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Europe » Spain April 1st 2011

Geo: 40.4167, -3.70327so glad we woke up and went back out tonight. after an hour or two nap, Tom stopped back by and we did a little touring and a little shopping and of course a lot of walking. 18,000 steps today, all walking. Ugh.Tom introduced us to Churros (see pic) this yummy long bready pastry thing with powdered sugar and they give you a cup full of chocolate sauce to dip them in. that was dinner for us. Tom is going back to MJs and she is cooking a 10pm dinner for her crowd, I plan to be sound asleep by then, and I can't believe I am still awake now. it is 8 pm here.Tomorrow is another adventureBummer. The sleeping pills didn't work on the plane for either Chris or I. I was about ... read more
Yumm, Churros

Europe » Spain April 1st 2011

Geo: 40.4167, -3.70327We have arrived safely. got into Madrid about 7 am this morning and have been going, going ever since. we are exhausted and have returned to the hotel to relax. it is 3:15pm here and 8:15 am at home. i am ready for bed. luckily our room was ready for us when we arrived so we were able to settle in. Our room is great. we have a small suite since Mary is sharing with me and Dot. Huge bathroom, great towels and linens. separate living area for Mary and a mini fridge.the adventure started at the Madrid airport, in the bathroom, of course. Mary couldn't figure out the soap dispenser and ended up with soap all over the walls. However, so far' compared to Italy, the bathrooms get an A+. No holes yet. ... read more
Madrid (1)
Madrid (2)
Madrid (3)

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis March 27th 2011

Geo: 38.6385, -90.3026It's getting closer. We leave Thursday afternoon for Chicago. There, we will meet up with Tom and Mary, and we will all be on the same flight to Madrid. We arrive in Madrid early Friday morning. Can't wait to try sleeping on the plane, ugh. And then trying to keep up with Mary and Tom.Gary comes home Tuesday to take care of the doggies while we are gone.My cell phone won't work over there, so I am not taking it. I have an international cell phone for emergencies. ($0.69 per minute). If anyone needs to reach us, here is how you dial from the USA:011 44 7718 860 979We will be checking email periodically, and of course, we will blog if the internet/ipad all works like it should.I have been working on my languages: ... read more

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