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The Henrys

When we made the calls in October 2009 saying 1 - we're engaged, 2 - we're getting married in a few months, 3 - we're giving up our jobs and moving to Australia - people did not really know what to say...we knew what to say however..."let the dream begin!"


Oceania » Australia » New South Wales April 22nd 2010

31 March to 7 April So we had set up our little camp in the rain at Seal Rocks and were waiting to see who else was going to arrive. We knew that Holly, Matt, Freya (5) and Hunter (3) were coming but little did we know that there was also going to be: Verity, Ben, Ellouise (5) and Byron (2) Mark and Oliver (5) Dave, Jamison (5) and Marcus (3) Juliete, Ian, Ben (5) and Jake (3) Cherry, Fred, Cally (5) and Siera (3) Debs Dave's wife Ari and their baby daughter Jeanevive (can't spell it!)! Luckily the weather really picked up and we had a madcap but lovely week of BBQ breakfasts, crazy lunches and BBQ dinners (mainly sausages or raw chicken I have to add!) broken up by kids running around, the ... read more
Seal Rocks 2
Seal Rocks 3
Seal Rocks 4

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales March 31st 2010

Camping! We had a lovely time in Mallacoota, such a special little place. We had dinner with some of mum's friends one night, and walked along some of the deserted beaches with them the following day. We all went for a swim and came back and only saw one other person. Fabulous. We were very chilled when we packed up the car on Sunday night ready to head off. Sadly that was not to last! The first disaster was the weather, as soon as we got into bed on Sunday all hell broke loose. I have not heard a storm like it for ages, thunder, lightening, wind and crazy rain. It did not bode well! It was still raining quite a bit in the morning but we had to make it back up to Seal ... read more
The beach!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales March 26th 2010

Sorry it has been a while, we have been busy getting our act together and getting on the road, but now we are and I have time to update you on what has been going on! We were picked up from the hotel in Thailand on the 12 March and taken to the airport at 8am. Hideously early after our ten days of sleeping a lot and doing nothing! We shared the car with a lovely couple, Dan and Erin. Dan has just launched Peppersmith, a new and very exciting chewing gum made out of natural products instead of rubber. If you see it, buy it, it is yummy! We were very sad to leave La Laanta Hideaway. It was by far and away the best ten days we have ever had. The little hut was ... read more
West Head lookout NSW
West Head lookout NSW
Needs no title really!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta March 7th 2010

So - our trip has begun! We headed out on the 1 March for an epic and very tiring first leg from London to Ko Lanta, via Dubai, Bangkok and Krabi! The flights were actually quite good. Only 6 hours from Heathrow to Dubai. The seats we had on the A380 airbus were great, three rows back from the cockpit, could even see in there when the doors were open, which they were quite frequently, the stewards and stewardesses were always in there taking the pilots food and drink. The food we had was good, and there were about a million films to watch. Then we had a bit of a sleep in Dubai airport (very shiny!) before the 5 hour flight to Bangkok. Again, good seats, but we were not on the A380 airbus by ... read more

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