South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos » Amazon Rainforest March 6th 2012

Hola Todos! I have spent the last week in the Amazon rain forest. It was great! Although originally I had planned to go with my friend César, he couldn’t go at the last minute… But there’s nothing wrong with traveling alone. From what I have experienced, lots of people chose to travel that way (but not necessarily to the jungle, haha). The city I went to was called Iquitos. It is in one of the northern-most provinces of Peru and is adjacent to the Brazilian Amazon rain forest. Iquitos is the largest city in the world that had no land route; or in other words, you need to take a plane or boat to get there. Although the boat rides are dirt cheap, I chose to go by plane. The flight was only about an hour ... read more

South America February 14th 2012

(Scroll all the way down to the bottom to see more pictures) Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Tonight be and Cesar are going out to dinner. He has been sick and I have had really bad sunburn (as you can see from the picture!) so we have not seen each other much lately. Anyways, so I learned a few interesting things this week.. - Lima, Peru and Washington, DC are on the same longitude line. Don’t believe me? Check it out! If you go directly south from DC you would eventually reach me. Pretty cool, in my opinion. -The city is doing transportation reform over the next 3 months. This means all the privately owned buses will be forced to work for the government on fixed salaries. This is generally accepted as a good thing. It is ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima February 9th 2012

Today I went to a beach called Punta Negra (Black Point) with Cesar. It took a little bit of convincing, but in the end he couldn't resist the call of the hot southern sun. We headed south down the highway along the coast. Lima itself has several beaches but being so close to the city, they just aren't as appealing. I would compare it to swimming in the Potomac or Anacostia next to DC... After about an hour and 15 minutes we arrived. Cesar had never been there so we weren't exactly sure what to expect. The area just off the coast was very poor. The houses (or shacks) were rundown and everything seemed kind of bleak; even with the beautiful weather. Miles and miles of beautiful coast lined up with poor shacks... this definitely was ... read more
My room
A look from outside my window

South America » Colombia » Bogota February 2nd 2012

Alrighty so I just want to start this off and say a few things. Thank you to my Momma, Grandma, and Washington College for making this trip possible. It is sure to be a great time! I was in Peru from August 2011 until December 2011 for the fall semester equvilent at WAC. Well yesterday I was suppost to take my flight at 3:30pm to Bogota by 9pm. From there have a 45 minute layover and leave to Lima at 10:30pm. As I have found out, flights with Avianca don't really follow any kind of schedule. My original flight was an hour late. They assured us that we would still make the connection flight in Bogota (How? I don't know). But of course we missed it. I met a pretty lady named Ana who was also ... read more

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