Dan and Kim

Dan and Kim

Dan and Kim

Just a quick update, we've done our blog fully up to date and we didn't want to bore you with our day in day out life in Cairns so we've just done the trips. We set off down the East Coast on monday (22nd), were both well excited and can't wait to start travelling again!
We'll be back home before you know it now

Much love, bye x

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns April 13th 2011

Working at the Green Ant Cantina After a week of being in Cairns, me and Daniel both got jobs at the Green Ant Cantina which is the best Mexican in Cairns. I’ve been working as a waitress and Dan as a kitchenhand. Our time at the Green Ant has been great. 18 weeks has gone so quickly and we’ve made some great friends whilst we’ve been here. Our manager Lisa is originally from Huddersfield and moved to Australia 4 years ago. She said she only employed us because we’re Northern and since we’ve been here her accent has become stronger and the Aussies have been struggling to understand our conversations. We spend a lot of time out of work together and she’s been a bit of a tourist guide for us both. She drove us on ... read more
the Green Ant Cantina
Green Island
Green Island

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur April 8th 2011

8th Our bus left an hour late this morning so the 7am start was pointless, but we wern't complaining as the coach had huge sofa like seats that reclined into a bed bascially, so we slept off our early start. A bit of a booking error meant we ended up in some random bus station outside of KL, so we hopped on a public bus and after a very sweaty 45 minute walk we were there and ready for a shower. Our hostel is minutes from the monorail and situated behind a huge shopping centre so quite handy. Once we were sorted we went to KL tower, this is the worlds 4th highest tower at 421 metres high, and between 3 and 5:30 they do tea and cakes in the revolving restaurant. Whilst we sat we ... read more
mmmm cake
looking up
Petronas towers at night

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta April 1st 2011

1st Woke up feeling feverish and tired, couldnt eat all day and spent most of the day asleep. I had all the symptoms of malaria and seeing as i hadn't exactly been keeping up with my tablets i was very worried. We went to reception and they sorted us out a lift to the doctors but when that was closed we had to go to the hospital. Once there i was examined and told that i had to wait longer to see if my fever hung around and if it did to go back to the hospital. I was hoping that it would go soon. the taxi driver wanted 1000 bht for the lift but we refused and paid 500, it wasnt exactly far he was just ripping us off. 2nd Still felt like shit, forced ... read more
Lanta sunset
kim, posing
Phi Phi lagoon

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Railay March 26th 2011

26th Woke up early and got to Railay early to search out accomodation before it got too hot, lucky enough it had decided to rain today and we booked a room at Ya Ya resort. We explored the area which isnt hard as it only took 1 hour to walk around the whole of it. Railay is a small penninsular cut off from the mainland by huge cliffs, so everything is brought in and out by long boat. We discovered Thai pancakes or roti's as they call them, they are filled either sweet or savoury and fried, damn tasty. 27th Today was almost perfect! After a breakfast of tuna and cheese roti's we hired sea kayaks for the day (500 bht for 4 hrs) we set of in overcast weather around the headland to search out ... read more
Famous Railay cliffs
Spot the penis!
kim, not paddling

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan March 19th 2011

19th So we arrived in Surat Thani at 5 a.m. not a good time when you've had hardly any sleep and it's surprisingly cold. We got herded into a small open bus station that was more of a shed. Our onward bus wasn't until 7:30 so we had a bit of a wait. After an attempted sleep our bus turned up and got us to the ferry terminal, from there we were off to Koh Phangan. We arrived on the full moon party island with blistering heat and plenty of sun, but by the time the tuk tuk had got us to our accomodation it had started pissing it down! great. We'd booked a bungalow with a sea view and the place was pretty spacious and the views were unbelievable. We caught up on sleep and ... read more
Sunset over Koh Phangan
looking out to sea
Haad yao beach

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 16th 2011

16th March The night train was cool, the restaurant carriage turned into a disco at night and was full of drunk polish people, we stupidly squeezed through to realise that we had to go back, definitely an experience to remember. Later we talked to some old Thai ladies, they thought me and Kim were 40! i mean come on, maybe 30 at a push but 40?!?! Kim's not that wrinkly, yet. So we arrived at the Bangkok Centre Hotel for the last time, the same hotel we'd left a month ago. We were starving so went for breakfast, and after we hunted out a river taxi to get to Wat Arun. Wat Arun is huge and sits right on the river side, you can climb to the top but the steps are so steep and close ... read more
Wat Arun
Steep steps at Wat Arun
writing on the roof tile

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Khong March 13th 2011

13th March We were up early to get breakfast before we set off towards Pak Beng. the boat was big enough for us all to spread out and relax. We were on it from 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. and i was glad we had enough to keep us entertained, we'd bought books, sudoku, ipods and cards, but it was still boring and most people slept for the whole day. Not much to say about the whole day, we arrived in Pak Beng which was a town with not much to do in it. For tea we both ate buffalo, Kim's was curried and mine BBQ'd. To relax we went to the only bar in town, which turned out to be more like a drug den, we didn't stay long after we'd been offered coke, met ... read more
panning for gold

Asia » Laos » West March 10th 2011

10th March Having arrived the previous night we had a full day to explore, the excitement was building for our planned tubing trip! To begin with though we visited a cave that was a 30 minute walk from our hotel. To get there we had to walk through a resort and the bastards charged us for the privilege. Once at the cave our pockets were relieved of yet more kip, this cave must be the place to be if your a spider, don't think I've ever seen such big spiders in all my life, easily could eat a baby. the bodies were the size of my finger. The cave itself on the otherhand was pretty interesting and had a viewing platform with a spectacular view of the whole valley. Kim freaked out and went to sit ... read more
Huuuge Spider
even huuuger spider

Asia » Laos » West March 7th 2011

7th March we were supposed to meet at 6 a.m. to leave for Laos, but an alarm clock malfunction meant we were woken at 6:30 by the hotel reception speaking what sounded like half English and half mouse. It was a 7 hour drive to Laos and we were going along nicely until a puncture saw us stranded in the rain at the side of some unknown Vietnamese highway, it took all of 20 seconds for local children to crowd around and stare. I seemed to attract alot of the attention, the guide explained that it was because i was being compared to a movie star, who was overweight, like me, and excellent at kung fu, not like me. We soon figured out that our bus driver had not a clue about changing tyres but we ... read more
View from the top of the arch
Wat Sisaket

Asia » Vietnam March 2nd 2011

2nd March We arrived in Hue after a spectacular drive along the coast. Our guide had pre-arranged a motorbike tour of the city and it's sights so we had a quick check in and we were off, clinging to the backs of little mopeds as they sped off through the traffic. The tour was a bum numbing, car dodging, mud track driving 4 hours long. To begin with we had lunch at a nunnery, the whole meal was vegetarian and consisted of several foods that we'd never seen and never want to see again, cold squishy things that burst in your mouth and a shit load of cauliflower, not my idea of a good lunch at all, and with Kim heaving for a good half an hour i don't think she liked it either. We first ... read more
Hue motorbike tour
guardian unicorn at the kings tomb, Hue
our group

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