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North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill August 21st 2011

Hi Folks. York Factory was a trading post located on the shore of Hudson Bay at the mouth of the Hayes River, 227 km southeast of Churchill (according to Dave's GPS). It was headquarters of the Hudson's Bay Company's Northern Department through much of the 1800's and it continued as a fur trading post until 1957 when the company closed it down. York Factory is now a National Historic Site of Canada and is the oldest wooden building in Canada built on permafrost. The trip down there was great! We got to fly over the spectacular Wapusk National Park and the mighty Nelson River as well as getting to see many polar bears from the air. It had been a place on our bucket list for quite some time and the opportunity to visit was thrown ... read more
The Warehouse
The Guns
The View from the Warehouse

North America » Canada » National Parks » Wapusk August 8th 2011

Hello Folks. Wapusk National Park never ceases to amaze us! The amazing emptiness and vast waterlogged areas of lakes and tundra pools are amazing to see from the air! We have been lucky enough to have had the opportunities to fly over the park several times this summer and being able to see bears, belugas and caribou from the comfort of a Turbo Beaver. The landscapes are breathtaking! Wapusk means "White Bear" in the Cree language. The park is so named because it protects one of the world's largest known polar bear denning areas. There were a lot of bears in the park, especially at the Cape Churchill Area. The Cape is a haven for bears, most of them being large males! Here is a wee snippet of the park from the air. D + T. ... read more
Spectacular Wapusk
Wapusk Seascape.
Wapusk Shoreline.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg July 21st 2011

Hey Everyone! We are finally feeling settled in Churchill as our "work season" continues to bring us great weather here in the sub-arctic. The last few weeks have been a flurry of movement for me (Theresa) as I travelled to the James Bay area for work, came back, then a couple of weeks later, flew to Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Folk Festival. I used to go to Folk Fest regularly when I lived there 10 years ago. Now, I was able to reunite with this splendid 5 days of music, entertainment, friends and camping at the Birds Hill Provincial Park. I now have the music back in my soul! That would be the only way to describe a complete immersion of music, good food and dancing from awesome bands from around the world. A special mention ... read more
Blue Rodeo and Melissa McClelland
The Sioux Lookout Connection Tarp

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill July 2nd 2011

Hi to everyone! We have adjusted back to the colder climate and the high food prices of northern Canada. Instead of paying only a few cents for a bag of bananas, we are now forking out $5.99 per kilo! Incidentally, the bananas here in Churchill curve slightly clockwise, suggesting perhaps, that they've been flown here from somewhere south of the equator? Anyway, we needed furniture! Our house was an empty, echoing void of loneliness! Within a week of posting an ad on the local community board, we had filled the rooms with stuff (yes, that's correct - STUFF, which is of course unusual for us). We even managed to gain a cat (Stuart) for a bit, and a lodger (Claudia) too! The transition between winter and summer is always our favourite time of year! The melting ... read more
On the Bluffs.
The frozen river.
Frozen sea-scape.

South America » Ecuador April 26th 2011

Welcome to the new members of the subscriber list of our blog! Feel free to catch up on previous entries to see some great photos and read some great stories! The following entry is by Theresa and is a bit on the "reflective" side of travel. If you just want to enjoy the photos, then do just that. But if you want to read something a little bit different, then continue at your own risk. A brief review on what made me squirm or uncomfortable...hey, gotta give credit to the dark side of traveling so that we can enjoy the good stuff even better!!! Bring it on!! Larvae or slugs. The Equadorians who live near the jungle love a special delicacy--slugs--a larvae that can be found in hollowed out tree trunks lying on the jungle floor. ... read more
friendly feline
our favourite gecko friend
Inca relics

South America » Ecuador » Centre April 12th 2011

Hola Amigos. We landed back in Quito after saying goodbye to the "Enchanted Isles", and although the wildlife was less tame in the city, the temperature was welcomed after the relentless heat of the Galapagos! We headed south, through the mountains of central Ecuador stopping in a few towns and villages and an amazing National Park en-route. We have had an amazing time in Ecuador and have enjoyed many memorable moments that have left us pondering over a variety of topics? SMALL CHANGE! This is one of the most treasured possessions of any traveller in Ecuador! No matter what you purchase, the chances of the vendor having change for any bill is tremendously unlikely! Even buying small items like a bread bun or a banana which costs only a few pennies you would still have a ... read more
Looking down onto Baños
Toffee making in Baños
In case Tungurahua erupts!

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos April 6th 2011

Hola Amigos! Enjoy a few more photos and hear more encounters of a silly kind from the Enchanted Isles: On our side trip to these Enchanted Islands we became slightly addicted to Magnum Ice Creams - a day didn´t go by without our mouths chomping on one! We'll blame it on the Irish couple who were on our boat with us! We chatted about how devastating it is when a large piece of choclate breaks away and falls (seemingly in slow motion) to the ground - The solution to this catastrophic outcome is to sit down on the beach front with your legs together, this prevents any chocolate from escaping consumption! Hay mucho sol en las islas! (There is lots of sun in these islands!) By the end of the trip all we wanted to do ... read more
The Cerro Negra crater
A rather pleasant beach
The lunar landscape of Isla Isabela

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos March 31st 2011

Hello to Everyone. The Galapagos Islands are 1000km from the Ecuadorian mainland and are otherworldly! Almost like going back in time to the prehistoric period, the wildlife is so strangely tame - it is almost surreal. Most of the flora and fauna are endemic to the islands too. The most famous residents being the Giant Tortoises of which there are 11 different subspecies. There were more species, but introduced animals and human interference (hunting and farming) have made three subspecies extinct and the Pinto Island Giant Tortoise has been reduced to a single individual - Lonesome George... It was a pleasure to meet him but kind of sad to know that he is the last creature of his type - ever! He is a mere 75 years old, so barely half way through his time on ... read more
yeah, baby!  That´s what I´m talking ´bout!
up close and personal
two lava gulls

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito March 30th 2011

Hello blog readers. Quito was quite the contrast to the hot and humid rainforest! Situated a mile and a half above sea level in the Andean mountains, Quito´s climate can be quite gloomy and damp. Quito did make a nice stop to get our clothes cleaned though, because they sported a sweaty and cheesy smell due to fact that they had been damp for more than a month! There was also some fine dining to be had as well. The Basilica in the old town was built over a century ago and we climbed right to the top of the bell tower to get an amazing view over the city of 1.7 million inhabitants. It was a fun climb too, no safety anywhere, as the metal steps spiralled upwards, with the odd step missing here and ... read more
Local kids (Quiteños)
Climbing the Basilica
Quito from the Basilica.

South America » Ecuador March 29th 2011

Hi Folks. Here are some more pictures from our five weeks in the Amazonian Rainforest to tantalize all you adventurists! Dave y Theresa.... read more
Theobroma cacao.
Bamboo rat.
The green and rufous kingfisher.

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