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North America » United States » California » Bakersfield January 6th 2011

Here we go again! Yes, the dynamic duo – Den and Em with their trusty sidekick – KC are off on a new adventure. They are in a new trailer in hopes of reducing some of the challenges of Em's 19 footer. You may think challenges is a bit mild, however it was not the difficulty or the stress and strain they caused, but rather the number of them. Of course we will not be challenge free, but in this new 28 footer with a rear living area, a center dining room and a separate bedroom (curtains count as walls) they should be reduced. A solar unit was added to minimize battery problems and we will no longer be living out of coolers, plastic containers, duffel bags, or pickup storage. This unit has mucho storage that ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Bryce Canyon September 12th 2010

As promised, the trip to Bryce was different. We started out by taking I-15 north to Cedar City, a city I would like to live at least part of the year. Our visit was short - fill-up of gasoline, coffee, and ice followed by a trip to Lins Market for supplies. The route I selected took us up the mountains east of Cedar City to a National Monument named Cedar Breaks. This is also a favorite spots and Emily agreed, after a short walk to the view point. This could add another facet to our Sept 2011 trip as the fall colors at this altitude (10K) come early. We then headed to a place called Panguitch and a lake by the same name. The lake is not very picturesque and did not even generate a paddle ... read more
Down the Rim
Sunrise Point View
In the Canyon

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park September 10th 2010

Zion - Day 1 The drive was great until we reached the park entrance where the entire roadway (gate to gate) was under construction. There were several stops which added about an hour to the trip. When we got to the campground, I discovered I had mistakenly reserved a site with an electrical hook-up (hehe - no battery problems here). The campsite was not great (no trees), but the 360 degree view was fantastic (a few photos are included). We spent the rest of the day scoping out the area and found a U-pick apple orchard that made great smoothies. This hit the spot as the high for the day was 108 - must be our lucky number. However the wind picked up in the evening and it cooled off nicely. Zion Day 2 After a ... read more
From Camp Site - 2
Camp Site - North Wall
Canyon Flower

GC NR - Day 3 This mornings bike ride was shorter and sought out level roadways. This was also laundry and shower morning. We found the showers unique in that the shower heads were high pressure nozzles with no adjustment. The first shot felt like the top layer of skin was being peeled off, but as the screams fell on deaf ears, I realized the timer was running With clean bodies, we drove to Cape Royal. All of the roads in the park were under repair and this road was closed for the last day or so. The 20+ mile drive on a narrow roadway with several view points was a throwback drive with trees hanging over a roadway with no shoulders. Cape Royal did not disappoint. It was less hazy today and the big muddy ... read more
Big Muddy
Another Trade-off Photo
Sunset Location View

GC - NR Day 2 I was up at 5 AM and after coffee took a bike ride to the lodge. I remembered the road being flat and looked forward to an invigorating ride, however as memories often do, the road was different and the ride was all down hill. Additionally, the closer to the rim, the lower the temp (37). So imagine a large navy blue wind-breaker thing, on a black bike, and black helmet hurtling down the road at 25+ mph hoping the brakes would hold, blinded by the tears in its eyes, and afraid to let go of the handle bars to wipe the tears streaming down its cheeks. Fortunately there was little traffic as all parts of the roadway were his domain. The road flattened near the lodge. After a sigh of ... read more
Bright Angel Pt View
Emily at Bright Angel Point
Indian Paint  Brush

GC - NR Day 1 Our drive took us through the heart of Navajo Land - Kayenta and Tuba City. Northern AZ although desolate appearing has been a center of controversy as big biz is interested in the land because of mineral discoveries. The Navajo nation has allowed some access, but not nearly enough to satisfy the “greed merchants” (sorry greed merchants). The drive up the Kaibab plateau showed the vast difference between the 2 eco-zones that led to the creation of the Grand Canyon. A flat arid plain that seemed open to the eroding effects of any flow of water and the Kaibab plateau rising more than 5K feet above the plain. We got there about 4:30 MST as we change time zones gaining an hour, of course the sun did not realize AZ “don't ... read more

After a rainy night in Taos, the morning was cloudy and looked ominous to the west. Our route went through the mountains, the threat of rain was around us and at the highest point we were enveloped in clouds. We drove through northern NM and southern CO on our way to Mesa Verde. I suddenly saw a new light on the instrument panel - Maint Reqd. Yes the old man forgot to get the 5K checkup on the trusty Tundra in Santa Fe. Now I was faced with the uncertainty of finding a Toyota service center in the hinter-lands of CO. Driving into Durango, Emily spotted a Toyota dealership and I took a hard right into Toyota-land. After a few moments of conversation, I felt like I was back at the ER in Santa Fe - ... read more
Other Building Sites

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos September 3rd 2010

If you remember from my previous travel blog, Taos is one of my favorite US locations. Our drive up through the Rio Grande river canyon in bright sunshine did not disappoint. Even though Emily was not in great shape we had 4 possible destinations on the schedule. First was Taos Pueblo, but it was closed for several days. Next was the bridge over the Rio Grande canyon bridge on our way to Earthship. We drove slowly over the canyon which proved to be adequate. Earthship was a housing development stated in the 70's to create a community of structures that relied on environmental practices to heat, cool, water, and grow all the resources necessary to sustain life. The construction also included the use of glass, cans, plastic, and tires in order to utilize throw-away material. The ... read more
Few Miles North

North America » United States » New Mexico » Los Alamos September 3rd 2010

Today was cloudy, but still lots of sun. We headed out to Bandilier National Monument located a little south of Los Alamos and due west of Santa Fe. I had only been there once before and it was a positive memory. Stopped along the way at the San Idafanso Pueblo, but the walking tour would be difficult for Emily , so on to Bandilier. Emily was impressed and frustrated. The park has about 70 hiking trails and this is nirvana to the hiker. However we were able to take a short trail behind the visitor center which was mostly flat and wheelchair accessible. Off we went with a state of the art federal gov wheelchair - Dennis pushing and Emily giving directions: “don't get so close to the edge”, “stop I wasn't finished reading”, “this is ... read more
Large Village
Emily's Climb
Multi-story Location

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe September 2nd 2010

Our first morning in Santa Fe was a series of communication frustrations. Remember the doc orders from yesterday - call in the AM to get an MRI appointment. Frustration 1 - after first call earliest available appointment was 4:15 on Saturday and it was a first come first serve option. Emily declined and decided to go to the hospital and make an appointment in person. She then decided that Mr Calm and Peaceful who rarely becomes frustrated would handle the appointment process. Frustration 2 - I won't go into all the twists and turns of the getting an appointment, however the final result would have been an appointment some time this year if insurance approved it. I declined to play the game and Emily agreed. Because we were close to the Santa Fe Plaza and I ... read more
Street Scene
Native American Artisans
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