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12th April 2014
Sea Flower Resort

Thanks for this blog, but do you happen to have the contact detail of this Sea Flower Resort? thanks much!
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2nd July 2013
Sea Flower Resort

card stolen
Im sure my kraditcards got stolen from the staff in sea flower resort on Kho Chang, im very angry and disappointed! They wont see me again!!!
From Blog: Beach Babes!
3rd January 2013

Love your story
I loved reading you're blog and pleased to read that you saw so many animals. My boyfriend and I are looking forward to our trip in March and hope to see as many as you did! If you have anymore tips please contact me.
16th January 2013

Thank you Eveline. I hope you have a wonderful time. It is a stunning country and Yala is amazing. I wish we had the chance (and money) to visit more of the National parks. We have travelled a lot but have never seen the amount of beautiful creatures, in one country, that we saw in Sri Lanka.
11th September 2012
Sea Flower Resort

Dangerous/bad place to stay
If you want to avoid to get robbed your electronics and money, or get a another bad vacation experience, never check in this place. Sea Flower Resort, Koh Chang Thailand is now BLACKLISTED. I stayed there for a week, the people who are working there are good at playing nice, in reality they are not honest, they break in into their own bongalows and they use some fake cambo/thai policeteam without id or uniforms to solve the problems. Girls should also be more careful as the locals are very charming players and easily get under the skin of some backpacker girls, who then are the easy victim to get robbed or drug raped. Its up to every single person do what they think, but from my and other friends experience its not at all a recommended place.
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16th January 2013
Sea Flower Resort

Sea Flower
Really sorry you had a bad time but we stayed there for nearly a month and loved it, we met many travellers and not one had a bad word to say, apart from the chaotic booking. Our very good friends from France also stayed over Xmas and New year and they are young party animals and they also loved it. I hope to visit again later this year so I hope yours was not a true reflection, just an unfortunate incident, and if you are another resort trying to badmouth Sea Flower on my blog then 'get a life.'
From Blog: Beach Babes!
16th April 2012

Another good entry thank you! And no mention of the inflated ticket prices in the press here...on the positive, I'm glad Lisa has discovered the highlights of the game!!!! Anna x
23rd March 2012

Through other's eyes
Thank you so much for your blog especially this part which has just opened my mind and flooded it with the memories of one of the best holidays I have ever had. I seriously think I could live in Sri Lanka I loved the country so much. Try and eat bread fruit curry whilst you are there, it's delicious. Looking forward to your next installment. Jax xx
3rd March 2012

well it all looks amazing and so clear , i cant believe that we saw some of those black spiny looking jelly fish at the sealife centre last week , it really brngs it home to one that your climate is so so different and Masterchef was in thailand . non peng ( ?spelling )with 4 of them learning thai cooking skills .looks so interesting all my love mum
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17th February 2012

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23rd January 2012

Fabulous that the blog is back, do keep having the time of your lives so I can enjoy reading about it! xx
From Blog: Here we go again
23rd January 2012

Lovely to see you off and away again. I look forward to hearing more of your travels. xx
From Blog: Here we go again
23rd January 2012

happy chinese new year
Hi guys I just love reading your updates although it does make me think about the fact that I am stuck here at my desk with another week on the merry-go-round of life that we carve for ourselves. You really are inspirational and when I find some time to travel you will definitely be better than any lonely planet book as a source of information. Have a great time, enjoy all of the experiences and keep writing to show all of us wage slaves what a wonderful world there really is out there. best wishes Jax xx
From Blog: Here we go again
23rd January 2012

You jammy b******
Am soooo envious with "destination sunshine". Sounds like it's going to be a great trip and I look forward to your blogs. JO xx
From Blog: Here we go again
17th January 2012
Trust me it's safe

This has got to be the coolest picture on TravelBlog!
7th July 2011

You are both so selfish...Now you have insisted on ending your travels, what am I going to read regularly to both entertain and educate me on the world??!! Can't believe you have stopped!!!! Shall miss these updates a lot, thank you.
5th June 2011
Recently Uncovered

nice one ;-)
26th May 2011

Thanks for all the comments, it's great to know one person is reading them xx
17th May 2011

Thank you thank you for yet more interesting and informative blogs....I hope they shall keep coming from sunny Weybiza ha ha! x
31st March 2011

we made it into the tea plantation, but it was just like a big building with a few leaves going through the various staages. It was rubbish to be fair! The best bit was sitting in the cafe drinking the tea and watching the workers in the fields below. amazing. The Strawberry fam was similar with the this is where we grow the Strawberries, come and have some ice cream. Glad your having fun. Keep on Keeping on. xx
8th March 2011

Little Gem
It was called Sea Cliff Resort. All the maps will have it, the office is a little away from the resort. Great pool & great value. Cheers
7th March 2011

Little Gem
Hi guys, Can you please give me the name of the "little gem" of a place you stayed in on Ko Phangan? The one with the pool. Thanks, Gavin
3rd March 2011

Great Write Up
Hi Chris & Lisa, it was great meeting up with you in Thailand and sampling the "backpacking" lifestyle! We are both looking forward to seeing you again in old blighty and arranging another "exotic" rendezvous. Enjoy the rest of your travels, Rich & Di.
16th February 2011

I am sure that the hair cut will add to the beauty of the place for everyone else if not for you lisa , sounds much too relaxing to be your holiday , quite amazing beauty and people love mum and dad
3rd February 2011

Cheers Jo. We visited the Elephant conservation centre for 2 days last time. And as you'll see in the latest installment cooking and Pai featured heavily. Take Care. xx

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