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Chris Bennett: Failed lawyer, future ruler of the world. First love is cricket, second love, frisbee as it seems to make her happy.

Charlie Fisher: Charlie wears the trousers. Likes frisbee a tad too much. Bit sad. I didn't write that. Signed Chris. x

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Chang February 2nd 2011

So we arrived at Bangkok airport and took a taxi for a 60 mile journey, when it cost 10 pounds between us we thought okay, Thailand seems to be pretty cheap. We didn't realise the half of it. Our hotel for our first night was called the Royal Hotel, it was huge, had a pool, was right in the middle of the tourist spots and obviously it had been quite a pretty hotel although it was a tiny touch past its prime and at 20 quid a night we thought we had got a great deal, as it would turn out, there were better deals in Thailand to be had! On our first day we hit backpackers central a.k.a. Khao San Road. This place was crazy, market stalls, performers, bars etc etc etc. It was also ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park November 11th 2010

After failing Kilimanjaro Chris felt the need to be able to do something he wouldn't find too taxing. Sitting in the back of a 4x4 for 5 days sounded like a good idea. Day 1: Lake Manyara We met our tour guide Arthur who we instantly fell in love with purely due to the fact he was a different person to our head guide on Kilimanjaro. Before talking about safari we feel the need to mention what a great guide he was. He was exceptionally knowledgeable on animals, political matters and anything else for that matter. With the Tanzanian elections taking place at the end of the month he updated Chris and Charlie on the issues that really mattered. He was a funny and charming man who always had a smile on his face and a ... read more

Africa October 29th 2010

Kilimanjaro... our 6 day stroll up a big hill in Tanzania. Day 1 So to start with a bit of background information, we decided out of the numerous routes to take up kilimanjaro, we thought it best to take on the fiendishly named "coca cola route" aka the Marangu Route. We had the choice between whisky, vodka, fanta and coca cola. We thought fanta sounded a bit, well, erm poofy. However, we were definetly too chicken to take on a alcohol based route. This would take us 6 days to climb. We met our guide the day before our trek. To call him so laid back he was horizontal would be an understatement. Bad luck on our part, to conpensate for Tom's (our guide) lack of chatter we instead received a funny, charming but somehow occasionally ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha October 15th 2010

Hello to everyone. Will just start off with a little overview of our adventure! To quickly update anyone who doesn't already know, we are travelling Tanzania for 2 weeks followed by 7 weeks of unlimited pad thai (tad pole to those less well educated) whilst discovering the numerous beaches on the coasts of Thailand. We are then travelling around Australia for 6 weeks watching us take home the Ashes and then followed by 6 weeks in New Zealand hopefully scrounging off those family and friends we have there! We then have 2 weeks in Fiji to conclude our travels! More on that closer to the dates of course, no need to bore you with the details just yet! So to current events... WE'RE STILL ALIVE! After leaving sobbing parents who were begging us not to go ... read more

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