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30th July 2008

keepin the dream alive
Your photo's are fabulous and still alittle jealous but it looks like you are having an amazing trip. we just got back from driving out to montana and spent a couple days in glacier national Park. enjoy the glaciers while you can as they are melting at a huge rate. There used to be @137 glaciers in Glacier National Park @ 150 years ago now there are about 5. You should read Pierre Berton story about his mother and her time in the Yukon can't remember the name but It was something like I married the klondike. anyway stay safe with the bears and keep driving. Look forward to more.
6th July 2008

Fantastic photos
Hello world travellers and a sunny day in Sioux Lookout, You two are the smartest of us all - taking the opportunity to see Canada. love the photos and enjoy reading the events of the day. Continue having a great time - life is short. hope to see you back in sioux lookout sometime.
5th July 2008

hi Pat and Kelly
yes, Dave does rock, and yes, gag reflexes are plentiful! Hope all is well in the Peg! We will try our best to have a great time, just for you! haha!
5th July 2008

Dave, you rock!
Dave, you rock and you are my hero! Kelli gagged a little though. Awesome photos. You two are quite possibly the luckiest people in the world. Carry on and have a great time. Keep the photos coming.
11th June 2008

A late reply....
Hi guys...we are still avidly following your adventure, but some of your mail gets into our bulk box, which we usually don't check. We wish we could be there with you, but are content to ooh and aah at your fabulous pics. Stay safe...Love from us.
10th June 2008

thanks Marcy! Glad you are still with us and haven't got earthquaked away! enjoy!
5th June 2008

Love the bumper sticker !!!
Hey guys!! Hilarious bumper sticker and unfortunately, so true!! Your photos are amazingly beautiful and Green Point Beach and the mist leaves us speechless. Keep safe and healthy and keep those pics coming !! Luv ya!
27th May 2008

Some other must sees
We have traveled to Vancouver Is several times and are always in awe of the beauty. Tofino is a great place! I hope you get to the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere. It is amazing. We stayed at a truly wonderful place called the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort & Spa. We stayed in old side-walled tents with little wood burning stoves. We kayaked, hiked, went horseback riding, and whale watching. It was great. Another great place just outside of Victoria is Butchart Gardens. The gardens are incredible and well worth a visit.
16th May 2008

thanks, Sarah! We will look into. We are planning to go cheese and bread shopping today! Hope to see the vaseguy at Saturday's market. Thanks for the comments! T
16th May 2008

Hey guys, There's a guy on the island who makes AMAZING vases out of rock and glass. I think his website is Kory and I bought two to give as wedding gifts but ended up keeping them for ourselves! The Salt Spring Island goat cheese is also fantastic!
10th May 2008

Theresa: Great blog day ! I remember Oosooyoos - loved it - have a picture of me in our rec room (on a rock overlookikng the valley) I've got NEWS ! Just landed a job with Stevens, the medical supplies company ! I start Thursday May 29th by flying to Calgary for a few days ! 60k, all expenses paid + bonus and commission ! Whoooooooooo friggin' hoooooooooooooo, baby ! My Mom and sister coming for a visit from May 22-29th, so I'm really looking forward to that ! Sad to leave the funeral business and U of M, but it's time to focus on one job. I also get to travel to Thompson 2-3 x per year, so we have to chat re: Churchill in fall etc. I'M SO PUMPED and relieved ! I"m going to email my friend Rheona in Salt Spring re: are you planning on going there ? Let me know and I'll see if she can hook up with you ! She has a bachelor apartment attached to a house, so I know she cannot accomodate; but I'm sure she'd love to meet you and show you around (I'd really like her to take you to her friend who is an artist - she's awesome !) Actually every 2nd person is an artist there..... I'll keep in touch ! Be safe ! Have fun ! Maureen :)
29th April 2008

Holy cummoly, Marcy! Just don't fall into the precipice, if the ground opens up! yikes! I'll be sending some good "vibes" your way to help you. Love Theresa
From Blog: Snowy Rockies
29th April 2008

snowy Sioux
Hi Mike and Norma! Glad you are feeling better! Feeling better enough to get the snowshoes on? Haha. Yes that was a huge system, indeed. We got it first! Well, happy healing! The sun is on it's way!
27th April 2008

Beautiful pics !!
Hey guys....what beautiful pictures!! I want some copies of those snowy peaks and the wolf print ( my fav animal after cats of course!!) I know you're having a great time!! We are very nervous right now having dealt with a 4.7 magnitude quake approx 6 miles from our house on Fri. Reno has been experiencing quakes since the last week of Feb and this "swarm" according to seismologists is very unusual, b/c we have had tons of little ones leading up to that big one when it is usually the reverse. Our vehicles are packed with supplies and parked on the driveway ready to go. Aargh...I'd rather be having your adventuree than ours right now !! xoxo Marcy
From Blog: Snowy Rockies
26th April 2008

Hi Theresa/Dave: We have been enjoying your blog, looks like a fun trip so far. All the best for the journey. I am feeling pretty good after the surgery, thanks again for the visit. Bye for now Mike /Norma P.S. We got almost 2 feet of snow last night & it's still snowing. That's your chuckle for the day.
21st April 2008

prairie skies
Hi Jan! Thanks for the comments! It's great to hear from you. I adore the skies of the prairies. You can watch a system approach for days it seems, or watch a sunset light up all the clouds with colour from one end of the horizon to the other...
From Blog: Saskatchewan
20th April 2008

my prairie skies!
I'm so envious of your big adventure - thanks for taking me along via your blog, messages and photos. I loved the Tyrell museum! I miss the grain elevators and the big blue prairie skies (though I hear there is snow in Alberta this weekend - bummer). Can't wait to hear travels!
From Blog: Saskatchewan
18th April 2008

Ross Geller wannabe's!
Hey guys! great to see you are having such a great time and see that there is a little Ross Geller in you Paleontology types. So... been wondering where you guys were and why you had not posted on the blog until I found the "next entry" button at the bottom... yeah... that helped! keep warm... the girls say "hi" M
From Blog: Hayburgers
12th April 2008

very cool, Marcy! Thanks for sharing! T
8th April 2008

Mural at the forks
Hey Reesa and Dave, The Mural at the forks was done by by my godmother's husbands son or grandson (forget which). Last name on the mural should be Valcourt. He is extremely talented and my godmothers husband (Gilles) paints as well. What a small world !!
8th April 2008

looking forward to it! nice photo! T
3rd April 2008

Having fun
Hello you two. How does Dave like the forks, I have been there only once and hoped to go back aain, but never did. LOVE YOU < MOM
27th March 2008

on the road again.......
Here's to you both, safe journey, lots o luck, have fun and get some quick charge batteries for your camera! See you when you get here! T-BO
27th March 2008

Winnipeg Pit Stop Ready and Waiting
Good Morning my mad nomads: All is ready here for your "pit stop" in Winnipeg! I'm so excited for you ! I will definitely sign up to receive your postings along the way and will live vicariously through them ! Travel safe and see you soon, Moe :) :) :)
27th March 2008

Tree and Dave! yet another record of your infamous treks across our known world - how jealous we all are to not be accompanying you..please feel free to stop by in TO where we can all go out fora nice 173 dollar bowl of soup complete with a side order of smug disdain and feigned hospitality! safe out there! ---Alxxx
From Blog: pre-trip stuff

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