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29th July 2014
Seattle Giant Wheel

Good picture! Sean is almost smiling.
27th July 2014

What great pictures! Absolutely beautiful.
25th July 2014

The EMP looks cool!! Good thing Drew spelled everything right in his Instagram photo!
30th July 2013
Our Cowboy in front of the Cowboy Bar

Drew looks right at home!!
28th July 2013
Drew's Cut Throat Trout

Wow! Great drawing!!
26th July 2013
An  Elk

Sunset pictures are gorgeous! You should enter them in a contest.
26th July 2013
An  Elk

I know. Any sunset with mountains included is phenomenal.
25th July 2013

So adventurous
Your boys are so adventurous. There isn't anthing they won't try. Looks like fun.
25th July 2013

Why is there no picture of MaryAnn paragliding???? I'm sure you wanted to give that a try :)
25th July 2013

Good lord. I would have passed out at the launch!
24th July 2013

What a beautiful state. I've always wanted to go. The pictures are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.
24th July 2013

Never a dull moment with the Kaiser's! Looks like you're all having fun!
23rd July 2013

Thanks for sharing
I enjoy reading about your adventures and seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time with the family
20th August 2012

The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. I hope to get out there one day!
14th August 2012

Following your trip.Can't you trade the van in for an undamaged one? Did Bambi run off or did you have venison for diner? Trip sounds great so far,excitement! excitement!!!!
24th August 2011

Sounds like you're all having a nice, relaxing time. Enjoy!
24th August 2011
Enjoying the Sunset at Menemsha

Very nice picture!
23rd August 2011
At the Lighthouse

A great family picture!
26th August 2010
Endless Hopper Cars Along Hwy 285

bet your dad was in 7th heaven.
26th August 2010
Cascade Falls

your great grand father was there in 1932, he and his brother drove to san fransisco in a willis overland convertable, and campedout the whole trip
From Blog: Day 5 - Ouray
26th August 2010
Quartz Hunting Near Imogene Pass

did you find any ?
From Blog: Day 5 - Ouray
26th August 2010
Drew on Rock During Jeep Ride

so your off the road......who's driving? sean ?
From Blog: Day 5 - Ouray
26th August 2010
Indiana Jones Tryouts

your smart guys, do you know some old greek guy said" give me a proper fulcrum and i'll move the world.
From Blog: Day 5 - Ouray
12th August 2010

Can't wait to see your vacation pictures....thanks for including me!

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