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2nd July 2014

What a wonderful life/job you have. Everything is so pristine and beautiful where you are. So glad that you share it with me. A true "landlubber"
1st July 2014

from hot southamerica
we are still with you! Spent over three weeks in Cuzco. Now we're heading to the north, Ecuador. Hope to see you again. All the best, Iris + Wolfram
1st July 2014

Antarctic to Hudson Bay
You have the coolest jobs in the world! Thanks for sharing these wonders!
4th May 2014

A well deserved desert dessert in a deserted desert.
Gonna use this sentence to teach phonics with my young Chinese students!
3rd May 2014
Look, Dave caught a faery!

Great adventure!
I've enjoyed following your quite varied adventures, and how wise to end up in the warm north before heading back to Canada. The Quebrada de Humahuaca was one of my fave spots with those tiny towns and colored hills, and so different from your far northern home. Good luck adjusting to a settled life!
3rd May 2014
Road to the Salt Flats

Fantastic photo
These curves remind me of the Atlas mountains in Morocco. That was sneaky snatching a bottled water from first class. When we head to South America I will try all of those hot chocolates and we can confer later. I'm sure I'll be in agreement. Sorry the adventure is closing. Eager to hear what is up next for you.
20th April 2014

Hi Theresa!
Beautiful Theresa! So glad you are having some wonderful travels :) Hugs!
19th April 2014
Laundry time

What! No litter!
Hi Theresa and Dave, Your stories made me want to slap on a backpack. Fabulous story of the downpour. Your pictures are romantically rugged. I loved the clothesline. Paraguay seems so free of the crossfire of the rest (most of the rest) of the world. Keep going! Keep storytelling! They are more than stories.
14th April 2014

Haha, Robin, I miss you! Love all the comments! Firstly, Doug's prize of immeasurable value: please await a parcel in the mail from Paraguay, of 1 litre of their best ice cream. Secondly, yes, I am guilty of postponing the hot chocolate quest until it feels right to sample more in the cooler temps. That being said, Paraguay may not even know what chocolate caliente is, due to their hot climate...
13th April 2014

Doug is still waiting for his prize of immeasurable value for figuring out your Paraguay destination. Meanwhile, I am truly enjoy all your blog entries but have a serious question. Have you given up hot chocolate? How fickle if you have just because it's a little warm and humid. Oh, and one other question: How is the ice cream there?
13th April 2014

Ironed With Your Clothes On
I had an experience like that at Subic Bay in the Philippines. Temperatures in the 90s and humidity to match. Any movement produced mammoth amounts of sweat. Visited several buildings with air conditioning systems set to max low. A few minutes inside and once you return outside, your glasses fog up, your camera lens gets foggy and you start looking for someone selling cold soda.
12th April 2014

Correct answer
I shall eagerly await my prize of "immeasurable value". I was afraid it might have been El Dorado.
11th April 2014

One would think.....
we're talking Paraguay next!
11th April 2014

You guessed correctly!!
You are a winner, Doug! Thanks for playing! haha. T
8th April 2014
Table for two

Table for two
very cool idea
7th April 2014
Mussels and the Lighthouse

Somewhat unusual pic to choose...but never seen so many mussels. I've only seen the inland freshwater ocean of Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires...Uruguay impossible to see as the expanse of water is so massive...always wondered what it would be like. But did you see any football?
7th April 2014

You visit such wonderful spots and take great photos. Miss you guys. Come see us on the way home. Big attraction if you sand fleas OR polar bears. Doug and Robin
3rd April 2014

I'm sad to see this trip and ensuing commentary coming to an end! I richly enjoyed the words and the photos! Thank-you!
From Blog: Four Days at Sea
30th March 2014

What an amazing adventure...
and thanks for letting us share it. Well you be going another season?
From Blog: Four Days at Sea
1st April 2014

Yes I will be going to Antarctica for the next season... There will be more blogs!
From Blog: Four Days at Sea
30th March 2014

beautiful sunset and those waves I think I will try to do some paintings on that, good pictures\LOVE MOM
From Blog: Four Days at Sea
23rd March 2014
Spy-hopping Humpback

I salute you guys on an incredible adventure. To get this close to a humpback in a rubber boat...flabergasting...yee haa!!!
23rd March 2014
 Almost Moulted

Well Dave you got another knotch in your belt I would haved loved.....Thanks for giving my cuz a chance to hang and experience what only a few would consider a chance of a lifetime. You rock TBO
22nd March 2014

An Incredible Adventure!
Wow--giant glaciers, penguins and whales up close. You two really had the adventure of a lifetime. When in Ushuaia in mid-March, I went to the Antarctica cruise offices with my horded $1000, hoping to fill a slot, but they laughed at me. Oh well, at least I got to experience it through you--thanks so much!
22nd March 2014
The Quarkies on the Roof

Great photos from this visit, especially the whales. Can tell that winter is on the way in...Brown Station is boarded up....more snow on the ground. Even though we had the rare privilege of seeing Antarctica, still envy you all the time and extra places you have been able to spend and see during your season with Quark. Thanks for the great posts.

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