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Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 22nd 2010

Before I start will today I must first return to yesterday's walk as I have been sent some information. You will recall I reached a spot with a couple of hundred foot drop which was referred to as the historic site - Queen's Leap but there was no reference to the history and I couldn't find any. Well I been contacted with the following information; how true it is I do not know but it sounds plausible. "Local legend links the site with a Byzantine Queen who ruled over Paliokastro (an ancient city that was on the ridge behind but which is all but disappeared). The city was ramsacked and destroyed by Pirates (that sounds unusual as it is so far inland) and she was so distraught that she commited suicide by jumping on muleback (so ... read more
View Spartyllas to Corfu Town 1
View Spartyllas towards Corfu Town
Steep difficult wet climb

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 21st 2010

There has been a new bid and the current amount is now standing at £40.00.... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 21st 2010

Those of you following the blog will know I was given a Shrek to carry with me on my walk; partly to prove I did it I believe as I was walking solo and partly due to the link with Donkeys. Well Shrek is up for auction with the proceeds going to Corfu Donkey Rescue my charity of choice. For your bid you get Shrek (he is over a foot tall) the feathers he had in his head (one found on the trail in an olive grove) not sure what bird it is from and three smaller feathers from pheasants on Vidos Island near Corfu Town. In addition you will receive a selection of photos of Shrek on the trail some of which are exclusive and haven't been seen on the blog site. The current winning ... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 21st 2010

One photo hasn't printed for some reason from today's entry. It was the bottle of original local Ginger Beer. You need to see it as it is a highly recommended brand if you wish to sample traditional Corfu Ginger Beer.... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 21st 2010

So i awake covered in mozzie bites after a great night in Sidari. I breakfast at 8am. Here they have a toaster and an egg boiler for you to do it yourself so while I eat toast with cheese and meat my egg boils. Then eat egg, almost perfect and the yolks are so much more bright yellow here; just shows how fresh they are even in hotels. My bus isn't until 10:30 so I have plenty time so I take a stroll to check on the weather before packing. The winds have gone there are clouds about but the sun is up; it is pleasant without being too warm so it looks like ideal walking weather as today I head into the Pantokrator range. Return to pack and then sit in the reception area watching ... read more
River crossing
Spot the blue damsel fly!
Freshwater Crab

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 20th 2010

As I siad yesterday during the night the rains came; not a typical thunderstorm but more like British rain, continual shower. It was raining when I awoke at 6:30 and looked like it had been for hours and the sky was dark grey everywhere you looked. I had obviously come to Corfu expecting some rain during my walk - to have had none during 16 days late May early June would have been very lucky. I decided to travel light to minimise the things that could get wet as today would be a shorter walk at just 14km; so no rucksack and no Shrek............I didn't want him to get soaked and he'd take forever to dry and if I put him in a plastic bag he would suffocate! Full of compassion I am. My mobile and ... read more
Early morning rain in Ag G (NW) 1
Climb from Ag Georgios NW starts in rain
View back to Ag Georgios (NW)

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 19th 2010

Up early and the weather is looking fine; pack my bag and off to breakfast. Definately nobody else here going on the trail today although there are a few who will be walking locally. Really looking forward to today despite fact foot is no better for a days rest. I know how to cope with the discomfort and today is another day with spectacular views; I know already from previous holidays to Corfu about the views over Paleo from Bella Vista but to see them after you have climbed up there will make them more special; and after reading John Waller's new book 'Walking the Corfu Trail....with Friends, Flowers and Food' I'm also eagerly awaiting the cliff top path down to Ag Georgios and its views. The cover photo on the book will appear in my ... read more
Makes a rock climb easy!
View back to Liapades
Kalderimi starts here to Lakones

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 18th 2010

So I awake and it is a cloudy day; not good for my drying clothes. I sit on my balcony and at 9am I see the explore walkers leaving behind the Elly Beach Hotel for their walk to Ag Georgios NW. I go down to breakfast and see the lovely German ladies preparing to leave and wish them happy walking. Usual breakfast; there are probably a dozen non walkers staying here also. I chat with the man waiting for Chris to transport him as his knee prevents him walking - it was old problem come back again. No way could he do the climbing needed to get from Liapades to Lakones. Chris arrives and we have a brief chat; I tell him despite the swelling my foot is fine and I will complete my walking. My ... read more
Boat off Liapades Beach
Houseboat or House to look like a boat, Liapades
Liapades square

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 17th 2010

Great the football fixtures have been published today so I now know the free dates in October (International game period) when I can go to Corfu without missing a QPR game (I know I'm sad but 'loyalty' is my middle name). So as soon as I have some money in August I can book to return to Corfu...............this time for a rest (well maybe a short walk one day).... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 17th 2010

Ok first we go back to yesterday to give the details of Lamb Kleftiko for you food lovers. This really is a speciality of Corfu and delicious. Basically it is slow cooked lamb with garlic, oregano, lemon and potatoes. Put teh potatoes, meat (use shoulder of lamb cut into large chunks) garlic in large oven dish; sprinkle with the herbs plus seasoning and Bay leaves some olive oil, the juice of 2 lemons and about 100ml of water. Mix up a bit then cover with foil and lid and in oven of 190C bake for 3 hours until meat falls off bone. You need to check after 2 hours to see if a little more water is needed. Serve with a green salad and bread. Now you are all salivating we move onto Day 7 (ooh ... read more
View back to Myrtiotissia Beach as climb away
Monastery above Myrtiotissa
Long climb from Myrtiotissia

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