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I live in Mackay, in beautiful Queensland, however have spent some time exploring other areas. Responsilbe travel is something I feel quite strongly about.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mount Surprise April 19th 2014

We headed off from Townsville to Undara Lava tubes on Thursday before Easter. Travelled west from Townsville on the Harvey's Range road. First stop was Greenvale, not very exciting but very clean loos at the servo. Had a bite of lunch at The Lynd junction. Fuel was fairly reasonably priced and not too different from Townsville. Road was very busy with others heading off for a camping weekend like we were. After almost 5 hours we pulled into the Lava Tubes resort. We had booked a powered site at $18 per person. Perhaps a little expensive by camping standards especially as we only used the power for the Waeco and to recharge the phones. On Fridau morning we did the half day tour. it was OK but again $100per person which could be seen as being ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Preah Vihear September 27th 2013

Preah Vihear - I had never heard of this area. It's the site of a magnificent temple that the Thai and Cambodians have been fighting over for a very long time. We bought tickets for a 4WD trip up the mountain. This was about $20 for us all to pile in the back of a HiLux, or the like and travel up this road. Sreyda had previously bought items such as noodles, cigarettes and water. We were wondering what these were for. As we travelled up the road, we distributed the food etc to the soldiers that were on the frontline. Army is not well paid in Cambodia, and these soldiers were very grateful for the food that we took with us. It was a little confronting (again) to witness this. At the top of the ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central September 26th 2013

After leaving Phnom penh we headed of to Owen and Sreyda's home village. It was a wonderful thing that they opened their home and hearts for us. We never would have been able to experience a time in a Kmer village otherwise. We were able to distribute more shirts along the way and thankfully the bag is growing lighter with every visit to a school or orphanage. Some children are not orphans as such, rather their parents leave them so that they can go off to work. some families work at factories in the cities and are not in a position to lookaftert heir children. We did meet several children who did not have any family. the amazing thing is that these kids were clean and happy. In some cases they attend the local school. On ... read more

Asia » Cambodia September 11th 2013

In just over a week my trusty companions and I will be jetting our way to Singapore. I can't thank Mr Owen, from Paleriders enought for the assistance he's provided over the last couple of months as we ready ourselves for the trip. The travel agent was insistent that we get all the visas via them -pfft, closer investigation has revealed we can get the visas on entry - effectively saving hundreds of $$$. We just need to make sure that we have plenty of passport sized photos. This will also be the case for Laos. We are taking a combination of US and AU$. I'm stashing some Singapore dollars as well. I ordered these through online. Slightly lower exchange rate, but no commission, and I get to pick the cash up at the Travelex ... read more

Asia » Cambodia August 6th 2013

With now only 6 weeks left to blast off, I have been busy looking on the web for places to go and things to see particularly in Singapore. Accommodation is very expensive by comparison however I have been in communication with the New Majestic Hotel and they have been very obliging. Part of the issue is that we need twin beds, so most hotels in Singapore assume that couples will be visiting. Del and I have shared before, and we both agree that twin beds are far more suitable. I can't wait to take advantage of the New Majestic Hotel's comforts. It seem very funky and simply gorgeous. It's just the look we were after. Please check my review in Trip Advisor after October for my thoughts. Time to make an appointment at the doctors ... read more

Asia » Cambodia July 18th 2013

Weeks are passing by as Delvene, Sarie and I get ready to head off to Cambodia. There's no secret that it's been one of those trips I have wanted to make. I am especially excited by the prospect of going to Siem Reap and experiencing Angkor Wat. The wonders of Facebook has conntected my to a school friend who is lives in Cambodia, so what started out as just a message to get some local information has now turned into the prospect of a wonderful holiday to experience Cambodia and Laos. There's much to organise including details around money, immunisations and visas. Fortunately with someone acutally on the ground at the other end we have been able to secure some accommodation, and flights purchased at local prices - not the pricey rates advertised to tourists. While ... read more

Asia » Cambodia March 18th 2013

It's been a quite desire of mine for ages now, to head off to Cambodia to experience all that this country has to offer. I've been lucky enough to expereince several other Asian countries, and now feel that I am emotionally and physically prepared to give Cambodia a 'red hot go'. After much discussion about destinations, Delvene, who I have had some wonderful travel experiences with, and I are pleased to be going to realise this dream. I've been spoiled in the past, having a person I knew at the other end. Luckily for me, this time it's someone who I went to school with, that I reconnected with via Facebook some time ago. There's been much to-ing and fro-ing of requests and information as we have decided upon our itinerary. Del and I are keen ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran October 16th 2012

After a shocking 12 months which saw us NOT get to Lake Eyre and a couple of other hiccups, I surprised Peter with a quick week getaway in Bali. HAving been to Bali December 2011 and thoroughly enjoyed Seminyak, I thought we should try some other part of Bali to even the balance. We headed off from Brisbane - Denpasar on board a small Virgin plane, it was a long flight to say the least. A bit on the cramped sided and the 6 hours went past very slowly. On arrival into tropical Bali, despite being quite exhaused at midnight, we were met by our driver and headed off to Pat Mase Villas in Jimbaran Beach. The trip from the airport to the Villas took about 30 mins. We engaged the driver and guide for a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak February 28th 2012

I was initially reticent to go to Bali, thinking that it would be trashy and cheap. After some hunting around, though, I found a great place to celelbrate my birthday. We flew over on Strategic Airlines, which had just rebadged itself as Air Australia. After some problems with the destination port, we eventually had our tickets honoured, but had to fly from Brisbane rather than Townsville. The plane was very basic, however we had a meal, some alcoholic beverages and a move (Red Dog) and a refuel stop at Darwin. Arrived at Denpasar airport and fought our way through to purchase our visa ($25US) and then made it out to the carpark. The slap of the tropical heat and hunidity was fairly intense. From the airport to the wonderful Villa Tenang was about a 45minute drive ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay July 30th 2011

This has been at trip that we have both been looking forward to for ages. On the bucket list of camping expeditions this is definately one that must be done - the other being the Bungle Bungles. We have been busy researching exactly how to execute this trip. Thinking that the route will be Mackay - Longreach Longreach - Birdsville Birdsville - Marree (SA). Just realised three interesting facts 1 - Lake Eyre is in SA, just outside the Qld border, and the rain that falls to the west of Mackay will evenutally make it's way all the way down to the Channel Country and eventually into Lake Eyre 2 - The Dig Tree is in NSW and it's possible to make a dog leg enroute to actually visit Cooper Creek and see the Dig Tree ... read more

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