Connie Hunter


Connie Hunter

I'm off to Peru! Here is the link to the organisation I'll be volunteering for:
This one perhaps gives a better idea of what I'll actually be doing:

I'll be in Trujillo, Peru for 2 months, then Tom will be flying out to meet me in early April, and then we'll be travelling for hopefully 4-6 weeks.

My phone number wont be working so if you want to get in contact please email; I will have a local sim card but it'll cost me many monies for people to call me.

That's about it! I'll try to keep my entries as short but interesting as possible! Lots of love to everyone.

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region May 20th 2009

Hello all, for what could be our last blog... We arrived in La Serena after having spent 16 hours on a night bus, our longest bus journey, and also the nicest one. We decided to go with the friendly man advertising his hostel at the bus station since we didn't know where we wanted to stay, and it turned out to be an excellent decision. Definitely the most friendly and welcoming hostel we've been to. It looked like we were living in this nice lady's house, and using her kitchen and her rooms, but she seemed incredibly happy to have us there. We had a wander round La Serena, and were surprised to find ourselves surrounded by malls, huge department stores and expensive shops: we felt like we'd accidentally stepped into North America. We decided to ... read more
la serena
la serena
la serena

Hello all, sorry for the recent dry spell blog-wise, we've been awfully busy trying to fit in as much as possible in the time we have left, plus we got rather sick of internet cafes. So after the initial fuss of getting into chile from bolivia (see previous blog) we spent a pretty relaxing 5 days in San Pedro de Atacama - a small village consisting almost entirely of one-storey adobe buildings. We arrived around lunch time and after finding a place to stay walked around the small streets looking for somewhere to eat. this was only complicated by the fact that after we'd ordered our food we realised we had no money. so after 2 attempts I (Tom) managed to get some, only to return to find connie eating my salmon thinking it was chicken! ... read more

Hello all So we´re back in Chile! In San Pedro de Atacama which so far we love, but more about that next time. From where we were in Putre we managed to flag down a bus headed for La Paz, and luckily they had just enough room! And a hot meal which was a first. Crossing over the border wasn´t too exciting other than there seemed to be quite a bit of land in between the Chilean border control and the Bolivian man´s land? Who knows, but it was true what everyone had told us about Bolivia. The landscape just immediately got more interesting, as you (might) see from the photos. Arriving in La Paz was slightly disorientating, since we were forced against our first instinct when we got off the bus (retrieve the bags) ... read more
road to la paz
road to la paz- very tiring
road to la paz

Hello all once again, unfortunately this entry is going to be slightly more concise than usual as we're very short on time. who would have guessed rural mountain villages weren't the best place to find a reliable, fast and open internet connection? So since we last blogged we took the bus to tacna on the peru-chile border and then took a colectivo across to arica on the other side. It was with a fond farewell that we left peru, connie especially was sad to leave as shes had so much time to know the country and its people. We also didn't immedietly fall in love with chile as arica is not the most charming place and everything seemed to be closed. Oh and we got ouur first gringo shout of the whole trip. We also struggled ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa April 30th 2009

Hola desde Arequipa! So we arrived here at about 4 in the morning. We had our fingers crossed our hostel of choice would be open, but alas it was not. So our taxi man took us to one just around the corner, and its been fine. They´re very friendly and we have a roof top terrace/kitchen again great for making our own meals. We slept for about 3 hours before getting up to explore the town, which is indeed very pretty as all the books say. Most of the buildings in Arequipa are made from the white volanic stone found in abundance round here due to the several volcanoes overshadowing the city. For the first time we feel like we´re in an actual city, where there are actual things to do and where Peruvians go out ... read more
arequipa plaza de armas

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island April 30th 2009

Hola all! So after our exhausting Inca Trail experience we planned to play it cool for about a week to reboot and relax. Although in the end that meant lots of night bus journeys (possibly the worse way to catch up on sleep) and a growing awareness of time slipping away. Before we took the night bus to puno the day after finishing the inca trail we planned a relaxing day of blogging, laundrying and catching up with some friends made on the trail. The day quickly developed into a maelstrom of organisational chaos - the computers were slow and continuously deleted our attempted photo uploads and finding out bus times and booking them turned out to be much more complicated than planned, meaning we might even miss picking up our laundry. We were given different ... read more
captain makes coca leaf offering to the lake

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail April 21st 2009

Hola!!! If you´re reading this then you know we survived! A very challenging, if not as hard as we feared, 4 days. We had a really fun time, met lots of lovely people and saw many amazing sights. So now we shall begin to regail with our story of the Inca Trail and we shall start at the place most appropriate; the beginning. So the night before our departure we were told that our bus would come by the hostel between 6 and 6 30 and naturally connie actually believed this (bear in mind she's been her for more than 2 and half months) and decided we should wake up at 4 45 in preparation. All this meant is that we were ready to leave by 5 30 and waited in the hostel reception till 7 ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco April 16th 2009

Back so soon? you cry, well we thought we´d split things up, to help out those of you who hate the old really long blogs. After the tour we took we decided to move to a different hostel, and we made a really good choice other than the whole sporadic hot water situation. We have a bigger room, our own bathroom, free internet and kitchen access for cheaper than the other place. We decided to do some of our own cooking while we´re in one place for long enough to save the old pennies. We´ve spent lots of time looking at museums, (mostly the free ones though, and when I say free I mean included in the 130 soles you have to pay if you want to see any tourist attractions in Cusco. However, the best ... read more
tom + moray

South America » Peru » Cusco » Sacred Valley April 16th 2009

And so began the longest journey of our lives. It started better than we had anticipated when the bus finally arrived; looking rather like a real bus, rather than the tin can we'd been expecting. However, we saw the result of our cost-cutting almost immedietley; limited leg room, burning radiators overcompensating for the cold outside, and "50 First Dates" in Spanish did not bode well (Adam Sandler is even creepier in spanish.) And of course we'll never forget the sound of a mother and child vomiting in sequence all night. We got about 3 hours sleep each and arrived in Cusco at about 10 am the next day, our bags smelling oddly of fish. We had decided on our hostel beforehand and so went straight up to downtown Cusco to get a room. The hostel didn{t ... read more
the road to cusco
the road to cusco

South America » Peru » Ica April 12th 2009

Hola from Connie and Tom! Well I arrived in Lima relatively stress free, but all that was about to change! I waited for an hour for my taxi to take me to the hostel and after having phoned them 3 times, quite angrily, they told me I'd have to get my own taxi. This didn't fill me with confidence about them picking up Tom at 11pm, so I kicked up a fuss and managed to get a discount on our room and made sure someone was there for Tom. We didn't plan to stay in Lima for any time at all really because it's absolutely huge (approx population 9 million) so it would take a lot of time and money to see it properly. So on our first day in the morning we walked around the ... read more
road to ica

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