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25th November 2009

good to hear about it chuff, stay smiling and stay positive, sounds like a great experience you will always remember doing and learn lots from. must meet up when you are home please, whenever that will be! xxxxx
21st September 2009

More blogs please
Great sunset pics, must have been awesome. More blogs please to brighten up our winter x
3rd August 2009

Hi Bro! Not had the net for a while so just been catchin up on your blogs...I'm exhausted now. Def an epic journey. They always make me laugh, bless ya. Am please you are back on track with the fun thang. <<<<>>>> K xxx
From Blog: Snakes on a Trek
11th July 2009

That last comment about thailand was from me btw! woops!! Hannah x
11th July 2009

im glad u are better chuff! cant believe u went to hospital!! I am fly to thailand and monday, going to cambodia briefly but will be travelling down to the thai islands for the full moon party on the 6th august - just to let u know incase u go back to thailand in the next month!! take care and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx
11th July 2009

Hi Chuff! Just caught up on the last four or five posts - the pics are amazing - can you get me one of those Cambodian hats?! You look so good in yours that I want one too! Sorry to hear that you've been so ill. I had gastroenteritis when I was in Israel and I can still remember the stomach cramps now - it hurt a lot, so I feel your pain! Glad to hear you were taken care of though, and I hope you're back having fun now! Thanks for all the updates - they are pretty amusing as usual! The last week of school starts on Monday, so obviously I'll be a lot happier once my summer has started! 6 weeks of freedom! Isn't much in comparison to the six months you've been having... but then I've never had to work in a Library... I'm clearly rambling, so I will go, but I love you lots, and wish you weren't so far away!! xxxxxxxxxxx
7th July 2009

Hi Bro, It's good to hear you're feeling better and back on the move. The whole 'beating someone until they're unconscious' bit does worry me slightly though. I can't believe all the stuff you've experienced so far but still seem like the same person I waved goodbye to at the airport all those months ago (soz, feeling a bit emotional this evenin, lol). I hope you meet back up with Kev ok (it's good to know you're with a friend) and keep having loadsa fun. Miss ya K xxx
7th July 2009

Oh, poor Chuff, that sounds totally rotten! Hope you're ok now and not too traumatised by the experience. DId you have travel buddies with you? I guess it's a nearly inevitable aspect of travelling... Can you do skype? If so, let's talk soon! Lots of love xxx
1st July 2009

Just caught up with last 2 blogs - most entertaining, as usual. I feel I'm there with you (well, almost!) xx
12th June 2009

OK, I admit it, I've been avoiding reading the blog because I'm too jealous of how much fun you're having! But I'm glad I've come back (obv!) Your wonderful tales of dives and divas (you) have made me laugh and I don't hate you for having such an amazing time (well, not much anyway!) The diving sounds incredible - and i loved the story of nearly getting the bends - glad there was someone there to make sure you remembered to breathe! Have fun in Asia and be in touch when you can. Love you loads xxxxxx
10th June 2009

Pete! I am so jealous! Have been following your exploits all along, but this time I am truly jealous. Currently half-way through my open water dive in Cornwall and I can assure you, it is not nearly so crawling with life! And turtles :-D Right, crazy girl excitement over. Glad you're having a good time, and hope that working out there goes well. Any plan what kind of job you're thinking of? Take care xxx
9th June 2009

Wow, that sounds pretty cool. I did an open water course in Koh Tao and it was amazing too! You should def go diving there. Schweet. We're off to KL tomo and then to Singapore- you should wait around for a couple of days...
22nd May 2009

Thanks for the PC. (Arrived ages ago, but lovely to hear from you) Hope that card loss etc is now a distant memory. So maybe we will not be seeing you in July as previously planned!??x
From Blog: On me tod
20th May 2009

Chuffy! I'm sad to hear about your wallet being stolen but at least its sorted now. I'm excited about your plans to stay in Aus after Asia maybe you could have a little trip over to NZ?!? hehe Love you lots xxx (We are in Cambodia wooo:) )
From Blog: On me tod
12th May 2009

Chuff! I'm so glad you enjoyed NZ, I'm really really looking forward to the place of Kiwi's. Your blog made me chuckle. Miss you lots xx
11th May 2009

spiggin awesome idea!
Come and live in devon with me!! Lol X
27th April 2009

Aaaah how cute!
The koala that is! And I like the sound of Winkipop Beach, and Bells Beach of course! xx
20th April 2009

Ha ha
Ok, so this blog has made me laugh the most, cos, you're right, it doesn't make sense, in parts (read the drinkin bit again lol) but I totally undertand what you're sayin! All the pics are ok btw So so amazed by all the things you've done. Well done brave bro :+)) Look forward to the next instalment of the new chapter!! Wooohooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Oh and lush pic of you and (huh) Kate btw lol. Loadsa love from your sis xxxxxxxxx
20th April 2009

"I had thort my drinking improved with drink. then changed it to being better when i'm sober." Were you drunk when you wrote this? Or am I just being silly in not quite understanding it? heehee I was going to email you about something really important the other day, but now I've forgotten what it was about, damn! Safe journey to Oz my dear! xx
4th April 2009

Franz Josef looks fabulous - I wanna be there!
From Blog: Woop Woop
1st April 2009

AHHHHHHH this got me so excited! Being such a lord of the rings freak I'm so excited!!! I'm glad your having such a wicked time, I can't wait to go to NZ one day. You can tell me all the best places to run around. Keep up the good work lovely, especially more stories about quirky cats ;)
27th March 2009

That whole entry made me laugh out loud! You jumped out of an airplane? you crazy man.
26th March 2009

******* ****! And give my regards to the cat xx
23rd March 2009

Haha I love your description of thje glow worms! xx

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