next text says it all, Done it, details later, beer 1st. Ok, thats how I received the news, so thought it best to relay it to you in the same way! next follows ... read more

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