Two of five sisters are joining forces and traveling on an adventure of a life time ! Cairo and Tanzania with 5-day safari !

Africa » Tanzania August 17th 2009

Hi it's Eileen here. Cindy and I have survived our 3 week African Adventure and boy do we have stories to tell. Be sure to let us know how detailed you want the "goat" story. My husband almost had to pull off the side of the road on the way home from the airport as Cindy and I gave "too Many details" in his opinion! We are getting back to our normal life after the fabulous adventures. We promise to compress the video and photos before making any of you sit through them. We hope you enjoyed our little blogs. We were so excited throughout our trip and wanted to share it with all of you! Now back to laundry for me!... read more

Africa August 15th 2009

Yep we are home 12-hours before planned ! We left Arusha, Shannon, and Bariki on.... let's see what day was that - oh yeah, Thursday afternoon. After a brunch with Bariki's parents, Shannon's boss Alice, and Bariki's brother Solo we were treated to some Maasai dancing by not only Bariki and Solo, but Mamma too. It was a great send off. We left Arusha for our overnight stay in Dar Es Saalam after a stop off in the exotic white sands of Zanzibar .... Eileen just wanted to sneek off the plane for a little beach time, but alas it was only a stop off of 15-minutes. Next morning at 7:25am.... Friday, which was yesterday but seems ages ago .... we caught our South African Air flight to Johnnesburg-South Africa....4-hour flight. A little more shopping (yes, ... read more

Africa August 12th 2009

Jambo Friends and Family - We just returned from a fabulous 24 hour adventure. Started off with meeting up with Shannon's WeMa boss Alice as we drove to the school they are sponsoring - Esilalei Primary. Some students walk 4-hours to and from school ! There are about 400 students ranging from 5-17 year olds covering 1st to 7th grade....30-60 students per class. We met up with the English teacher, spent time with the kids while they ate breakfast (maze and water), visited 1st, 7th and 5th talking to the kids individually, looking at their work was a very humbling experience that we too look forward to helping. We then saw the land that Alice will be building a lodge on Lake Manyara. OK...the next is not for the queasy. We had our Maasai goat ... read more

Africa August 10th 2009

Since we have been back in Arusha we enjoyed one of their holidays "nane nane" (8/8 or Aug 8th). It is a holiday celebrating agriculture here in Tanzania. It is like our state/county fairs....without the rides. We learned about how the goat hides are processed .... takes about a month. We purchased jewlery, pillow covers, goat skin picture frame , sandles, and then some glasses, forks, and cutting knife for Shannon and Bariki. It was fun to pick out what we wanted and for Shannon and Bariki to negotiate ... she holds her own quite well that impresses the locals...and us. That evening we had our wild game night eating Eland ( a large moose that we saw in Ngorongoro Crater ... first we see, then we eat ). Afterwards we went and watched cultural dancing ... read more

Africa August 7th 2009

We had a safari of a lifetime !!!!!!! We saw 65-lions, yes 65 ... 34 in one day ! We broke our guides 9-1/2 year record. We saw a lion catch a zebra, others eating the kill, vultures finishing off. we saw a lion on the hunt with her two cubs...what excitement. The beauty of this land -- it is great. One World Safari Tours had a great program set up for us....niece Shannon planned the best trip - Tarangire, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro. The sunsets were great on the Sarengeti. Ohhhhh the leopards, cheetahs, wildebeast, zebras, and soooooo much more. We are having fun ! Today was the market, tomorrow a hike, an Monday Massai boma. Not sure when the internet will allow another blog, but don't worry we are having the absolute best time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... read more

Africa August 1st 2009

Hamjambo ! Our day began with breakfast on Shannon & Bariki's beautiful outside porch before we ventured out to the local weekend market. All the freshly picked vegetables and fruits are too numerous to mention except to say they have the biggest avacados we have ever seen. We saw chickens being carried by their legs to the bus after purchase, sugar cane, potato, maze, rice and more. So many women and girls carrying a variety of items on their heads... including bunches of plantains. It is amazing how they can carry so many different items - laundry, just piles of socks, food, baskets.... just so many things. We bought fabric for some skirts - many colors and designs to pick from. We had a great lunch of chicken, fish and beef with rice, beans, avacado, and ... read more

Africa July 31st 2009

We were greeted this morning by our niece Shannon and her boyfriend Bariki at the Arusha Airport after landing safely from our propeller airplane. We have already gone out for a nice lunch and are sitting in their "One World Safari Tours" office wonderfully decorated showing the beautiful of this country. We now know WE ARE IN Africa ! Can not wait for this fun to continue ! xo ... read more

Africa July 29th 2009

We don't know where to start. Yesterday was a day of awe - pyramids, sphinx, tombs.... You can not appreciate until you are here these magnificent structures - to stand next to them, touch, climb up - in - down in some of the oldest stuctures in the world. It was an experience we will remember forever. Don't know where to start about today. We met up with Dr. Hawass who was busy writing his new book, but took the time to make arrangements for us to see some of the more important sights we had not experienced. He sent us off in his car with driver to pick up Dr. Mostafa, Director of Islamic Administration from Dr. Zahi's office. We started off at the Religious Complex in Old Cairo where we were greeted by Lydia ... read more

Africa July 28th 2009

We only have 10 min before our tour of the Pyramids and more. It is Tues morning and we were awoken by Dad calling to tell us about Dr Hawass. (Top Egyptologist in all of Egypt - he is the one who unwraps and was recently in San Francisco) WE SPOKE TO HIM THIS MORNING ! Tomorrow we meet at 10:30 am in his office ! Last night we had a restaurant to ourselves ! We tried lots of different Egyptian dishes and enjoyed 20-musicians and dancers in our own private show. They needed two volunteers ... you will never know who they were. After a bottle of Egyptian wine we were more than happy to comply. We never laughed and enjoyed ourselves so much as this night brought great memories. Earlier in the day we ... read more

Africa July 26th 2009

Yes we have arrived ! After landing in Denver we took off for London where Eileen was frisked due to Ipod in pocket....and what a frisk it was ! We then loaded into a 500+ seater Egypt Air filled with many nationalities and only a few Americans. Our tour company picked us up and gave us a mini tour as we dodged cars, pedestrians, and more and more and more and more cars on the way to our hotel. WHAT an experience ! This place is awake 24-hours and if it wasn't dark, you would never know it is nearly 1am Monday...wait a minute didn't we leave Saturday at 2pm from Oakland ?!?! We have already been asked if we are American actresses in the elevator ... and in our tired looked condition that's a sorry ... read more

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