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31st May 2011

you look like me in this picture!
27th April 2011

Happy Be-Lated Easter!
Colleen, you are, by far, the cutest person on the planet and I'd like to meet the person that says otherwise. Love your blogs! and photos! Miss you tons! Looks like Easter was a blast in NZ, I def. love the Ginger poster. Have fun and be safe. Mel :D PS Spring shipping is upon us... EG, PBS... Ahhhhhhhhhhh. lol
26th April 2011

Jonathan Dancing
Hi Mara- I am so glad your enjoying the blogs. Jonathan did dance the night away I think he out danced me that night.
From Blog: River Valley
25th April 2011

photos are amazing and I am so jealous. But did Jonathan REALLY dance the night away??? mara
From Blog: River Valley
19th April 2011

Nice views
From Blog: River Valley
11th April 2011

Taupo and Raglan
Hey there Colleen! Lovin' the blog - crikey dick! surprised you didn't get a dose of the colly wobbles while at the surf beach! Weather finally starting to warm up here, time to pack away the jumpers. You'll be home and hosed before you know it, so keep liivin the dream girlie! Love ya! Babs 'n Lou
31st March 2011

Pink Satin
No.... he was just a little bonus at the bar only guy dressed up I think he lost a bet ;)
31st March 2011
The Bus Driver- Guy

Hmm, Colleen ..... I assume that the bus driver guy is the one in blue. Now about the background guy in the pink sateen number? Is he a native Kiwi too?
10th March 2011

love to you from switzerland to new zealand
Hi Colleen so good to hear you are enjoying Nelson!! we are having fun here in switzerland, toured the first few days, now in Neuchatel for the competiton,it is a absolutley beautiful here...mountains and water everywhere. You can email me here on my hotmail address, I check it every day. love you...keep having fun!! glad you have postponed the job hunt..enjoy the summertime fun!! love you and miss you mom
From Blog: Life in Nelson
3rd March 2011

Looks great
Hey I thought we where having a good time in AZ but it looks like your's is bettter Have fun
26th February 2011

NZ codes
Hi There Well I completely understand what you are saying now and I was mistaken yesterday for a local so I must be picking up the culture. I am currently poolside typing this message so the vaccation is not over yet! Pictures to come soon I hope!
From Blog: The East Coast
26th February 2011

Oh Colleen, it sounds like your group is a real box of budgies. Surprised you didn't chund after the whale watching expedition. Hopefully your not in a bit of a skint and can vacation for a little longer, while you're looking for a "sponsor". Hooray for now!
From Blog: The East Coast
19th February 2011

What a perfect picture. It's simply gorgeous!!
From Blog: Photos
17th February 2011

Seriously Colleen, what we said about living vicariously through your adventures? - well we are having a blast!! Not sure I'm up for the bungee swing though, so it's okay if Jon takes that one. Nice to also see that you are keeping up the family tradition in flipcup - your cousins would be very proud. Looking forward to seeing the pics! Luv ya!
10th February 2011

I Heart YOU
This is amazing! Good thing I'm a heart expert and I can tell that you're in the aorta.
From Blog: Stray Tours
6th February 2011

just livin the dream eh
6th February 2011

Schnookie! The pics are amazing from Wellington. I laughed a lot picturing you driving the yaris on the wrong side of the road. That is one sick ride. Good to hear about the girl to guy ratio. Glad it's in your favour. Work it!
5th February 2011

fun in the sun:):)
yes we are all jealous that you are in sunny warm NZ...we are getting lots of snow and cold here!! miss to hear of your travels, loved the pictures of " you and John jumping off the building":):).....have you found a shagonwagon yet:) love, mom
5th February 2011

I knew you would love that photo! Had a beer on the beach in a hot tub just for you girl - skype soon! miss u
4th February 2011

just talked to pa.. no update today.. must be enjoyinng the sun! soooo jealous im in a winter wonderland..... MISSSS YOU!! letsss skypee sooon :)
3rd February 2011

ahh it looks so much nicer than when i was there. It was so rainy the whole time! love it! so excited for you!
From Blog: Auckland
2nd February 2011

Blog immediately when you land in NZ please. ha
2nd February 2011

Welcome to NZ!!!
Hey girl! I hope you had a safe flight!!! and I hope you are having a beer on the beach for me soon!!
31st January 2011

Bon Voyage Colleen
Hooray! "Good on ya, mate. You deserve a chocolate fish" - now you're going to have to look that one up! Have a corker of a time, you're no piker, experience the haul and remember - some dunnys are long-drops!! love ya! Babs 'n Lou
From Blog: Goodbye Bash

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