Richard McAllen


Richard McAllen

I'm in search of an advanced ancient civilisation with authors Chris Dunn and David Childress in Peru/Bolivia.

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima January 25th 2011

Woke up at 5am (with about an hour of sleep because I was so pumped up), and got to the airport a little before 8. At the security checkpoint (Reagan) I was stopped, taken into a small room, where a man put on plastic gloves and told me he was going to search me. Naturally I wasn't exactly thrilled, but it was just a hard pat down. Then they brought out this probe looking thing and I got REALLY scared! Thankfully it was just to search for black powder residue. My flight was then delayed until 11. When I got to Newark I actually made it through security without incident, but boarding the plane was a different story. First, I was stopped by a woman working for the TSA and questioned for about 5 minuets, not ... read more

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